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Destiny 2 Raid Team (PlayStation 4)

Sep 21, '17, 6:10am

Hey Best Friends, was just curious if anyone was interested in getting a Raid group together to tackle it at various times throughout this week and next. I've done all the trials, but not the final boss (got stuck on it with my other group and went to bed the day before it reset). If you could post a comment below briefly stating whether or not you've completed the raid/how many of the 4 sections (each of the three trials as well as the boss) you've done. As well as maybe chucking your power level and class in the comment that would be neato. I'll create a chat on PSN and add each person as they join. Thanks in advance for those that join. :-)
My PSN name is 'auscomando' btw.

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Re: Destiny 2 Raid Team (PlayStation 4)

Sep 21, '17, 3:07pm

Haven't touched the raid yet, but would love to do it with a KF crew. (I'm 283 light level)

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Destiny 2 Raid Team (PlayStation 4)

Sep 23, '17, 11:51am

Aye looking for a raid team for sometime in the next week. In U.K. So looking at 7 to 12 in the evening theres me and my brother so looking for another 4 my psn is sitting15duck

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Re: Destiny 2 Raid Team (PlayStation 4)

Sep 23, '17, 4:46pm

I can help if you're looking, also familiar with the mechanics have beaten Royal Pools & Gauntlet, just never had a group sit down together for long enough to beat the other two encounters. Also in the UK so time difference isn't a problem. Have one of each class at 295-302 light.

PSN is there < and in my sig. I'm on most evenings and have the app on my phone to receive messages.

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Re: Destiny 2 Raid Team (PlayStation 4)

Jan 13, '18, 10:58am

Will echo that I am down to Raid and Trials and all that, feel free to message or add me whenever and I'll work with my schedule on when I can do shiz.

Also, it would obviously behoove me since, you know, trophies lul

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