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[NOTES + LINK] 12.14.16 Colin and Greg Live

Dec 14, '16, 1:35pm

Whats happening best friend! Dont forget Notes and link below, enjoy.
P.S. I Love You XOXO and As usual feedback always is appreciated and please feel free to add your own notes.

Link to Video: (starts at 2:37 mins)

Patreon Link:
(P link obtained via Adam Wells - show him some love!)

News topics and others covered:

-Alan Thicke dies (24:50 mins)
-Dunkirk trailer (27:20 mins)
-Left 4 dead, evolve developer making new coop shooter (32:30 mins)
-PS4/Vitas new Valkyria chronicles game, revolution, also coming to Xbox One (34:10 mins)
-Hitmans latest target: the two burglars from Home Alone (36:20 mins)
-Deformers release date (38:17 mins)
-4 years later, the wii u hasnt gotten any big price drops (38:50 mins)

Other notes:
-Aerobics and way to go paul opens the show
-Kevin seems ecstatic after seeing Rogue One
-Kevin refuses to say whether or not Rogue ones better than episode 7
-Greg randomly hugs and starts kissing Colin on his neck
-The guys are stoked to be going NOPA
-"I do feel like red wine might be the greatest conspiracy ever foisted on humanity and for like 1000's of years people are like "do you like this fucking fermented garbage" and the egyptions and the romans are like "oh yeah its great" and just over 1000's of years, hundreds of generations "Yeah, this is..."" - Colins thoughts on red wine lol
-Tim delivers a bowl of Ice for Gregs hand, skycam ensues
-Tim loves Rogue One
-"Rogue One is going to be the definitive proof of the Colin was right, power of lies, you know..." Tim then says to Colin "If you dont like this movie, you are the biggest hipster in the fucking world, because this is the most Colin Moriarty ass perfect ass star wars movie ever" - Tim
-"half way through the movie i turned to Kevin and said "This movie is fucking awesome"" - Tim
-"Hes the Iggy of the group" - Greg on C3PO, he also thinks hes an annoying bitch lol
-"Do we get to see Kylo Le Ren in this one" 'Do you understand how time works' - Greg and Kevin
-"Almost impossible to beat" - Colin on the Five Guys & Burger King combo in malls
-"Even Five guys and a condom" - Colins adamant it cant be beat.
-"Kevin do you like shotguns?" 'i fucking love shotguns' "Shotguns better than force awakens?" 'Tough one' - Greg and Kevin
-Colin encourages us (the citizens of Vita island) and in general to go give love to the publishers who continue to support the Vita (and our favourite games) ... 0070606848
-"Shipping? i dont understand that verb" - Colin after someone in the chat calls Greg x Jen is best OTP
-"Look how big my dick is" 'thats your knee' "Oh my bad." - Colin and Kevin
-Colin starts rubbing his knee furious
-No Colin tomorrow and probably no Greg due to editing.

Prize Added: PSX wristlet, PSX temporary tatoos, PSX flag

Previous prizes: Insert Coin division hat, 8 Bits of Destiny 4 shirt (Given by arkwulf) and a Voltron shirt, Dead rising christmas hat, game of thrones notebook

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