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[NOTES + LINK] 02.21.17 The Kinda Funny Morning Show w/ Greg & Nick

Feb 21, '17, 1:03pm

Whats happening best friends. Notes and link below, enjoy.
P.S. I Love You XOXO and As usual feedback always is appreciated and please feel free to add your own notes.

Link to Video:
(Thanks drgnslyr91!)

News topics and others covered:

-Han Solo - Smuggler. Scoundral. Hero. A new start wars story begins (12:50 mins)
-Dan Fogler replies! (17:45 mins)
-Horizon Zero Dawn predicted to sell 8 million units (32:32 mins)
-Alien Covenant crew (35:20 mins)
-Hellboy 3 wont happen (39:15 mins)
-Let the secret post credits scene speculation begin - Logan (40:17 mins)
-Binding of Isaac no longer a switch launch title (43:10 mins)
-New egg ps4 pro deal (43:39 mins)

Other notes:
-Aerobics and way to go paul opens the show
-Rehearsals of how the show should begin happen because Kevin turns on the camera too late to capture Greg and Nicks hi 5
-Greg shows he has the Nintendo Switch on the show!
-Gregs not allowed to unbox it on air
-The Switch is Tims
-"So you unbox this, whats the first thing you play? 1-2-3 go?" - Nick
-"If i get one for free, ill buy it" - Nick on the Switch
-"It kinda feels like the Vitas bigger steroided brother" - Nick
-Greg tells people to tweet at Scarpinoman and say "Sorry Greg Miller had to knock punk ass out"
-No Matt Scarpino on the show, Greg says he knocked him out lol
-"I already murdered Matt Scarpino, dont make me hurt the ones you love" - Greg (make sure you go on his shirt"
-Joey got a promotion from community manager to Greg Millers personal assistant
-"Thats a demotion" - Nick
-Kevin tries to say something before tips but gets cut off, turns off his cam lol
-Gregs live tweeting the rock to get him on Kinda Funny Live 3
-Tim joins to scheme
-The guys watch Emma Watson Sings "Belle (Reprise)" Beauty and the Beast
-"She sings with a british accent its the fucking hottest thing ive seen in my life" - Nick
-The guys watch a dog eat a banana ... 201752562/
-Fun Clipz:
-Reporter Video Bombed By Very Strange Woman At Columbus Circle
-Dog Wick
-Cheetos may be Trumps new head of security

The Kinda Funny Morning Show Archive by Adam Wells: viewtopic.php?f=29&t=10141

LUNCH ORDER OF THE DAY: Kevins going food tasting for the wedding - Steaks on the menu

Game of the day: Odin Sphere PS4

Game winner: Malakit

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