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[NOTES + LINK] 01.09.17 The Kinda Funny Morning Show w/ Tim & Nick

Jan 09, '17, 12:30pm

Whats happening best friends. Notes and link below, enjoy.
P.S. I Love You XOXO and As usual feedback always is appreciated and please feel free to add your own notes.

Link to Video: (starts at 3:13 mins)

Youtube link: ... iTbTdVm0-6

News topics and others covered:

-The Bongos poll (15:45 mins)
-New justice league image (17:45 mins)
-Mass Effect: Andromeda wont have a season pass (20:28 mins)
-Apparant leaked footage reveals cancelled mega bloks halo game (23:23 mins)
-Joe Carnahan has completed the Uncharted movie draft script (26:58 mins)
-Star Wars episode 8 director talks lukes plans and reys potential (31:58 mins)
-Original ghost in the shell movie returning to theatres (40:58 mins)
-rumors swirl that scalebound is in trouble (43:38 mins)
-Netflix made a video game (With kevin gameplay) (45:18 mins)

Other notes:
-Aerobics and Teen Witch opens the show
-"I want my pretty little pony to twirl" - Tim calling Kevin into shot
-Kevins showing off his wares
-Kevin opened a news story as he came into shot and left it on in the background so everyone can hear the noise from a trailer lool
-Nick tells a story about him getting his phone battery replaced - Some guy that did it was giving nick one word answers to every question he had.
-"The global globes is weird because its a dinner party" - Nick
-"Theres 6,680 people, thats the biggest poll ive ever see" - Kevin on the bongos poll
-Nick totally photoshoped of him and radio shack
-"Cyborgs crotch looks like megatrons face" - Tim
-"Take a page out of Uncle Nickys book, Kevin give me the one" "Ive had this phone for 75 years, i just replaced the battery, it works perfectly fine, its really slow and sometimes apps dont open but this is what i want, so i refuse to give apple my money, k? You dont have to upgrade constantly, you dont always need to have the best shiniest thing, sometimes you can be stuck with what some would call a glorified paperweight, it still does porn. Buttholes. Hi." - Nick eloquently on DLC reffering to his Iphone 5
-"All megabloks have been know to do in the past is suck ass" - Tim
-Nick bring up Tenchu, Kevins a huge fan
-Kevin leaves out his pizza and doesnt refrigerate it - he did it once for 4 days
-"When Nick Scarpino and Tim Gettys die, its going to epic" "Its not going to be milk" - Nick after the guys talk about drinking expired milk and how they will die
-"Milk will probably take Kevin down" - Nick on how Kevins death will go
-"Star Wars episode 8: Wattos revenge" 'i wouldnt put revenge in there' "Watto goes to new york" - Nick and tim on episode 8 titles, gregs chiming in, in the background with his watto impressions
-'Weve been saying this for ages' - Greg on scalebound rumoured to be in trouble
-Kevin plays the new netflix game
-Fun clips time!
-Baywatch trailer
-Disney's Beauty and the Beast - Golden Globes TV Spot
-"Im calling it, this films going to be fucking awesome" - Tim on beauty and the beast
-Theres a fun image section now
-Kid hits wall during tennis match
-"I dont think that its representative of what pizza can and could be" - Tim on pineapple on pizza
-Nick eludes to the great pineapple pizza war of 2016
-Second fun image of the pineapple pizza shot fired ... 4388df8c70
-"Kevin cant be gentle about anything and there would be a lot of sweat involved" -Nick replies to auscomando who asked "If I asked Kevin to tickle my nipples, would he be gentle?"
-Kevin pulls up a gif of mini kangaroos
-How kevin lost his virginity, by sipping a milkshake made by a dimwitted girl at a fine establishment that has ice cream and jizzing after the first sip. (How Nick inturpretted it) ... KappaClaus

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