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Re: Nintendo Switch Friend Codes!

Aug 10, '17, 6:03pm

Mine is SW-8440-6364-6134 hit me up for some MARIO Kart, Splatoon or Puyo Puyo Tetris

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Nintendo Switch Friend Codes!

Aug 16, '17, 12:47pm

Hey fellas. My nintendo Switch name is BearBeard. My Friend Code is SW-3789-7317-2295. Hit me up. I slay Splatoon 2.

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Nintendo Switch Friend Codes!

Aug 29, '17, 8:56pm

awesome just got a switch add me

code: SW-5075-1282-7530

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Re: Nintendo Switch Friend Codes!

Aug 30, '17, 8:24am

Here is my info: I'll be starting up Mario+Rabbids this week if there any co-op stuff I'll be down for once I get the hang of the game.

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Re: Nintendo Switch Friend Codes!

Sep 02, '17, 4:19pm

I finally figured out this thing (yes, I'm hella slow): mine is SW-5575-3990-2405 and, for now, I guess I only have Mario Kart for online play. But I'm sure that'll change in the future.

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