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KF Gamescast Format

Aug 12, '17, 4:04pm

So I am unsure if this is a share feeling but I believe the KF team stumbled onto something wonderful with KFG 130 and somewhat in 131 that, although a week late I feel is worth sharing. Unlike the majority of shows, episode 130 had a revolving door of "guests" if you will, that is reminiscent of late night talk shows of yonder.

I cannot speak to how others feel, but honestly I think this was the best formatted episode, and as such one of the best episodes of KFG to date. The slices of different peoples opinions on topics they are more directly impassioned/experienced with was simply put, more engaging. I have always been a huge KindaFunny fan but I think Tim, as the host should embrace more of this as it adds a certain something to the show, including just letting us get more of the less commonly heard from faces of KindaFunny.

This is just my two cents of course, but I thought I would share it and see if there is any shared sentiment.

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