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[NOTES + LINK] 02.09.17 The Kinda Funny Morning Show w/ Greg & Tim

Feb 09, '17, 12:35pm

Whats happening best friends. GREGGY SMASH! (or spill). Notes and link below, enjoy
P.S. I Love You XOXO and As usual feedback always is appreciated and please feel free to add your own notes.

Link to Video:

News topics and others covered:

-Kinda Funny Live 2 is available (9:40 mins)
-Castlevania netflix show details emerge (12:10 mins)
-Castlevania season 1 details (15:30 mins)
-South Park the fractured but whole delayed as ubisoft teases very strong switch (18 mins)
-Ghost Recon: Wildlands open beta confirmed coming soon (29:03 mins)
-Mass Effect director explains the dialogue system replacing paragon/renegade (30:35 mins)
-Kate McKinnon to voice Ms. Frizzle in Netflix's Magic School Bus revival (47 mins)
-Wolfenstein: The New Order Dev's next game is "fucking bananas" Bethesda boss says (50:40 mins)
-Walking Dead the tell tale series - a new frontier hits retail soon, ep 3 release window released (52:50 mins)
-puyo puyo tetris release date (54:10 mins)
-Nintendo addresses lack of switch backwards compatibility (55 mins)
-Tom Hawkin got a job at CreativeAssembly (58:05 mins)

Other notes:
-Aerobics and fucking chicken opens the show
-Greg does the salt bae motion and says he likes to put easter eggs before the show starts
-todays easter egg was Greg saying "Uckers can go to hell" before the video went live
-Greg laughs at nomanssky247 in the chat who says "Oh great Greg No Fun Clips Miller"
-Gregs armpits are dry!
-Greg says Eric Castro recommends cider vinegar for heartburns
-"Paula bear" - Big Kev Dog on his other half
-"Gonna have some puppies?" 'Cubs you idiot' - Greg and Kevin
-"I call them cubs for a while then when they become a bit more like me ill call them pups" - Kevin on kids
-Tim wants as many views as possible on Kinda Funny Live 2 to show potential guests to come to Kinda funny live 3
-If anyone is an expert on how RSS feeds work please hit up Tim
-"This guy knows what is up" - Tim on Adi Shankar from the Castlevania story
-"Jonathon Dornbush "The boy wonder of news"" - Greg asks people to tweet that at him
-Greg was right RE: South park -Greg fucked up the mic by spitting out water ... lyOSkomodo
-"Best case scenario you will get this game in the fall." "I think its next year spring and thats Gregs best case" - Greg on South Park
-You're a pig if you tune into the show and feel lost by whats happened - The Greg declaration ... elleFunRun
-"What would you rate this show kevin?" 'too much water' "7.8" - Tim & Kevin on Gregs water escapades
-"Hey Greg, your cheeks are soft as fuck man" - Kevin
-"NO FUN CLIPS!!!" "NO MORE FUN TIPS, NO MORE FUN CLIPS. TWEET THEM AT NICK. GOD DAMN IT" - Greg almost rage quits ... teKreygasm
-Gregs given Kevin a project to work on - a box with two lucks. Its gonna be the fun clipz nucleur box and will need two keys to unlock it (Tim and Nick)
-"Hes a fun dude" - Tim on Pete Hines
-Greg and Tim congratulate Tom Hawkins on the new job, you should too :)
-Tim says Tom Hawkins is best Tom - better than the tank engine and the power ranger.
-Tim says Santa Cruz is one of his favourite places in the world... to visit.
-MrYazMan300 in the chat: "Kevin is the Gordon Ramsey of Kinda Funny"
-Its retweeting time ... 7437713409
-"Everyday is national pizza day" - Greg
-"You have aged like a fine wine, look at you, you son of a bitch" - Kevin to Greg
-The Tribune Greg ... eggy&hl=en
-"Fire Emblem Heroes is awesome" "Its a great world to be in" - Tim
-Kevins playing around with the transitions

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