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GTAonline ps4 mini fam Needed! Nudity included!!!

Jan 02, '17, 10:14am

:kinda ColinSure GregGunnar YoungOne portilloKevin NickTongue Fatillo

Do you enjoy playing gta online, but hate dealing with dweebs and douchebangles???
Do you like cuss words and being entertained by decent company???
Do like reading brail????
Well come join our mini group, but for real me(my dad & brother from another mother) are looking to play online with others that want to make money in GTAonline with people who arent entirely rando's.
If you want to hang, add us on PSN

Randomly add us just do it, itll be awkward but only for moment then we'll stop hugging you with our pants off and everything will normal! Dont look nick in the eyes though!........ (wink face)

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Re: GTAonline ps4 mini fam Needed! Nudity included!!!

Jan 02, '17, 4:07pm

  Justify the Malice I portray