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PlayStation Best Friends

Jan 09, '18, 7:00am

I apologize if there's already been a specific thread for this but i hadn't seen one.

I used to play ps3 a lot back in the day, recently got a ps4 pro and have been more involved in the ps4 ecosystem. I could use some friends for multiplayer stuff.

I will be picking up overwatch, and probably monster hunter.

if any best friends would like to, i'd appreciate an add my psn id is timmeh-x

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PlayStation Best Friends

Jan 17, '18, 3:14am

Waiting on my Pro to be delivered tomorrow (fingers crossed) and I cant wait for Monster Hunter. As soon as it gets here I'll add you! My PSN ID is Raylan89

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PlayStation Best Friends

Jan 17, '18, 3:24am


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PlayStation Best Friends

Feb 19, '18, 10:18am

I got mhw last week, my psn name is G3RLLAZ. I also play fortnite and paladins, and a few other games.

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