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Comics : Volume or books?

Jul 23, '17, 10:16am


Thanks to the KFMS, I just got into comic books. I bought Volune 1 of Paper Girls, Saga and Deadly Class this past week and I really liked them. My question is :

What is the best way to consume comic books and graphic novels : volumes or books?

I know Books eventually end up cheaper but I like having collections.

By the way, I live in Canada so Comixology Unlimited is not an option unfortunately .

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Re: Comics : Volume or books?

Jul 23, '17, 10:33am

I get them in collected volumes. I like saving money. That and having them in hard back.
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Comics : Volume or books?

Jul 23, '17, 10:50am

I prefer them in TPBs as I take them to work to read, and having to carry heavier volumes of collections is a pain.

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Re: Comics : Volume or books?

Jul 23, '17, 11:54pm

Good choice of comics :)

I also prefer TPBs because I think they look nice and occupy less space than a hardcover version.

I have a few individual issues but I think they're mostly a waste of money since it adds up pretty quickly. Also they don't look as nice in a shelf.

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Comics : Volume or books?

Jul 24, '17, 3:06am

I personally don't read comics but with the manga I read I just wait for the volumes. I just like having 30-45 minute reading session versus like 5 minutes

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Re: Comics : Volume or books?

Jul 24, '17, 5:10am

Volumes are just more convenient for me.

Every time I've started collecting single issues I inevitably miss a Wednesday... then another... until I either lose interest or forget about it. At least with volumes I have a couple issues to keep me engaged and interested in the story.
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Re: Comics : Volume or books?

Jul 24, '17, 5:13am

Volumes hands down.
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Re: Comics : Volume or books?

Jul 24, '17, 11:27am

I prefer Volumes. I read the books now, but I got back to story lines I might have missed in volumes.
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Re: Comics : Volume or books?

Jul 24, '17, 11:49am

I end up doing volumes. What always happens is I lapse and miss an issue..then two...then I just give up and wait for the volume to come out and read it all at once.
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Re: Comics : Volume or books?

Jul 24, '17, 9:18pm

Thanks for the replies!! I just ordered saga vol 2 + 3, the runaways vol 1-2-3 and essex county! Looking forward to reading more comics!

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Comics : Volume or books?

Aug 02, '17, 3:20pm

I've always preferred single issues, as I'm the kind of person that likes to be part of the weekly conversation. I'm the same way with TV shows. I'd rather get one episode a week that we can all dissect for a bit, than to just binge a full season at once.

But single issues start to pile up really quickly, so I've made the switch to digital single issues. Same format I like, but without the clutter!
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