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[NOTES + LINK] 02.27.17 The Kinda Funny Morning Show w/ Greg & Tim

Feb 27, '17, 1:17pm

Whats happening best friends. No KFMS next week! Bonus: Sisqo will be on the show the week after though. Friday 13th. also next week 5 Colin was rights next week, once a day. Notes and link below, enjoy.
P.S. I Love You XOXO and As usual feedback always is appreciated and please feel free to add your own notes.

Link to Video:
(Thanks once again to Drgnslyr91)

News topics and others covered:

-Not all switch games will support TV mode (16:10 mins)
-Oscars 2017 best picture mistake (20:09 mins)
-Nicks opening on Schmodown (29:54 mins)
-Guardians of the galaxy vol 2 teaser (32:05 mins)
-PS VR popularity surprises company (34:19 mins)
-Assassins Creed Egypt screenshot leaks (46:05 mins)
-Twitch starts selling the games streamers play this spring (47:30 mins)
-Middle-earth: shadow of war officially announced (49:55 mins)
-Bright trailer (52:15 mins)
-Dice 2017: Marvel games to tell original stories not held to canon (53:34 mins)

Other notes:
-Aerobics and 20th century fail opens the show
-"Normally its lights camera action but we want camera, lights to trigger the action" - Tim to Kevin on how they want to open the show
-Greg talks about the game awards, shows some appreciate for the Kinda Funny fans who are a much more engaged audience than at the game awards
-Greg brings out the switch
-"Holy shit Kevin do i love the switch" - Greg
-Tim brings out his switch too
-Tim praises Zeldas open world
-"Its NES Zelda meets ocharina of time, they had a sexy baby" - Tim
-Nick on Schmodown ...
-"I wanna go" 'maybe you should be profitable to this company' - Kevin (who wants to go watch beauty and the beast with the guys at pax east) and Greg
-Greg pitches a movie thats about people stealing souls through assholes to Max Landis, starring Thomas H Church. Tim dubs it "Hole Snatchers".
-Greg wants people to mock up posters and tweet him, max landis and Thomas Church and they will go through them on wednesdays show
-Greg shows the case he bought for his switch, prefers it to the official one
-Fun Clipz:
-Unboxing The New Splatoon 3 Pack Amiibo + Callie And Marie Amiibo!
-Look at this graph
-Naoyuki Oi - Hilarious Post-Match Interview!!
-Tims mum offers to blow up baloons for Kinda Funny Live 3 over several days
-Tims the best man for Kurens wedding!
-The guys ask you support IGNs game history stream

The Kinda Funny Morning Show Archive by Adam Wells: viewtopic.php?f=29&t=10141

LUNCH ORDER OF THE DAY: Gregs got dinner plans at Outback

Game of the day: Sub Level Zero Redux on PS4

Game winner: Jeremy Hill (Patreon)

Days without technical difficulty: 21