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Great Switchpectations | Colin Was Right

Jan 06, '17, 9:42am

There's nothing wrong with the scripted nature of the show. It is going to take time for him to get used to being the only person on camera and getting his cadence down. Just imagine how fucking awkward it is. Just like a newscaster, he's going to need to take time coming into his own being with more natural. This show couldn't exist if there wasn't some semblance of a script.

I think Colin did a very good job with it. Criticism is fine, but this is one of those criticisms where I'd love to watch how it would look and sound if it were them. I'd bet it would be awful.

As for the content in this episode -- I'm not sure I agree with the optimism over Nintendo Switch. Nintendo's recent history just does not indicate this will be good. Successful and good are two different things. NES was my first console that I got in 1986. I think obsession with hardware brands in gaming is dumb, so I have no hope they fail. Quite the opposite.

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Great Switchpectations | Colin Was Right

Jan 06, '17, 10:15am

I for one actually enjoyed the scripted nature of the show. Colin is a great writer, and while I love his off the cuff comments and monologues, he is at his best when his thoughts are focused and concise. I can't wait to see where this show goes and how it grows over the year. Best of Luck to you Colin, I look forward to what you have planned for us next. :kinda

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Great Switchpectations | Colin Was Right

Jan 06, '17, 10:39am

guitarfreek5613 wrote:Great episode, but had a question...

What company does everyone think would fill the void (or attempt too) if the switch did fail and we no longer had nintendo as a major player in the hardware side?

Would Sega or an equivalent try and make a name for themselves again (Atari I'm looking at you) or would the ecosystems boil down to Microsoft and Sony?

What Void?

I have games on my I Phone, Ps4, Xbox and PC

Really I don't need another console...I only get Nintendo consoles for Nintendo games and so do most others....if Nintendo went third party we'd just save 400 bucks each couple of years

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Great Switchpectations | Colin Was Right

Jan 06, '17, 2:00pm

That was a good show. It's clearly in an introductory state, but that's fine. No show skips that stage. Even the amazing Lost pilot wasn't really lost yet. I'm looking forward to many more of these. Even when I disagree with Colin, I generally find his comments appreciable as he clearly puts thought behind them and is open to conversation and change with evidence.

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Great Switchpectations | Colin Was Right

Jan 07, '17, 5:48pm

I agree with you that they are an innovative company but not when it comes to consoles anymore at least. The sales of the WII U show that. Their innovation seems to have stopped flowing to their consoles. I honestly believe we will be playing Mario on the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox 2.
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Great Switchpectations | Colin Was Right

Jan 07, '17, 10:22pm

Enjoyed it...been excited for the show since the announcement and wasn't disappointed. I haven't seen any of the test episodes so this was my first. Colin's tone was a bit announcer/declarative at times, I get why some of you are saying that but I'm glad it was scripted. Honestly this could kinda be my favourite regular Kinda Funny show.

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Great Switchpectations | Colin Was Right

Jan 08, '17, 8:58am

I think he can reach a point where he sounds more conversational and less formal. I'm liking the show bu I'd think it'd probably end up working best for him in the long run if he strives for that vibe, while still being scripted of course.

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Re: Great Switchpectations | Colin Was Right

Jan 08, '17, 2:08pm

Colin has clearly taken feedback on board and created a better product. This was a vast improvement on the "trial" versions of the show - great job, Colin!

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