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[NOTES + LINK] 12.16.16 Colin and Greg Live

Dec 16, '16, 4:04pm

Whats happening best friend! No Colin & Greg live for the next two weeks, the guys will be having a well deserved rest. The usual podcasts will post in the usual places so we all have a christmas treat at least. See you guys January 5th! Notes and link below, enjoy.
P.S. I Love You XOXO and As usual feedback always is appreciated and please feel free to add your own notes.

Link to Video: (starts at 6:16 mins)

Patreon Link:
(P link obtained via Adam Wells - show him some love!)

News topics and others covered:

-November 2016 NPD: Pokemon has its biggest debut in its history (15:45 mins)
-Final Fantasy XV gets new game plus next week (17:17 mins)
-Super Mario Run downloaded 3.5m times in 14 hours (44:25 mins)
-NES Classic first month us sales (45:40 mins)
-Russian reality TV show Game2: Winter to 'allow' rape and murder in Siberia (46 mins)

Other notes:
-Aerobics and oh man jay, fucking chicken opens the show
-"We gotta be ready to ruff and fuck" 'Ruff and fuck?' "Not a saying where your from?" - Colin and Kevin
-Colin says "i got coffee on his computer" referring to Greg spilling coffee on his own laptop and spends the next 20 seconds denying that he said "i" and not "he"
-Rogue one reactions up on youtube, a bit is spoiler free then they warn you before the spoilers start
-Colin wants people to support man in the high castle
-"May i encourage you to get extra cheese in your burger?" - Colin says its the perfect combo
-"What are chickens doing that they need a lot of room, they are just chickens" - Colin
-Colin wants to fuse chickens now lol
-"Animals have feelings, the question is this: Are they important?" - Colin
-'I was about to say, they're not as important as how hungry i am' "Thats the correct answer Kevin, you just got yourself a raise" - Kevin and Colin
-"I like new game plus so good on square for doing that" - Colin on the second news story
-"How do chickens fuck, can you find a video?" - Colin to Kevin
-"Ducks can do perverted things huh" - Colin on the ducks exploding dick (Kevin shows a video but not on air)
-Greg says meundies underwear is comfortable, Kevin has a feel of Gregs underwear, Colin has a tug
-Greg starts doing shenanigins in the background, Greg now sits down and wears the gal gun underwear
-The guys watch a Red Birds (a KF bestfriend)'s animation of them in ghostbusters (i cant find a link)
-"Stop putting bloodborne in your ps4 and put a baby in a womans vagina, happy birthday derek casey" - Greg
-Kevin says cunt again LOOL

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