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Re: Does anyone else hate Spiderman?

Aug 24, '16, 5:52am

He's an ok superhero, in the same respects as Superman. I watch the shows/movies and play some of the games, but there are definitely more interesting superheroes out there to enjoy. I really did love the new dynamic he brought to Civil War though, but at the same time I felt like he was a little over powered in comparison to the Avengers.
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Re: Does anyone else hate Spiderman?

Aug 25, '16, 3:00am

I find him very whiny. Glad I'm not the only one

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Re: Does anyone else hate Spiderman?

Sep 03, '16, 1:00am

Not my favourite but I certainly don't hate him. I find he is, when written well, one of the most human and ralatable characters there is. Here is a great video KaptainKristian did for IGN on why Spider-Man is a great character.

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Re: Does anyone else hate Spiderman?

Sep 04, '16, 2:24pm

I'm a huge fan, but I'm doing a 10 minute stand up show in November about why The Flash is better, so if you could say exactly why you hate Spider-Man it might help me with my routine, haha.

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Re: Does anyone else hate Spiderman?

Sep 08, '16, 1:26pm

Spider-Man is my absolute favorite superhero and he might just be my favorite fictional character, period. Glad you made this topic so I can make a list of people who's opinion I can discount. GregTongue

JJGee wrote:
Booster Gold wrote:I used to love Spider-Man, both amazing and ultimate. I have to say though, I'm not a big fan of the books marvel has been publishing as of late. After Superior Spider-Man I quit reading the main line, and ever since Secret War I've stopped reading ultimate, and the rest of Marvel all together. I'm not sure there is much that could bring me back to the web slinger.

I love Spider-Man, but the comics in the last 10-15 years or so have been just awful. I think they really fucked themselves over when they put out so much Spider-Man at once back in the day, so they essentially bled the character dry. Now his stories are either some of the worst regurgitation ever in comics, or something forced and/or corny. They have some very small exceptions, such as the Superior Spider-Man arc, and even that was only good for a while, until it had lost the novelty of Doc Ock being a "better" Spidey and Parker than the real Parker.

I still love Spidey as a character, as well as his classic storylines. I still get super excited for new movies and games, where they generally take the existing stories and villains and make something fun out of them, and sometimes that even turns out ok. But the comics are at a definite dead end, and I'm personally much more interested in many of the alternate reality variations, because those do new things with old ideas in a way that the original Spider-Man no longer can.

I hate Dan Slott and how far he strayed from what made Spidey great to begin with. I never liked what he did for the series and he's been the forerunner for so damn long that he's clearly running out of ideas. Superior Spider-Man was interesting for a few issues, sure, but that's about it. Web of the Spider-Verse was so out of left field and all over the place, even if it did give us Spider-Gwen. The current Spider-Man run is the worst, with Peter Parker essentially becoming Tony Stark/Bruce Wayne. Get out of here with that crap.

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Does anyone else hate Spiderman?

Dec 03, '16, 6:07pm

Deathtone wrote:portilloDismissed you shut your dirty mouth.

the 90s animated series is the bomb and so is the first 2 sam raimi films.. GregPAX

we got a problem bro? portilloSeducer

Radio active spider man, The animate seires was the best!!

really though to each his own. I like spiderman myself.

Radio active spider man, The animate seires was the best!!

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