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KFMS Required Reading: The Wicked + The Divine Vol. 1

Jul 25, '17, 8:01pm

Hey everyone! I'm looking for some folks to discuss the required reading each week! I'm just beginning my journey into comics and I'd welcome companions.

So what did you think of TW+TD Vol. 1?

I can't say I'm a fan of it. For starters, it felt like I was dropped into its world like a freezing lake. I wish there was more context to what was happening. Many contextual details are ham-fisted into intense conversations with characters I don't know; I couldn't find my footing. It wasn't until Luci's flashback that I started to settle in. But then the underground sequence happened and I was drowning again. Following that, I liked seeing the Pantheon's hub. Seeing everyone in one place was helpful. Afterwords, I thought Luci's escape and the finale were underwhelming. I'm not sure why the Gods wanted her to stay in prison? Or confess? I don't know!
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Did any of you share my experience with the story?

Setting the story aside, I wasn't into the characters either. We've seen edgy, modern Satan before and there was nothing new to it here. Cassandra was insufferable. She was an exposition machine and a faulty one at that. Laura was never developed. She was merely our stand-in, witnessing the events unfold with the Pantheon. Considering the reveal at the end, she will play a more active part going forward, but that's no excuse for making her a generic protagonist at the beginning.

Did you enjoy any of the characters? Did you have the same problems I did?

The most disappointing part of this book is the uninspired artwork. I never found myself backtracking to appreciate a panel or a sequence of panels. The only things I admired were the portraits of the gods at the start of an issue. The environments are sparse because there are no interesting settings. As for the character designs, I've seen more imagination from real life pop stars, which is surprising since comic book artists aren't burdened with the laws of physics that celebrity fashion designers are.

Overall, this book failed to make the most of its medium. It feels like a proof of concept for a TV series you'd see on the CW.

I'm anxious to see your responses!

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KFMS Required Reading: The Wicked + The Divine Vol. 1

Jul 26, '17, 9:32pm

I wasn't into it either. I love the art and it had some cool moments like the murder mystery type thing going on but I didn't care about any of the characters, I was re-reading pages because I had no idea what the hell they were talking about and I'm pretty sure I still don't.

I felt there were way too many things going on at one time. You just always felt lost...or that, like you said, were just dropped into something without context.

This one was just very forgettable to me. I won't be continuing to Volume 2.

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