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#PSWeLoveYouXOXO 01/06/2017 edition

Jan 06, '17, 7:51am

Hello friends,

So this is the 33rd #PSWeLoveYouXOXO

So last week was DC and now time for Marvel

Stan Lee - shouldn't need any explanation. Co-Creator of Spider-Man, Iron Man, Hulk, X-Men, etc., master of comic book movie cameos - @TheRealStanLee

Kevin Feige - President of Marvel Studios, mainly responsible for the success of the movies and basically the guy who put the U in the MCU. @Kevfeige

Tom Holland - Peter Parker/Spider-Man in Captain America Civil War and the upcoming Spider-Man Homecoming. @TomHolland1996

ClarkGregg - Actor who portrayed the very popular S-H.I.E.L.D.-Agent Phil Coulson in several Marvel movies aswell as in the series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. @clarkgregg

TT Games (formerly known as Traveller's tales) - Creators and developers of the great Lego games, which include one of the greatest Marveo games to date: Lego Marvel Super Heroes. @TTGames

Raven Software - The devs who created awesome Marvel games such as X-Men Origins Wolverine and Marvel Ultimate Alliance Games. @RavenSoftware

Also last up is Insomniac games @insomniacgames they created amazing games like Resistance but they are creating the best game ever, Spider-man and so go show them some love!

Also just adding one other Twitter we should go say hi, is Wendys @Wendys They are amazing and great entertainment.

So that wraps up today, GG and have a great day gaming friends! :kinda


Next week: Grimecraft, Megaran, Tom Hawkins, Sean Finnegan and Fran Mirabella