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[NOTES + LINK] 12.15.16 Colin and Greg Live w/ Internet Explorers!

Dec 16, '16, 4:20am

What up. Krantus is back. I’m sorry I can’t link the Fun Clips, but someone may technically be doing something else at the same time. Amazing Nick videos from IGN here. Must watch. Sorry I didn't post this sooner everyone. Totally spaced it.

Link to Video:

Sorry I can’t link videos, I may be working super hard at a workplace

News topics and others covered:
• Mariah’s World Discussion (2ish mins)
• Holiday party light recap (5ish mins)
• PSX (7ish mins)
• Andy Cortez action (12ish mins)
• Toys R Us closing flagship in Times Square (14ish mins)
• Super Mario Run (17ish mins)
• Shenmue 3 screenshots (22ish mins)
• Nintendo Switch patents (24ish mins)
• 20th Pokemon movie announced (26ish mins)
• FUN CLIPS SECTION (29ish mins)
• Tips & Miscellany (36ish mins)
• FUN CLIPS SECTION (40ish mins)
• Tips & Miscellany (52ish mins)
• Chat (1:05ish mins)

Other notes:
• No plot or drama in Mariah’s World
• Star Wars day
• Be nice, don’t spoil Rogue One
• “Fuck you Colin, that’s bullshit.” – Tim
• Discussion of other places that aren’t America
• Too much story for Mario
• “This is the Pokemon Go of Mario games.” – Nick
• “Gotta get that Switch, dog.” –Nick
• NX I Love You is a thing
• “Colin and who? Greg and who?” – Nick
• Greg got hammered last night
• VR for Switch?
• A ton of Nick videos today
• Nick does some singing to Pokemon – HIS version
• Donkey Kong Monster Truck Video with Nick. Amazing.
• “Let’s watch the internet together.” – Nick
• Sorry I can’t link videos, I may be working super hard at a workplace
• “There’s another FFXIII lip dub.” – Tim “Oh yeah, that one’s just straight up racist.” –Nick
• RIP to Tim
• Team Fat Greg on a video
• “I guess we’re done.” – Tim


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