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Rules & Guidelines

Jul 18, '15, 8:11pm

Is he the fast one or the blind one?

Brand new to forums? Check our "How to Forum 101" guide!

Welcome to the Kinda Funny Forums!
Forum Rules & Guidelines

Congratulations, you've discovered the Kinda Funny Forums!

Before you get started, we'd like to go over a few things with you.

First things first...


  1. Talk shit, get shot.  The Golden Rule of Kinda Funny.

  2. Respect the forums and this community.  Remember, we're all Best Friends here.

  3. No harassment, flaming, or excessive trolling.

  4. Do not post any content that may be considered Not Safe For Work.

  5. Do not discuss or link any illegal or pirated material. This includes directly linking to, posting, or discussing how to get paid Patreon content for free.

  6. Advertising and promoting are only allowed in Community Showcase and your own signature.*

*Allowed forms of advertisement and promotion are limited to self-created content only. You may not post personal fundraisers or referral links. If you have a kickstarter or other fundraiser for a product that you are personally involved in the creation of, you may share it in the Community Showcase, your signature, or in your profile information.

Violating any of these rules may result in action against your account at the discretion of the Moderators, including, but not limited to:
A warning, temporary or permanent ban, termination and/or deletion of your account.
To dispute an action against your account, contact one of the Moderators as detailed below.

Now that those are taken care of, next up are some guidelines you should follow to help maintain an excellent community experience for everyone. portilloLuis

Forum Guidelines

  • Remember that this is the internet! It's important to have fun and not take things too seriously. We're all here to have a good time!

  User Control Panel

  • As a new user who has just created an account, you should head right over to the User Control Panel, accessible by clicking your username on the top right of the page. Here you can access all of your basic account functions, settings, and preferences.

  • First you should check that your preferences are set to your liking. These include things like time zone, board visual style/theme, notification options, and more.

  • Next, you should edit your profile!

    • Fill in the relevant information about yourself so your best friends can get to know you better.

    • Create your own unique signature to display at the bottom of your posts. Make it neat and concise! Overly large or otherwise unwieldy signatures will be removed.

    • Set your avatar so we can see who you are! It's easier to remember a face than just a name!

  • This User Control Panel can also be used for checking up on your list of bookmarked or subscribed threads, Friend & Foes list, and more.

  Posting, Quoting, and Editing

  • Any time you're posting, you should be mindful of how you're communicating. Using proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation can help clearly and accurately convey your thoughts to the community in a meaningful way.

  • When replying to a post you'll often want to quote what the user said so that your response can have more context. When doing this, however, there are some important things to keep in mind.

    • Be aware of the content in the user's post that you're quoting. Other quotes, large images, and animated gifs can add unnecessary clutter to your post.

    • Take advantage of the text editing field. You can minimize excess empty space by placing your reply text as close as possible to the end of the quote. Use the backspace key! This also works well for quoting only a small portion of a large post.

    • Unless previously nested quotes are absolutely required for proper context, it is usually best to show only the most recent quote in your reply. You can do this simply by deleting all text and BBCode except for the very first and last quote brackets, and the text of the quote that you'd like to display.

    • If you need to add more than one quote to your post and respond to multiple points at once, you can scroll to the bottom of the page and quote any extra posts from the list there. Just be mindful of where it adds the quote to your text field.

  • Don't double-post! This can create excessive clutter and negatively impact the usability of the forums. Thankfully, the Edit function is always available!

    • If you forgot to add something to your last post, just click the Edit pencil at the top-right of it and add whatever you missed.

    • If you accidentally create a double-post, you can just copy and edit it back into your previous post.

  • Use the Bookmark function in the wrench menu button to be notified of new activity in a thread you're interested in, so you can easily come back and keep the conversation going!

  • Remember that this is a message board, not your usual social network or instant messaging program. Using well constructed and thought out posts is a huge step in helping the forums and community grow and flourish.

  • Do not post any NSFW content including nude or partial nude photos/videos.

  Creating a New Topic

  • Newly registered users are unable to create a thread themselves until they've spent some time getting involved in other threads first. This is to ensure that users are aware of how the forums operate, and what other threads are currently available, before starting a topic of their own. New users will be able to create a new thread after making 3 posts in existing threads.

  • You've responded to a few threads, and now you're ready to create your own. But first, you should search through the forums and make sure that what you want to create isn't already being talked about somewhere!

  • Once you know you're going to be creating a unique thread, think of how you want to present it, and how you'd like users to engage with it. Make sure you're providing enough information to receive the type of responses and engagement that you're looking for.

  • Are you creating your thread in the proper forum? There are a number of different categories and sub-forums organized here, so always take a quick look to make sure that the thread you're creating will be in its proper place in the forum that you're posting in.


  • While browsing and posting on the forums, you may encounter certain issues. In the event that this occurs, don't panic! There are a few ways to handle these situations.

  • If on your travels you should encounter a particularly gruesome troll, remain calm. Do not engage it! Trolls are known to take advantage of a noble user's courage, then corrupt, and inevitably destroy them.

  • If a user is harassing you or someone else, you should ignore them and report the offending post(s). If you've already asked them to stop and they still persist, do not respond further or attempt to resolve the situation yourself, as this could likely make things worse.

  • Any posts you come across that you feel are in violation of the rules listed above should be reported. Provide a description of why you believe the post is in violation of the rules, and a Moderator will look into it as soon as possible.

  • Should any of these issues occur, use the report function via the flag at the top-right of the offending post. Or contact a Moderator directly via PM.

You may contact anyone listed on "The Team" page for assistance. The Global Moderators should be able to help you with any issues, so feel free to PM them explaining your situation.

If you're unable to log in and send a PM, or you're experiencing significant technical difficulties, please use the "Contact us" page to e-mail Management.


The above rules are subject to change at any time without notice.

If you would like to leave a comment, please see the Feedback and Suggestions forum.

If you have any questions about the rules or guidelines above, please contact a Moderator for assistance.

*= Allowed forms of advertisement and promotion are limited to self-created content only. You may not post personal fundraisers or referral links. If you have a kickstarter or other fundraiser for a product that you are personally involved in the creation of, you may share it in the Community Showcase, your signature, or in your profile information.

Disclaimer: If you talk shit, you're going to get shot. Kinda Funny®, these forums, Administrators, Moderators, and their affiliates assume no responsibility for injuries caused by or as a direct result of violating any of the above rules or guidelines, or from being subsequently shot after talking shit.
If you've suffered any injuries as described above and would like to file a complaint, please send a formal hand-written letter produced by a professional scribe detailing the circumstances in which your injury occurred via Federal Express Next-Day Air to Kinda Funny, PO Box 22541, San Francisco, CA 94122.
Upon posting on these forums you agree to give Kinda Funny® and all its affiliates full inalienable rights to all content that you post or upload to said forums, as well as complete and total legal ownership of any worldly possessions that we may deem of value.
These objects may include, but are not limited to: Your personal cellular telephone, your personal computer, any electronic devices that you currently own or have owned in the past, your dog, your cat, your long-lost uncle, any other pets you currently own or have owned in the past, your furniture, all federal currency, any motor vehicles, old gardening equipment, any and all clothing currently in your possession, all food that may or may not be edible in your refrigerator or pantry, any alcoholic beverages, lightly used dental floss, heavily used toilet paper, all flora and fauna existing on or around your property, musical instruments that you haven't played since the early 90's, all indoor and outdoor plumbing, your neighbor's youngest child, all electrical wiring in and around your home and property, and any trunks full of whips, chains, dildos, butt plugs, and all other assorted sexual implements.
Kinda Funny® thanks you fully and completely for your continued love and support, and for being the best friends any single group of internet superstars could possibly ask for.
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