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Re: Best Sponsors/Promotions

Jan 11, '17, 1:03am

InfamousABO wrote:That's awesome! We just moved into the new house today and are looking around for a new mattress. Good to hear its a worth while investment! Thanks man!

Congrats on the new house! Moving all of your stuff isn't fun - but it's worth it when all said an done.

Glad I could help, I also splashed out on some Parachute Home sheets (which I'm not sure have every sponsored KF, but they've supported some of the other podcasts I've listened to). They are fan-dam-tastic (the softest and most luxurious feeling sheets I've ever had), although we are looking to get some Casper sheets as well.

We visited a Casper pop up store in London last year (where they were amazing and were stunned that we already had one of their mattresses), to look into the sheets. They aren't the cheapest (although less expensive than Parachute Home), but they seems awesome.
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