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[NOTES + LINK] 02.01.17 The Kinda Funny Morning Show w/ Colin & Nick

Feb 01, '17, 12:27pm

Krantus is all up in the house. Whatup. Counting down to Horizon. And catching up on old games. Loving Until Dawn. Go watch Twin Peaks. It’s the right thing to do, and more is coming in May. The owls are not what they seem.

The times may be off with these, cuz I’m not used to being as good as Kumail. Please bear with me.

Link to Video:

News topics and others covered:
Colin was Right discussion (1ish mins)
Ghost Recon Let’s Play (6ish mins)
Judging the Brits (9ish mins)
Chick-fil-A (13ish mins)
Dune Reboot has its director (21ish mins)
Television talk – no spoilers [GoT, TWD, HBO stuff] (26ish mins)
Tips & Miscellany (34ish mins)
PS Plus games (42ish mins)
WiiU production ended globally (43ish mins)
DestinyCon trademarked (44ish mins)
Titanfall2 not seen as ‘underperformance’ per EA (45ish mins)
Zenimax acquired first party studio [VR specialists] (46ish mins)
100+ games in development for Nintendo Switch [snap] (47ish mins)
New GameStop program encourages lying to customers (48ish mins)
More Doctor Jean (52ish mins)
FUN CLIPZ SECTION (54ish mins)
Tips & Miscellany (60ish mins)

Other notes:
Still Colin & Greg Live to Colin
Colin played Nioh for 3 hours
February 2nd or 3rd for embargo
If you dislike the podcast version of the morning show, tweet bongos at Kevin
Nick knows I’m at work. Weird……………
One of Colin’s favorite things is to watch British Parliament, try to figure out what they’re talking about, then watch them burn each other
Brits are confusing
“No one says to-mah-to in America.” – Colin
I miss Colin on this show.
Roley Poley Colin Moriarty
Colin speculates about the Mexican wall so that Trump can say that he can ‘tear the wall down’
See Jadarowsky’s Dune
Per Colin, watch The Colony
“Drew Carrey has a showdown every day.” – Colin
“I wanted to see more of that sweet, sweet Thandie Newton.” – Nick
Veep is fantastic
“You wouldn’t lay hands on me.” – Colin to Kevin’s reaction to tickling him
“When I see Doctor Jean, I want to kill a person.” – Colin
“Kevin is a poophead.” – Nick “Not really news, Nick.” – Kevin
“He is a walking enigma, that really likes milkshakes.” – Nick on Kevin
Watch the new Colin was Right or else watch out for Lola….
Colin expresses strong opinions about pretzels
Mustard rant

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