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[NOTES + LINK] 03.20.17 The Kinda Funny Morning Show w/ Nick & Tim

Mar 20, '17, 1:56pm

Whats happening best friends. Remember, Mass Effect mornings with Greg all week before the morning show 9am PT. Notes and link below, enjoy.
P.S. I Love You XOXO and As usual feedback always is appreciated and please feel free to add your own notes.

Link to Video:

News topics and others covered:

-Colins Last Stand (10:40 mins)
-Mass Effect Andromeda reviews (12:40 mins)
-Power Rangers review (19:42 mins)
-Beauty and the beast beats batman v superman box office debut (26:26 mins)
-Live-action Mulan may not be a musical (31 mins)

Other notes:
-Aerobics & Teen Witch opens the show
-Nick went to the UCB improv theatre and had a blast
-Nick saw Get Out - "it was really fucking cool and very unique"
-'Appropriately named' "The most Colin name ever" - Nick and Tim to support Colin
-"I really do feel its like a fallout 4 situation" - Greg on Mass Effect pailing in comparison comparted to Zelda and Horizon
-Greg says if he was still scoring games, this would be closer to a 7
-Nicks willing to stream a bit of Zelda - Tim says it'll be a gamescast exclusive
-"Heres the thing, its called power rangers where people dress up like giant jelly beans" - Nick
-There will be a power rangers reacts after the guys watch the film
-"He is dope" - Nick on the Gold ranger
-"What is Mulan without "Make a man out of you?", the answer is fucking nothing" - Tim
-Tims upset, Nick isnt - Nick isnt a huge fan of the Mulan songs
-"When your paintings are this good, why not just take a picture" - The guys on Charles Bierks paintings.
-The guys are in awe at his hyper realistic paintings
-Greg shows off his coin from his travels
-Nick says foreign money looks like chocolate coins
-Big little lies talk
-Nick says part of being a champion is picking the fights that you know you can win and not picking the ones you know you'll lose and thats why he will play Greg anyday.
-Nick brings out the python
-Nick says Greg looks like a kid dressing up like their dad when he doesnt shave
-Greg unboxes a Piranha plant on air, its a hand puppet ... oritosChip
-"Colin please come back" - Tim
-Greg gives it away to a Patreon sub
-Fun Clipz:
-Dancing bear
-Dexter's Laboratory Rude Removal Swear Compilation
-What does cinderella say when she got to the ball
-The guys laugh and are in shock at the joke lool
-Greg submits a fun clip
-"Whoever did this should get a fucking Emmy" - Nick on Gregs fun clips
-"You want expert analysis? You go to Joe Roegan. You want Shenanigans? You come to us." - Nick
-"Doctor Little reboot? No" - Tim
-#TimWasWrongToday - Nicks new hashtag for Tim regarding the songs in Mulan debate.

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