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Ending "Bumper"

Jan 11, '17, 9:58am

I don't think anyone has posted about this, but do you know that Kinda Funny logo with white background that appears at the end of some videos? I think that the guys should consider putting a "bumper" (the one I refer to, or a new one) at the end of every video, to create a cohesive thread in every product that they create.

I know everyone who is a fan knows who are they watching, but I think it would be a nice touch. What do you think?

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Ending "Bumper"

Jan 11, '17, 12:08pm

I agree, i mean its not a big deal but sometimes it throws me off when it ends abruptly

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Re: Ending "Bumper"

Jan 11, '17, 3:37pm

Indeed. Consistency.

Perhaps this is something the new mystery editor will bring to the table?
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Re: Ending "Bumper"

Jan 12, '17, 6:37am

I agree this would be a good idea.
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Ending "Bumper"

Jan 12, '17, 7:09am

Just have the ending bumper be Greg and/or Colin saying "awhaaaaa."
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