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Submit Your Own Music For PS I Love You XOXO

Sep 27, '15, 10:04am


PS I Love You XOXO Music


This thread is meant to be for submitting your own music for the segment of the show, Singing to Shuhei.
If a) you want ask the guys your PS I Love You XOXO Questions,
b) you want to get a shout-out as PS I Love This Best Friend XOXO, or
c) you want to present your PSN's Worst Name of the Week,
please post in the respective threads.

1. Must be your own music: This is not for music you like but to promote and support the music made by you.

2. Please provide a link for your music: A direct download link to a high quality version of your song is preferable.

3. If you have a YouTube or Soundcloud link embed it into the forums: This should be left in addition to a download link as a way to preview your song before downloading. You can see how to embed the music by using the code in the spoiler tag:
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Past Songs

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Submit Your Own Music For PS I Love You XOXO

Oct 19, '15, 1:27pm

Hey, I play bass for an instrumental band called Tracers. We put out our first EP Jealousy this past Summer. Here's a track from it. You can find our stuff on iTunes, Spotify, etc.

Here's a download link: ... d.mp3?dl=0

Thanks for checking it out! You can keep up with us at

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Picked as Song of the Week in Ep. 24.

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Submit Your Own Music For PS I Love You XOXO

Oct 20, '15, 10:57pm

Hey guys, long time listener here. I play guitar and sing in a prog-rock band called Yukon Moon from Birmingham, AL. We're just a bunch of college kids wasting our education on degrees in music. Check out this instrumental track called "Sun Dogs". Hope you enjoy it.

EDIT: aaaaaaand here's the download link ... 3.mp3?dl=0

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Submit Your Own Music For PS I Love You XOXO

Oct 23, '15, 12:46am
this is me and my partner. we are a production duo from frot worth texas. just this summer we finnaly started hopping on our own beats. let us know what you think. we have four music videos with much more coming soon.

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Re: Submit Your Own Music For PS I Love You XOXO

Oct 23, '15, 4:36am

Hey fellow PS I Love You'ers. Tristan here, I am the vocalist for London based group 'Delayed' Oi gov'na listing to me ruddy song cor blimey. If you like what you here were are on spotify and iTunes ;)

song download here > ... sp=sharing

Thanks all :kinda

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Submit Your Own Music For PS I Love You XOXO

Oct 23, '15, 11:05am

Hey guys, here's Life Automatic from my current project The Vacant Age. I know you guys like Hotline Miami and this album was heavily inspired by both games' soundtracks. I actually got a friendly response from Denis (Dennaton Games/Hotline creator) on Twitter after I sent him some songs, yet unfortunately they didn't get into the final cut. Oh well, there's always Mother Russia Bleeds!

Keep up the great work!



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Submit Your Own Music For PS I Love You XOXO

Oct 23, '15, 11:34am

Hey guys,
I have no idea if you'd be into this or not, but here's some 80's-inspired synth shit I put together a couple weeks ago:

Direct Download link: ... L.mp3?dl=0

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Submit Your Own Music For PS I Love You XOXO

Oct 27, '15, 12:29pm

I started getting heavy into freelance music and writing when I first discovered KindaFunny.

I felt in my balls the balls you had to go out on your own and related to my own aspirations and dreams.

Here is an epic track I would love to see in a video game or film one day (heck even a LifeTime series)

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Submit Your Own Music For PS I Love You XOXO

Oct 27, '15, 7:51pm

Hey guys, my name is Josh Stephens. I figured I would post some of my original music here. I am an acoustic singer/songwriter/5th grade teacher from Lincoln, Nebraska. Greg - I'm sorry you almost died in Nebraska. Colin - 311 pride. I met Nick Hexum's mom at a restaurant in Omaha and instantly thought of you!

Anyway, back to the music. This song is called "Time Alone" from my live take EP, The Clubhouse EP (Live). It has a harmonica bit, so I hope you enjoy that! I recorded this EP in one night in an empty dorm's rec room (called The Clubhouse) using 1 of the three takes I did for each song - I didn't want it to be a perfect, so here is one of the results! I only used a condenser vocal mic and direct input for my guitar so that's why the sound quality isn't the hottest - I also did all of the mixing and mastering. I love the show and I hope you guys enjoy!

P.S. I love you.


Twitter: @joshestephens


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Submit Your Own Music For PS I Love You XOXO

Oct 27, '15, 10:14pm

Hey guys!

I was a big fan of your old podcast and I had felt a void in my heart ever since you guys left. I've been watching your content for awhile and I am absolutely thrilled that you guys decided to bring a PlayStation-centric podcast back. Now to the song: Earlier this year I joined a band called Semi-Average Joe and we're just now starting to release our first couple of songs. The song I'm submitting is called "Noa," no "h." It's a fun song about falling in love on Tinder! We worked our hardest to write the song, produce the song, and make the video for the song all in house. I'd be thrilled for you guys to play our song but the fact that you guys are back doing what originally introduced me to your weird world of Shuhei idolatry is quite enough.

Hail Shuhei, full of grace,

You can download the song here:
We are using a pay-what-you-want model so to download just purchase it for $0. Hope you enjoy!

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Picked as Song of the Week in Ep. 25.

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Submit Your Own Music For PS I Love You XOXO

Oct 28, '15, 5:59am

Here's a song my old college band, "Sequels", wrote and recorded before disbanding to pursue adulthood. It's called "One of a Kind", which is quite fitting as this podcast is itself, one of a kind. Some pop punk, melodic noise for ears to feast upon. Hope you enjoy and keep up the excellent work.

From sunny ol' York, England (OY!)


P.S. I love you (more than the others)

Download link: ... d.m4a?dl=0

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Submit Your Own Music For PS I Love You XOXO

Oct 28, '15, 12:11pm

Huge fan of the new podcast!

I was hoping to share one of my songs for the end of the show! My artist name is Profresher. I am from Minneapolis, Minnesota.

It is available for download here:

Edit: here it is as an mp3 if that is easier :)

You can find my discography here:

Profresher AKA Billy Blacklight is responsible for 'crunk-flavored beats' and 'neo-g-funk' basslines that set a bold stage for the crisp synth lines that cruise on top. Listening from beginning to end is like playing the PS1 Gran Turismo in a subwoofer-laden submarine while sippin' on some 'tussin. There's a late-90s throwback vibe throughout, as well as enough bass to make even the skinniest booty clap 'til dawn.

PS I Love You

Without Wax
Billy Blacklight

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Submit Your Own Music For PS I Love You XOXO

Oct 29, '15, 1:59pm

Hey guys,

I'm loving the show. I am super appreciative of segments like these that reach out to the community and allow them to shine. I have been making music for as long as I can remember, and I found some notoriety in the form of Game Grumps remixes. But for this show, I offer an original that shows my love/hate relationship I have for Sonic the Hedgehog. It's entitled Take Me, Lightspeed.

Stay beautiful,
Nick (Atpunk)

P.S. I Love You XOXO

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Submit Your Own Music For PS I Love You XOXO

Nov 01, '15, 2:55pm

Hello fellow best frinds! My name is Anthony and I'm a long time listener, first time poster! (I've been listening since before Jeff Haynes peed his pants!) I'd like to submit my track for singing to Shu and Crew.

We're a Ska band called The Guilty Parties, and my song submission today is called Minute-Made. We were actively touring and playing live for a long time, but broke up in 2010. We decided that after 5 long years it was time get the band back together, but since we all grew up, moved away from each other, got married, and had kids, we're sticking to recording.

We just released a five song EP on October 9th; 10 years after our first album. I hope you and the Kinda Funny nation enjoy it!

You can find us on Facebook at and basically any streaming and download service you can imagine around the world.

P.S. This track is 100% free to download on SoundCloud!

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Submit Your Own Music For PS I Love You XOXO

Nov 02, '15, 3:39pm

Hey Best Friends,

My name is Justin and I'm the drummer for the band Neverblu. I've been a fan since early Beyond! days and was lucky enough to have an earlier song we recorded played on Beyond!.
Here's a song we recorded a couple of years ago that I'd love to share with the Kinda Funny Community.
It can be heard and downloaded at our Soundcloud:

And here's a link to the song on YouTube Link:

Thank you all very much and we hope you enjoy!

Hail Shuhei, Full of Grace,

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Submit Your Own Music For PS I Love You XOXO

Nov 03, '15, 10:14am

Hey best friends,

I wanted to submit this song for the "Singing to Shuhei" (nee Ryan's Rap Up) segment of the show - the band is called the Houseband and consists of me (on rhythm guitar), my little bro Chris (on piano), and a mate of mine called Morgs (on lead guitar). This is a stripped back, acoustic, live version of a song called "Open Up Your Eyes" that we wrote - apologies that the quality of the recording isn't great but it definitely has that unplugged feel!

We've all been following you since Beyond days and it would mean the world to be played on the show!

Hope you enjoy!


PS I love you XOXO

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Submit Your Own Music For PS I Love You XOXO

Nov 04, '15, 9:37am

Hey, I don't know if you guys listen to EDM (Trap) at all but I made a remix of Drake's song "Trophies" and would like if you guys gave it a listen. Here's a link of it on soundcloud & youtube.

Soundcloud ... trap-remix

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Submit Your Own Music For PS I Love You XOXO

Nov 04, '15, 10:44pm

Hey guys. I haven't produced anything in ages. But seeing as I'm trying to get involved in the community, I thought I'd share a song a good friend of mine and I made. We come from quite different styles of music and I think the result was interesting. :kinda xoxo

DL: ... 2f1f987741

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Submit Your Own Music For PS I Love You XOXO

Nov 06, '15, 12:21pm

Hey, Colin and Greg. I've been loving PS I Love You XOXO and I'm excited to keep up with your show in the future. I've always been a huge fan of video game music and have been fascinated in creating my own video game compositions for a while now. Being as this is a video game podcast, I felt that submitting one of my video game song compositions would be appropriate. I got a lot of inspiration from the Mega Man soundtrack for this composition. Hope You guys like it!

PS. I Love You XOXO

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Submit Your Own Music For PS I Love You XOXO

Nov 07, '15, 7:03am

Hey there guys! For the Singing to Shu segment, I'd like to submit a song from my band FOXHUNT in Austin, TX. While some of the members of the band and I have been involved in various projects with each other over the past ten years, we've finally come together and distilled our musical styles into a singular sound of darker electronic alt-rock. We released our debut album "Strange Creatures" in the Spring of this year, and it's available on almost every digital music platform (iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, etc.). Here is one of the singles, "Catch As Catch Can". We can be found on the web at and


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