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PS4 Won't Turn On - No Light, No Beep

Aug 03, '16, 4:35am

Hi there folks,

I would appreciate any input into this you may have, so thank you in advance!
I have a rough idea of what might be the problem, but if anyone had this problem before and would like to shed some light on the issue from their own experience that would be invaluable to me.

I've had this particular PS4 since mid-2014 (I have another "primary"/"master" PS4), and therefore I am about a year out of warranty at this stage. I've never had any major issues with this PS4 before this apart from the well documented disk eject issues and constant beeping because of it, but that was fixed quite easily by simply cutting off a portion of the rubber foot at the bottom of the console, and doing other recommended procedures for that issue. That was about 3 months ago now and it hadn't given me a problem since.

Last weekend at my home place (i.e. my home when I'm not at work during the week), everything was working fine, as normal. I wanted to bring over the entire file system from my primary PS4 to the secondary PS4, so I initialised the PS4 in question to give it a clean slate, but didn't have time to turn it back on and restore the backup as I had to go back to Dublin; where I live during the week.

So last night, after work, I hooked connected everything up - AC plug to socket, HDMI, ethernet cable to my modem, USB to DualShock 4 - switched on the TV, went to turn on my PS4 via the power button/sensor on the console and..... Nothing... Nothing on the TV, no blue or white light, no beep... Nothing at all.

I was baffled, it was working perfectly on Monday back home. What could have happened?
I did what anyone else in my situation would do; I Google'd the problem. What came up as the potential source of the problem was pretty much what I expected, a power issue of some sorts. So I tried a couple of different things to remedy a potential power problem:

  • I tried plugging the PS4 into different outlets within the flat with no luck. I'd had outlet issues in this accommodation before, but my TV, PS3, Android TV box and modem have all worked on those particular outlets with no trouble, so the PS4 should be the same, you'd imagine...
  • One suggestion on the interwebz stated that I should try a different AC power plug, but I don't exactly have those things lying around handy, so I'll have to wait until I'm home to try it with the plug from my primary PS4. I'm getting my hopes high on that particular solution, maybe a bit too high though.
  • This particular PS4 has been opened up previously for cleaning - an attempt to fix my aforementioned eject issues before coming to a more simple solution - so I have no qualms about opening up my PS4 again, my warranty stickers are already gone and it's out of warranty anyway.
    So in this case, I decided to open it up as far as accessing the power supply unit, so not too far for those who know the PS4's inner workings. I did this to see if everything was connected as it should, namely the 5-pin connector to the motherboard, and it was. Didn't look into the console any further.

From this, I imagine this is either a problem with the power supply unit itself or the plug (which has yet to be tested). If it happened to be the former, would there be any way that I could send this back to Sony for repair without being slapped with a €150 repair bill?
If there wasn't I could just sort out replacement parts myself, but at that, I would be taking a risk on those being the problems, and if I'm wrong I'd be out more money.

This is where you come in! ColinApproves

Do you have any input on what the issue might be and how to go about getting it sorted? Have you experienced any similar trouble yourself? Will Sony throw me a bone in terms of its repair?

ANY help at all, as I said, would be greatly appreciated! portilloKevin

EDIT: I neglected to mention I transported the console back to Dublin in the boot of my car (~80 minute drive). It was tightly packed up in the original PS4 boxing, but could being moved around a bit potentially knock a small part inside the PS4 out of place? I didn't see anything out of the ordinary when I briefly opened it up, but I don't know for certain.
Again, any help would be amazing!

PS4 won't turn on, at all. Out of warranty. Think its a power supply/cable issue, but don't know for certain. Any input or experiences of same/similar problems? HELP!

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PS4 Won't Turn On - No Light, No Beep

Jan 07, '18, 6:01pm

Have you tried one of the following methods?

1. Update your PS4 firmware
2. Remove and insert your Hard Disk Drive (My issue got fixed with this one)
3. Check for external Bugs infesting your PS4

This answer from PlayStation might be helpful too. You can always look at alternative solutions to fix it if these don't work for you.

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PS4 Won't Turn On - No Light, No Beep

Jan 14, '18, 3:54am

The very unfortunate thing is it might be the power supply and if it is that its either time to upgrade, or if you have the tools, see if you can find a spare part. Ebay might be a good bet on finding the power supply you need, just make sure you research unit type. Hope it all works out.

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