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PS I Love You XOXO Questions | February 28

Sep 27, '15, 9:42am


PS I Love You XOXO Questions | February 28

Rules & Information:
Please read this before you post your questions!

This thread is meant to be for questions throughout the show.
If a) you want to get a shout-out as PS I Love This Best Friend XOXO,
b) you want to present your PSN's Worst Name of the Week, or
c) you want to submit your Song of the Week,
please post in the respective threads.

1. One question per person per week: This is not only to ensure everyone has an equal chance of getting their question answered on the show, but also to encourage you to ask thoughtful questions that haven't been asked before.

2. Get your questions in early: The podcast is filmed after the Kinda Funny Morning Show on Monday (11am PT). Questions asked afterwards will most likely be MISSED.

3. On Monday at 5pm PT / 1am GMT / 12pm ACT all questions will be removed: The thread will be purged and you can start asking questions for the following week.

4. Please be as concise as possible and edit your questions: Questions that are shorter, more concise, and well edited have a greater chance of being read. Please try not to write a full paragraph, or add your own answer into the question.

5. Please try not to repeat questions: Newer and more relevant questions are more likely to be picked

6. Not every question will be read, and chances are they won't be in order: Hi. It's Greg. I hijacked this post to add this. Just because you submit doesn't mean you're on the show. <3

7. Ask real questions! Opinions, food for thought, or things you want to discuss are better suited for the week's episode discussion thread. Please look for the right one here: viewforum.php?f=45.

8. Spoilers! Watch out! We, the mods, compile the questions asked in this thread here in these spoilers below. Please don't read through them but rather through the thread itself. They are for Greg & Colin to go through for easy access to questions. They might contain spoilers to current games. So watch out!

9. Spoilers! Again? This is to all of you asking questions in this thread. Please, and I really ask you to do that, use the spoiler tags to hide anything that could give away important or even slight info of what's happening in a current game's story. You can find them in your editor as the triangle pointing up with the exclamation mark inside. Please use them!

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PS I Love You XOXO Questions

Sep 27, '15, 9:42am

 ! Message from: JerriKoe
Placeholder post #1 for more questions.

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Re: PS I Love You XOXO Questions | February 28

Feb 21, '17, 3:44am

Hey guys!

Happy Horizon Day! With the game getting universally high review scores, what do you think about the upcoming stable of exclusive AAA games? Has the bar been set for games like Days Gone and God of War? I'm just as big of an inFAMOUS and Uncharted fan as the next guy, but it certainly seems like Sony's concerted efforts in developing new IP are starting to pay off!

- Kyle

PS - Jump and press the circle button, jump and press the circle button (XOXO - Sly Cooper reference Colin will appreciate)

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PS I Love You XOXO Questions | February 28

Feb 21, '17, 5:46am

What's up COLIN & GREG-WAY, I HAVE THIS WEEK'S FORGOTTEN PLAYSTATION GAME! Do either of you remember GENJI: DAWN OF THE SAMURAI on PS2 from developer GAME REPUBLIC...RIP? It was a 3rd person hack & slash game in vein of Onimusha. Surprisingly enough, SONY greenlit a sequel GENJI: DAYS OF THE BLADE as a launch title for PS3. Unfortunately, the sequel was awful (FUCK THAT STATIC CAMERA) and is notorious for the "Giant Enemy Crab" meme during E3 2006.
Thanks so much,
Denzel from Virginia Beach :kinda
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PS I Love You XOXO Questions | February 28

Feb 21, '17, 7:10am

Hey Guys,

Big fan! I'm a 24 year old married man and I love my games!

Lately I find myself losing my interest in video games, because I can't relate to the main character. My main issue is the sudden explosion of female protagonists.

I loved The Last of Us and have been waiting forever for the sequel. Seeing as how Ellie is now the main playable character, I find myself uninterested in playing the game.

I also think Horizon Zero Dawn looks like it can be a really great game but I don't want to give it a chance due to the fact that the main character is a female. I'm pretty sure there are way more men playing games compared to women, and I don't understand why developers are moving in this direction.

What are your thoughts on this, and wouldn't it be more profitable for developers if they appealed to the male audience? How are Tomb Raiders' sales compared to other games in the genre that have a Male protagonist?

I am not a sexist, I just want to relate to my games. Keep up your great work and don't laugh at my name!

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Re: PS I Love You XOXO Questions | February 28

Feb 21, '17, 9:05am

Hi guys,

Should more games have betas? I played the Disc Jam beta this weekend and I LOVED it. Not sure I would have picked the game up based on previews & videos alone, but playing it firsthand really solidified it for me. Nioh was the same way (although there is plenty of acclaim for that game now).

Obviously if you're making a story-driven game you'd want to avoid spoilers, but in general should more games do this?


P.S. Hope to see you at PAX East!
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Re: PS I Love You XOXO Questions | February 28

Feb 21, '17, 9:59am

Hi Colin and Greg,

What makes a good competitive online multiplayer game? I’ve enjoyed many hours of online play with Call of Duty, Battlefield, and Rocket League.
But recently I’ve been playing For Honor and several problems are obvious.

1) The game uses peer-to-peer connection so you’re often waiting to get into a match, and pausing mid-match when someone leaves and a new host must be found. Plus it only runs at 30FPS.
2) There is a loot system that affects gameplay, giving veterans an objective leg up on newcomers.
3) The comeback mechanic, “revenge”, allows less skilled players to block and take damage until they can just press triangle to blow you back and either kill you or run away.

How can Ubisoft learn from games that seem to do it right like Overwatch, or even their own Rainbow Six Siege?

Thanks for all you do,

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PS I Love You XOXO Questions | February 28

Feb 21, '17, 10:25am

Hey Collin & Greg,

Just thought you might take a minute to discuss how connecting your Amazon Prime account to Twitch gives Kinda Funny fans a relatively new way to support the cause. Because of the rigors of work I am rarely able to listen to you guys in real time, so mostly catch the shows in podcast form so I don't spend a much time on Twitch. As such, I was unaware of that I could use my Amazon Prime/Twitch integration to subscribe to the Kinda Funny channel and support you directly until I just started messing around and figured it out accidentally. Happy to use my Amazon Prime membership to subscribe to your Twitch stream and support you with money I am already spending!

Love all you do and keep up the great work!

Neil from San Diego

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PS I Love You XOXO Questions | February 28

Feb 21, '17, 10:39am

Hello, Collin and Greg. Carlos here, wondering about the future of extreme sports video games. I was playing SSX3 the other day and was reminded of Steep, a game with little hype, no review copies, mediocre reviews, and tough we don't know exact numbers, Ubisoft has said it under-performed. Then I was reminded of that cryptic EA employee #Skate4 tweet and that Tony Hawk confirmed there is a new skating game, wich looks to be in pre-production, not published by Activision. But will they end up another Steep, or worse, a Tony Hawk 5. I like these games, for a matter of fact, I was the guy that sent you the 30 games for PS1 mini question and accidentally left THPS2 there (Colin was right), but is it time they lay to rest?
Thanks, as always
I love you.

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Re: PS I Love You XOXO Questions | February 28

Feb 21, '17, 12:30pm

Greg and colin as of arkham knight I started to care about trophies now having 35 plats I use guides on psnprofiles usually to check for missables or glitched etc. My friend says its cheating and thinks all my trophys are barely count im sorry im not bothered to run around a big open world for god knows how long to find a collectable does it count as cheating ? Thanks for all you do and all the irish luck for KFL3

Also shu yoshida sly cooper 5 please

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PS I Love You XOXO Questions | February 28

Feb 21, '17, 1:11pm

Hey Greg and Colin,

With your recent review of Horizon Zero Dawn, I think it's fair to say Guerrilla has made a massive leap in terms of their standing in the industry, they're now on a whole different level.

Sony seems to have a talent for allowing talented developers to achieve their potential. Naughty Dog, Sucker Punch and now Guerrilla all seem to be examples of developers who have progressed from good to incredible.

My question is, What do you think Sony's special sauce is here? How do they take these good developers, and help them to become some of the best in the industry?

Huge Fan, Love the show.

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Re: PS I Love You XOXO Questions | February 28

Feb 21, '17, 2:08pm

THIS Trophy Can Go Fuck Itself! I decided to start platinum trophy hunting on a secondary account to attempt a 100% completion rate. The first game I (mistakenly) chose to platinum? Dying Light. Now don't get me wrong, I Love Dying Light but FUCK the trophy Homo Homini Lupus Est, which requires you to save 15 survivors from the henchmen of the main enemy.

Where's the problem you might ask? In order to do so you have to trigger a random encounter, which only shows up in 3 rough areas of one section of the map and is totally random. It gets worse when you factor in one of said areas being locked out via unlocking a safe zone. I have been trying to trigger the encounters for 3 damn days and I am only at 11/15 encounters. This trophy can go FUCK itself.

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PS I Love You XOXO Questions | February 28

Feb 21, '17, 2:28pm

Hello Greg and Colin,

First things first, I would like to thank you guys for doing what you do. I have been a listener of the many shows you have hosted/appeared on for years.
You two, as well as the rest of the Kinda Funny crew, are some of my favorite internet personalities and a huge inspiration. I could never thank you enough and never stop what you do.

This is not really a question, but more so a rant. I had digitally preordered Horizon Zero Dawn and had realized moments after placing said preorder that I had put the preorder on the wrong bank card. Figuring I could just cancel my preorder and re-buy the game using the correct card, I was soon perplexed to find that there was no cancel option. I contacted Sony customer support and they said they would try to let me slide this one time as they normally are not allowed to refund a purchase. Moments later I was told that they could not help me in any way. A little annoyed, I went on to the Sony Playstation store help page where it clearly states that you can cancel a preorder as long as the game has not come out yet, only to then find out that this policy only applies in the UK. What the fuck are you kidding me?! All I want is to get a refund for the card that was charged and then repurchase the game using a different card. Why is this policy only allowed in the UK? Why if the game has not come out yet and I haven't even pre-installed it onto my PS4 can I not get a refund?! This is bullshit. Sorry for making this post long, but I am just supremely annoyed at this ridiculous, absurd terms of service. End rant

Love to you guys, the Kinda Funny crew, and all my Kinda Funny best friends.

Mark Ste. Marie ("ste" pronounced Saint)
PSN shaggymark

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PS I Love You XOXO Questions | February 28

Feb 21, '17, 3:02pm

Hey Guys! So my friend went to Gamestop to put money on his Switch pre order as well as pre order Horizon. The employee rang it all up and had my friend swipe his card. Then the employee for some reason made him swipe his card again and said that he might get double charged but probably wouldn't. Lo and behold he did. Charged twice. He went back to Gamestop and told the same employee that he did get charged twice and that employee said he needed to call a corporate number to get it sorted out. My friend called and after being on the phone forever with someone who barely spoke english nothing was resolved and they told him to go back to the store. He went back and talked with different employees who ended up calling the original employee to get details. The original employee gave them another number to call. After being on the phone with them for a solid 50 minutes they finally got it worked out and said he would be refunded in 3-5 business days. My question is have you guys heard anything about this happening? Why could they just issue a refund in the store? And why can't Gamestop die already?

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PS I Love You XOXO Questions | February 28

Feb 21, '17, 3:48pm

Hello Greg and Colin. First time writing in, but long time listener. Question! I am a nintendo fanatic and pride myself in being one, even though it becomes harder each time the company makes a decision. I was wondering if Nintendo got out of the hardware making business and was taken up by Sony if there was anything the company would adopt in terms of decision making and general company ideas. For example we all know how big it would be for mario and zelda to be on playstation, but are there certain ways of doing things that are truly unique to nintendo and that sony can adopt. For example nintendo directs and other ways of doing things. Thanks and have a great day.

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Re: PS I Love You XOXO Questions | February 28

Feb 21, '17, 3:57pm

Sup Greg and Colin....Question for you guys. Should I get a PS4 Pro? I don't have a 4k TV or anything like that. I dont even have a normal PS4 but I am in the market for one as per this question. Is it worth the 100 plus more bucks and is it worth not being able to get a bundle... as of writing this I am not aware of any PS4 Pro system and game bundles. Guide me Master Miller and Senesi Moriarty, guide this gamer to the promise land once again. (I haven't had a Sony system since PS2).


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Re: PS I Love You XOXO Questions | February 28

Feb 21, '17, 4:32pm

Hey Greg and the sloppy buttholed Colin,
I just wanted to chime in on the convo from last weeks episode about backwards compatibility on PS4. I have been a huge gamer ever since getting the PS3, I liked to play video games before on my Gamecube and other friends Playstations and Xboxes, but not to the extent as on the PS3. I played hundreds of games on my PS3, and own about 65 games. When rumors about the Playstation 4 Pro came out I was hoping that it would have PS3 backwards compatibility, however, it did not. I would have bought a PS4 Pro day one if it had backwards compatibility, as I am sure at least some others would. How hard can it be to slap an extra cell processor into one of those bad boys and get it working? I ran into the same issue with the Switch. We don't know for sure, but they have not announced anything in terms of Gamecube backwards compatibility. This also would've been a day one purchase for me, but instead I guess ill wait until who fuckin' knows when to buy it. Dammit, all I want to do is play Mario Kart Double Dash on Switch, and Infamous on PS4 using backwards compatibility because Sony feels that Infamous isn't deserving of a rerelease. All I'm saying is the next Playstation better be backwards compatible with all previous home Playstation consoles, even if that just means downloading the games digitally because that's just throwing away potential money that reminiscent bastards like myself will give them.

Thanks for listening to my rant,


Ps I love the Show

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PS I Love You XOXO Questions | February 28

Feb 21, '17, 4:41pm

What's up, gents?

I'm keeping the dream alive playing PSVita 5 years after I got it on launch day. The Switch is on its way promising sweet portable gaming, but we all know that Remote Play on the Vita is pretty sweet too. However, sometimes using the back touchpad and front touchscreen can be a pain for L2/3 and R2/3. So do you have any Remote Play-friendly games you'd recommend checking out? Are Telltale games the only type of experience that work really well?

Keep on rockin' in the game world!


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PS I Love You XOXO Questions | February 28

Feb 21, '17, 7:38pm

Hello Colin & Greg! (no pause necessary)

I prefer to keep my game purchases digital, but the other day I was browsing a big box store, when I came across a copy of Battleborn for $5.00. I know that the game received average reviews at best, but I am a huge fan of the Borderlands series so I jumped on it. I got home, put the game into my PS4, and booted the game. I was eager to play , and then the update screen popped up. There was a HUGE update file that was required to play the game, due to it's always online infrastructure. It was a total let down to say the least. So my question is; Do you think there should be a way to preload games, even when purchasing a physical copy? Why should I not be able to "download" the game to my system while I am away, but it can only be activated by putting the disc in? I would love to hear your opinion on this!

Your Friend,
Mason Ousley

P.S. I love you

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Re: PS I Love You XOXO Questions | February 28

Feb 21, '17, 8:05pm

Greetings gentlemen,

I've been listening to you guys since the Beyond days starting in May 2014. I love video games with a passion and my goal is to work is in this industry one day making games. I believe that my thoughts and opinions will matter one day which is why I'm writing in. I am starting my own gaming podcast this year and would like both of your advice and tips to making a podcast. You guys are my favorite podcast and make me laugh countless times.
What advice would you give someone starting a podcast for the first time?

I hope to meet you guys one day!

Javier, from Florida (or once known by Colin as "The surface of the Sun")