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[NOTES + LINK] 12.12.16 Colin and Greg Live

Dec 12, '16, 12:15pm

Whats happening best friends! Strong start to the week with all this random humour, thank God for Colin & Greg live. Notes and link below, enjoy
P.S. I Love You XOXO and As usual feedback always is appreciated and please feel free to add your own notes.

Link to Video: (starts at 2 mins)

Patreon Link:
(P link obtained via Adam Wells - show him some love!)

News topics and others covered:

-Nintendo first universal studios park attraction is called super nintendo world (20:45 mins)

Other notes:
-Aerobics and pizza lawyer opens the show
-Gregs wearing a christmas hat
-The best friends have been sending in all sorts of festive mugs in LOL
-Colin returns with mugs with a hammer on them as handles LOL
-Colin just wrapped one of Gregs mugs with a towel
-"Its like making a pig eat bacon" - Greg on Colin trying to smash a mug with a mug
-Colins returned with all sorts of heavy duty tools, he seems to be favouring the drill
-Pumpky #1 gets the hammer
-Colin took the mugs outside and smashed them one by one LOL
-"These poor christmas mugs dont know whats happening behind them"
-Colins wearing his transitional glasses "Its too dark in here Colin"
-"Press B for Bongos" - Colin after the chat kept saying "Press F to pay respects"
-"Whats for lunch today" 'i brought a stupid salad' "Well that is stupid isnt it" - Colin and Kevin
-"Is a japanese pair not an asian pear" - Colin after Kevin said Japanese pear isnt as good as a Asian pear
-Praise for Kevin eating a massive Pizza, Kevin says paula texted him "Please dont eat all that pizza" but he saw the text when it was too late LOL
-Gregs mums on the Phone - Greg requests cookies
-"If he stands up and eats he wont gain any calories" - Jamie Miller on Kevin
-Kevin pulls up a picture of Dak Prescott after claims from the tips saying he looks like a dinosaur, long story short, Kevin makes it look like Dak Prescott is blowing Greg
-"You should get tested for STDS" - Colin general advice
-"You gone tell me Jesus didnt wanna fuck Mary Magdalene" - Colin to Kevin
-Colin uses text-to-Speech to tell Kevin erotic things like "i want you inside of me, i want you to throw caution to the wind and be inside of me", he even does it in dutch too.
-The guys watch the light brite commercial
-Next commercials - Mouse trap and Cross Fire and Fireball island, Grape Escape and Spacequest
-"They were doing what needed to be done" - Colin on Milton Bradley
-Colins recommended game of the day: Phantasy Star 2
-Next Colin is right this thursday
-Gregs trying to get Gary Whitta on the game over greggy show as we speak for a rogue one topic.
-The Timmy family are all dead - because of the disappointment of Fallout 4, the Timmy family dad massacred the rest. - according to Greg and Colin
-Colin says Erins been playing Hitman for about 15 hours obsessively - Impressive

LUNCH ORDER OF THE DAY: Kevin brought a stupid salad

Prize Added: Insert Coin division hat, 8 Bits of Destiny 4 shirt (Given by arkwulf) and a Voltron shirt

Days without technical difficulty: 2