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PS I Love You XOXO Questions

Sep 27, '15, 9:42am


PS I Love You XOXO Questions

Rules & Information:
Please read this before you post your questions!

This thread is meant to be for questions throughout the show.
If a) you want to get a shout-out as PS I Love This Best Friend XOXO,
b) you want to present your PSN's Worst Name of the Week, or
c) you want to submit your Song of the Week,
please post in the respective threads.

1. One question per person per week: This is not only to ensure everyone has an equal chance of getting their question answered on the show, but also to encourage you to ask thoughtful questions that haven't been asked before.

2. Get your questions in early: The podcast is filmed after the Kinda Funny Morning Show on Monday (11am PT). Questions asked afterwards will most likely be MISSED.

3. On Monday at 5pm PT / 1am GMT / 12pm ACT all questions will be removed: The thread will be purged and you can start asking questions for the following week.

4. Please be as concise as possible and edit your questions: Questions that are shorter, more concise, and well edited have a greater chance of being read. Please try not to write a full paragraph, or add your own answer into the question.

5. Please try not to repeat questions: Newer and more relevant questions are more likely to be picked

6. Not every question will be read, and chances are they won't be in order: Hi. It's Greg. I hijacked this post to add this. Just because you submit doesn't mean you're on the show. <3

7. Ask real questions! Opinions, food for thought, or things you want to discuss are better suited for the week's episode discussion thread. Please look for the right one here: viewforum.php?f=45.

8. Spoilers! Watch out! We, the mods, compile the questions asked in this thread here in these spoilers below. Please don't read through them but rather through the thread itself. They are for Greg & Colin to go through for easy access to questions. They might contain spoilers to current games. So watch out!

9. Spoilers! Again? This is to all of you asking questions in this thread. Please, and I really ask you to do that, use the spoiler tags to hide anything that could give away important or even slight info of what's happening in a current game's story. You can find them in your editor as the triangle pointing up with the exclamation mark inside. Please use them!

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PS I Love You XOXO Questions

Sep 27, '15, 9:42am

 ! Message from: JerriKoe
Placeholder post #1 for more questions.

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PS I Love You XOXO Questions

Mar 14, '17, 6:33am

hey Greg, and the solomly missed collin moriarty, i gotta say seeing you leave is one of the worst things ive heard, its gonna be a very sad day when i cant listen to my fan boy lovers talk about Playstation in a way that was almost to perfect. i hope tim gettys will get his act together get over nintendo and become the new playstation representative basically. anyway sorry love you guys and hope everything works out!!!

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PS I Love You XOXO Questions

Mar 14, '17, 2:20pm

LycergicBotanist wrote: i hope tim gettys will get his act together get over nintendo and become the new playstation representative basically.

Don't be one of those people. Please just leave if you seriously have some sort of problem with Tim being who he wants to be, and not being someone you want. Get over it and leave.
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The Future of Mobile Gamers

Mar 14, '17, 4:52pm

Hey, Greg and Collin!
I've noticed a trend over the past few years of children receiving their parents' old mobile devices after upgrading. Many of these children use their hand-me-down smartphone or tablet as their primary, if not only, gaming device. This has me a little worried about a possible generation gap between gamers. When I babysit my friends' kids, they are always eager to play video games with me; however, the are mostly unable to grasp using a controller to play games because the only device they've used to play games on are tablets or smartphones. Do you think could lead to a generation gap between seeing many would-be gamers feeling disenfranchised similarly to how some older gamers felt in the transition to 3D (a la Colin's appearance on The Rubin Report)? I would love to know your thoughts on this possible phenomenon. Love all of the content you produce and thank you for the many hours of laughs and insight.

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Re: PS I Love You XOXO Questions

Mar 15, '17, 6:07am

Hi Greg (and Colin, if he's making a special appearance)

I definitely think you guys should keep the show going. Do whatever it takes: re-brand it if you will, switch up the segments, bring in special guests, make it every-other-week etc, but I really want to see a PlayStation-focused podcast from you guys on a routine basis. And I suspect there are thousands, maybe millions of people out there, that really need it to continue too.

I know it feels painful now, and maybe pointless in some ways, but give it time if you have to and then find a way to keep the show going. I think P.S. I Love You XOXO is a core tenet of what you guys offer at Kinda Funny, and some busy weeks it's all I have time for. But I make time for it because I see that value.

If you do continue on, I hope you name a segment after Colin. The Moriarty Wrapup perhaps (yes, it would take place INSIDE Roper's Report :-)

I guess since this spot is for questions after all, I'll ask one:
What do you make of the new No Man's Sky Pathfinder update? Does that make you want to dive back in? If not, what would?

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Re: PS I Love You XOXO Questions

Mar 15, '17, 4:02pm

I don't think this counts as a question, but could you guys end Colin's stay at PS I Love You the way you guys left beyond? Have Colin stay longer for it but have an outstanding ending episode?

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PS I Love You XOXO Questions

Mar 16, '17, 3:46pm

Hi there,

I'm playing horizon at the moment and I have hit a mental wall where I'm struggling to proceed in the desert, I played Zelda and hit a wall in the desert, and then I started thinking. I had the same issue in dragon age inquisition too, I struggled with mad max and in ni no kuni at the desert i just couldn't do it. So my question Is the desert the worst setting in video games? Especially after nice lush green jungles or snowy mountains or is it just that I have a strange issue with sand or different shades of orange.

It would be good to know if people agree, or if I need to seek some sort of help....

David in England.

P.s. I love this show glad to see you are still moving forward, better to do what your happy doing and move on, than continue doing something your heart isn't in.

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PS I Love You XOXO Questions

Mar 17, '17, 9:10am


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PS I Love You XOXO Questions

Mar 19, '17, 3:01pm

Disc Jam, one of the free PlayStation Plus games for the month of March, seems to be a bit of a letdown for me. It would be rash to call it a Rocket League clone, but there are some striking similarities. The menus, customizable characters, set as a futuristic e-sport, launching as a PlayStation Plus game. Do you see where I'm going with this? My question is this: what are your thoughts on games with such striking similarities that don't capture the magic of their inspirations, and what kind of conversations do you think Sony had behind the curtain to find and publish this game?

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PS I Love You XOXO Questions

Mar 26, '17, 8:06pm

I need this podcast. Please take you time finding someone up to the task of joining you for PS I Love You XOXO. But please do not give up on it all together. Best of wishes to Colin and everyone at Kinda Funny. Here's to hoping he can find the time to make regular guest appearances on the show.

Also, you guys really need to restock the PS I Love You t-shirts in a size medium.
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Re: PS I Love You XOXO Questions

Mar 27, '17, 10:39am

Hi guys. I've been listening to you since the days of Beyond. I have always said that Greg and Colin were the best podcast team. Greg with his energy and passion and Colin with his knowledge and criticism. The day I found out that Colin was leaving kinda broke my heart. In a way I felt that my whole life has changed. I always look forward to Beyond (when the both of you were on it) and PS I luv u xoxo. Now that Colin is gone and doing his own thing, In which I truly respect, I feel that you might stop this podcast. As much as I like your other podcast this one is and was my favorite. Even with Colin gone life will go on and I know that the rest of you can pull through and continue to grow and be successful. I do hope that you will continue with PS I luv u xoxo, Colin may never be replaced but I'm sure that u can find an proper substitute. Sorry this has gotten long but all I wanted to say that I luv u guys and I still support you. Please don't quit PS I luv u xoxo.

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PS I Love You XOXO Questions

Apr 01, '17, 3:20pm

Hi Greg!
I'm optimistically leaving a question here so I can eagerly await the return of PS I Love You, whatever changes you decide to make, I'm here to support it and I can't wait to hear you talking PlayStation again!

I was a day one supporter of PSVR, I love my headset and I still use it fairly regularly, always dipping in when something interesting comes out or just playing a few rounds of Eve Valkyrie here and there.
Talk about the headset seemed to go quiet for a little while, and I heard a lot of people both irl and in games media/forums talking about it as though it must have bombed because of that. I remember in particular a video by The Know talking about PSVR as though it was looking like a bomb.
But it seems recently things have really been heating up for the headset again!

Sony came out with the sales figures for the device that seem to have impressed everybody, and since then I've noticed a very distinct change.
PSVR seems to be showing up a lot more often now. I don't know how it is in the US, but here in the UK adverts for the headset have suddenly started showing up a lot. Playing before youtube videos, popping up in emails and even the odd poster here or there. StarBlood Arena, a game I had presumed to be a digital only game is getting a physical release, something I wondering if Sony would encourage to fill up more space in physical shops VR displays. Today I got an email from Sony telling me there's a tour happening in the UK right now allowing people to try out the VR and upcoming games for it, something they did the week before the VR launched.

Could this big push to advertise the headset be a sign of things good to come? Sony are clearly putting a lot of money into advertising the headset again, so my hope is that they have big plans to wow people with announcements in upcoming conferences!
Have you noticed the same change in the US, as somebody within the industry?
Have you heard any others news or stories that are making you feel especially optimistic about the future of PSVR?

Please Greg, justify my growing excitement, fill me with hope for a glorious future!

I can't wait to see what you do with the show Greg, and please, keep it one of the shows you don't delay for use on Patreon.
I'm happy to wait for your other shows, and it's a nice treat in the periods where I can afford to get them early! But something has always felt a little special about your PS content going out without a delay, it feels indicative of how important you are within the PlayStation community.
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Re: PS I Love You XOXO Questions

Apr 05, '17, 3:57pm

I only just found xoxo... and after only 3 episodes, and being so happy to finally find a podcast that is a pleasure to listen to, it gets canned .. Life is so unfair sometimes.
I would love for you guys to please come back... All the other PS4 podcasts are sooooo boring.. and dry.

A question: Borderlands - what have you heard of the next release.. did you enjoy the previous incarnations? are you excited for the next installment?

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Time to relax the rules of your pan profile

Apr 18, '17, 6:31am

Dear Greg and Colin

I am an avid Playstation supporter and have been for many years, however recently, I am beginning to question my loyalties. I am originally from the UK however recently moved over to New Zealand, did my own brexit :)

I buy only digital games these days for the convenience and was under the assumption that once I move, I will be able to change my location details for my PSN account and continue to purchase digital games.

I have since spoken to PSN support who have stated that I am not able to change my location details. Apparently they have put measures in place to prevent this. So people cannot just change their location details and start paying for games in a different currency and maybe getting the games cheaper with different tax rates being applied etc. I understand all that, however, that does not exactly help me now that I live the other side of the world and just want to buy some games.

I explained my situation to them, to which their response was by presenting me with three options.

1) Only purchase digital disks from now on. However any season passes etc, I will not be able to get.

2) Create a new PSN ID.

I do not really want to do this, I would loose all my achievements and if I do not continue my PS plus on my UK account, I will not be able to play my games online. I have over 60 games digital.

The also stated that I could create a new PSN ID to purchase the games with and that I could play them on my main UK account, but also said that I would not be able to play them online. to be honest, that sounds a bit dodgy to me.

3) Purchase the digital codes in UK stores or purchase the wallet top ups on eBay from the UK and top up my wallet to buy games.

So they do not allow you to change location to prevent fraud and tax avoidance etc. However, there advice is to do exactly that by essentially purchasing games from a country I no longer live in.

Has anyone you know had any experience with this or any idea what I can do.



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PSVR: PS I Love You XOXO Questions

Apr 19, '17, 10:32am

Hey Greg (and perhaps the rotating second chair?)

Don't know when or if this is going to happen again (PS I LOVE You XOXO)...I hope it does, KF holding down the youtube fort for Playstation news is so very needed and important. There is one thing I would very much like to see happen for PSVR....HEAD TRACKING BASED AIM FOR NON VR GAMES played in cinema mode. Last generation the implementation of PS Move on PS3 was HORRIBLE. Waiting for developers to implement what essentially was a straight forward remapping of a set of functions from one set of controller APIs to a another while watching developers wait for MOVE to become popular sucked.

Head tracking based aim for cinema mode even if it's only Gyro based (a reticle is only 2D so they would only need the lights or the gyro and not both)

Anyway, this is something Sony should introduce for improved accuracy with any game using targeting/range weapons and implement it at the system level as an option so users can decide when it's active before launching games. Universal head tracking based aim as an option is something that would allow PSVR users to get better use from their hardware now utilizing ALL their games. What do you think?

Be safe guys!

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Re: PS I Love You XOXO Questions

Apr 26, '17, 7:40am

Hey new-ish fan first time on the forums. Over the past year I've been playing more and more free2play titles on my PS4 (warframe, Paragon, Let it die, Never Winter, Planet side 2). With some F2P titles seeing great success (Warframe, Paragon) do you see more developers moving to make F2P style games. If so what do you think the impact on the market will be and what style of monetization system would you like to see.

Thank you for your time
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