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Submit Your Own Music For PS I Love You XOXO

Aug 06, '16, 12:55am

Hey Greg and Colin! Huge Fan!

My name is Napoleon. My band is A New Challenger Approaches. We are from San Diego, CA. Yes from fighting games! We are huge gamers and it would mean the world to be on your show!

This song is called Ellie. Inspired by the relationship between Joel and Ellie from The Last of Us. We’re all we’ve got when we’ve got nothing! Love you guys!

We are everywhere digitally! iTunes, Spotify, Googleplay, Amazon, Playstation Music, Xbox Music, etc.

Website ►
Instagram ►
Twitter ►
Facebook ►


Youtube Video:

Download Link:

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Re: Submit Your Own Music For PS I Love You XOXO

Aug 08, '16, 3:50pm

Hey Colin and Greg,

I play drums for a new post-hardcore/progressive rock band based in Pittsburgh (watch out for that armored truck) known as Atlas Decay. We just released our debut E.P. entitled “Forgive Me, Mother Earth”. We recorded it on Long Island (shout out to Westfall Recording Company) just for Colin…but we’re also Penguins fans so sorry, Colin. My bandmates and I are all hardcore gamers and big fans of the show. We’d be honored if you’d feature the video for our song “Bigger Wings” this week. Thanks.

P.S. – Colin is always right.


mp3 ---> ... s.mp3?dl=0

Other various links:

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Re: Submit Your Own Music For PS I Love You XOXO

Aug 11, '16, 5:13am

Hi Colin & Greg,

My name is Jack and I'm the vocalist and guitarist for the band: Jar Of Atoms. We are a 2-piece band, based in Nottingham, UK (Oi).
I'm not sure what our genre is, but I guess it's kinda bluesy rocky.

I've been following you guys since the Beyond days (Beyond!) and I'm elated that you've all been able to find the success you have.

I submit to you our first song "Nymphomaniac", which we have released for free in an attempt to promote our band. It's available to download on Soundcloud & Bandcamp.

You can find us on Twitter & Instagram: @jarofatoms
and facebook at

Unfortunately we haven't recorded a video for it yet, so I've put the music over a video of Jean Claude Van Damme dancing on Youtube.

I hope you guys enjoy it. Best of luck for the future as you continue to grow towards super-stardom!

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Submit Your Own Music For PS I Love You XOXO

Aug 14, '16, 10:34am

Hello Greg, Colin, and (somewhere out there listening) Shuhei!

After hearing Greg admit his love for acoustic pop music on The GameOverGreggy show, I felt compelled to finally get on here and submit some of mine! I am a 20 year old singer/songwriter/student living in Blacksburg, Virginia and just a couple of months ago I started a 2-piece acoustic-pop duo with my friend from college. We just put out a 3-song EP last month and decided to release it for free on our Bandcamp to hopefully spread it to as many ears as possible. You can also stream us on Spotify! The duo is called "belated." and this song is "Warm Body" from our debut EP "blame it on bad timing. Hope you guys enjoy! - Jordon
For fans of: Dashboard Confessional, This Wild Life, The Format



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Submit Your Own Music For PS I Love You XOXO

Aug 15, '16, 11:38am

Hey guys gonna keep this short and sweet. I do drum covers for video game songs (Colin may like my stuff). I wanted to send you guys my cover for the Final Fantasy X battle theme. Hope you enjoy it you can subscribe to my YouTube channel AF Drums.



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Submit Your Own Music For PS I Love You XOXO

Aug 15, '16, 5:51pm

Hi Guys

Long time listener from way back in the early Beyond days. Colin & Greg - you guys have made my commute to and from work so much more exciting and I thank you for all of your hard work.

I am wondering if you would be interested in featuring my new project's single on Singing to Shuhei. We are a brand new 4 piece Hard Rock act out of Adelaide, Australia known as Nuseum. The boys and I have been playing in other bands over the last 10 years and thought it was time to start taking things seriously and do something new.

Our first single is entitled Elements and is available now on iTunes, Spotify & other online retailers.


If you want to find out more about the band head on over to our website at, follow us on Twitter at Nuseum_Band and like us on Facebook at

Download Link: ... b.wav?dl=0

YouTube Clip:

All the way from Adelaide, Australia

Steve (StoupglocK [Stoopglock])

p.s. I love you guys.
p.p.s The Last Guardian might still be good.
p.p.p.s Probably not.

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Submit Your Own Music For PS I Love You XOXO

Aug 16, '16, 3:47am

Hey Colin & Greg,

I'm a musician from Sydney Australia, writing and recording music from home when I'm not working as a school teacher. The other day I wrote and recorded a weird song about an alien named Fred, crash landing on Earth from Planet KringKrong. The voice for Fred the alien ended up sounding a little like Dr Nefarious from the Ratchet & Clank series.

This song is called Invasion From Planet KringKrong

Rhyss Lightning



Download: ... g.m4a?dl=0

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Submit Your Own Music For PS I Love You XOXO

Aug 17, '16, 7:28pm

This is the opening song for my band. Maybe you'll see us in Las Vegas. Maybe you won't. Maybe you'll never even hear this song and have no idea what you're missing. But even if that's the case it won't really be a bad thing since you won't know what you're missing, right?

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Submit Your Own Music For PS I Love You XOXO

Aug 19, '16, 8:40am

Hey guys! My band Riding The Skyline recently released this new song called "Second to Breathe". The song is about wanting to have space or time away from your significant other. So basically the opposite of a love song. Hope you can play it on the show! Love you guys!

P.S. - "ASS TO ASS" <-- just listened to an old Knockin' Boots Ep and Greg wouldn't stop yelling that.

Download: ... e.mp3?dl=0


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Final Fantasy Tactics Death Metal!

Aug 22, '16, 7:22pm

Hello, Greg and Colin. I love you guys and your show. I've listened to a LOT of gaming podcasts and I can honestly say this one is the best because of how well you both speak and the combination of your personalities.

My name is The Legendary Zoltan and I wanna know...Aren't you tired of all these songs that have NOTHING TO DO WITH PLAYSTATION?! Who cares if someone is releasing their second pop/punk/rock/dubstep/poopdeck/house/garage/cardboardbox/fusion album?! I'm bringing you pure Final Fantasy Tactics Death Metal. It's not a remix, it's original, and it's the ONLY FF Tactics Death Metal song in the entire world. I present it to you and the entire PS I LOVE YOU XOXO community for your listening pleasure. If you like this, then you ought to love my upcoming Valkyrie Profile Death Metal Album. If you want to follow what I do, don't worry about using social media. Just remember the name, "The Legendary Zoltan" and I'm sure you will find the album when it is released. Thank you very much.

The Legendary Zoltan

MP3: ... of-God.mp3

Embedded Video:

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Submit Your Own Music For PS I Love You XOXO

Aug 23, '16, 6:03pm

What is up you beautiful bastards!?
Long timer/first timer here. I finally have a song to send your way. This is the first track to be released from our musical brain child, The Scilyrium Project, written by my wife and myself. We are both a couple of metal headed nerds, but this track just so happens to be what we're calling "Symphonic Indie Rock".
I performed drums/percussion and my wife played piano, sang and wrote the symphonic bits. I also mixed/mastered the track and edited the video. It would be absolutely kickass to hear a song of ours played on your wonderful podcast.
Thanks for listening and considering us. Cheers.
Be metal, and be geeky!

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Submit Your Own Music For PS I Love You XOXO

Aug 26, '16, 4:14pm

Hey guys, it's Justin from Coasting On Potential again. The response from the Kinda Funny community after you guys featured us at the beginning of July was incredible. Thank you to everyone that took the time to listen and watch our music video last time around, we sincerely appreciate the support we received.

I know it hasn't been long since we got featured, but August 21st marked our two year anniversary as a band. To celebrate, we released an acoustic version of the title track off our last EP. You can download this version of Onwards and Upwards for free over at our bandcamp, or just watch the YouTube video that I put together 10 minutes before posting this.

Finally, congrats on the new studio, that shit looks amazing.



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Re: Submit Your Own Music For PS I Love You XOXO

Aug 26, '16, 6:12pm

Hi Greg and Colin

This is Alessandro and I'm back with a new song called "PRETTY LADY". I dedicate it to my girl Liana who's a regular listener of the show and wanted to surprise her for her birthday!

You can find all my music at The shout out is genuinely appreciated. PS Ti Amo :kinda

Press the download tab to the right or get it here -->

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Submit Your Own Music For PS I Love You XOXO

Aug 28, '16, 9:13am

Hello Greg and Collin!

Hello from the UK where I live now(OI!), but I’m actually a transplant from San Jose/ San Francisco. Been a listener for many years of Beyond! and day 1 since Kinda Funny launched. Thanks for your years of service to the craft.

On to the topic at hand. I am the singer and multi instrumentalist for the band A Rocket Complex. We are a two piece band (me and a drummer) based on the south coast of the UK, and we play a happy combination of Alternative and Pop Rock. So far, we’ve done (mostly)everything ourselves here at ARC; from the writing, recording, artwork, and filming the music videos all from our little home studio and all just the two of us! (bar a little help with the mixing here and there) We’ve had a real “get up and go” attitude with our work so far. And now, after years of effort; the fruits of our labour are paying off!

Our music video for our song “You Are Here” is out today, and will be streamable when our new 4 track EP “A Wayward Constant” drops on September 23rd! The Ep will available on most online music stores to stream and purchase. The song is heavily themed around maps, travel, and movement; but has a deeper meaning underneath. In the music video we carry around a "You Are Here" style giant map pin to lots of different locations, which the words on it change as the song goes along. We’d like to submit that for your consideration and possible enjoyment for the Singing to Shuhei section!

Oh... and you’ll definitely want to stick around for the EP. One of the other tracks from the EP is a song about sex, but written from American Football terms and references. I think its funny… Kinda ;) You can follow the band on most social media @Arocketcomplex if you do end up liking the song and want to hear more.

Thanks for all you do for the Playstation Nation and keep up the great work!

-Will Powell

Youtube Link:
Soundcloud Link:

PS. I Love You, especially on Tuesdays 9am PST

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Submit Your Own Music For PS I Love You XOXO

Aug 30, '16, 6:42pm

What's up Colin and Greg! My name is Jason and I recently relocated to Columbus, Ohio from Chicago, IL after my wife and I had a daughter. The silver lining in leaving Chicago: being closer to my fellow bandmate who helped me form the electronic duo The Inbox a year earlier. This past week we just released our first EP 'This Side or the Other' and would feel honored to have it feature on PS I Love You xoxo.

Our project started out as a long distance back and forth... I'd send vocal ideas, he'd write beats to it and so on and so forth. Once we were in the same city, however, we decided to record an EP and the end result is something we're truly proud of and want to share with as many people as possible.

My wife works Tuesday's so I'm on Dad duties (no pun intended) all day. Considering my daughter is only six months and takes up all of my atention, your podcast provides that gaming break I need throughout the week. In any case, it would be cool to see our album art and hear our track "Agora" while feeding baby/watching the show. Regardless, keep up the fine work fellas and congrats on the new studio.

P.S. Greg... While Giordono's is certainly not the best pizza in Chicago, I'll definitely give it up to portillos. I lived in Lakeview for the past 7 years and had to hop on the L down to Onterio to get my fix.

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Re: Submit Your Own Music For PS I Love You XOXO

Sep 08, '16, 9:56pm

Hello Colin and Greg!
I'm a big fan of the show and everything else you all do at Kinda Funny!

My name is Kent and I am the drummer for a rock band from Nashville, TN called Vinyl Sunday. We just recently completed our first recordings together since our band was formed and would love to share a song called "Try To Move On" with all of the PS I Love You XOXO listeners/viewers! Our 4 song EP drops on Friday September, 16th on iTunes.

download link: ... cff6f9d0a7

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Submit Your Own Music For PS I Love You XOXO

Sep 09, '16, 6:39am

Hi Greg and Colin,

I've been listening to you both since way back in the Beyond days and would love to put forward a song from my new double a-side single for consideration for a future episode of PS I Love You xoxo. My Name's Rowan Dawes, I'm 35 and from Brighton, UK. Having released an indie/pop album with my band Sam and Me (very video game influenced, in case anyone happens to GAF) a few years ago, I'm now going it alone with a new solo project, 'Me'.

It's my first (and probably last) attempt at rapping (well, talking really), so it should be good for a chuckle, if nothing else...

The song is called 'First World Problems'.

Please find links below and no worries if you don't like it or don't wanna use it!

All the usual compliments/pleasantries,

Your best friend,


P.S. Resogun really is the fuckin' nuts, right? Got it at launch and still play most days... ... 1148664472
PSN - My_Robot_Hands
Twitter - @myrobothands
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Submit Your Own Music For PS I Love You XOXO

Sep 10, '16, 10:42am

Hey! I don't know if this counts or not, but this is my cousin's band. They just released a bluesey cover for Gnarles Barkley's "Crazy," and I think it's really good. They're not good at getting the word out there yet because they're a new band (this is their first single) but I figured I could help.

The band is Clyde Brown. They can be found on: facebook at as well as soundcloud at I hope you like them!

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Re: Submit Your Own Music For PS I Love You XOXO

Sep 12, '16, 4:08am

Hey guys,

It all started back in 2012 when I seriously decided to get back into games after a two year break. I was on the lookout to find a media outlet that would fill the void left by my non-gaming friends. After browsing the web I chose IGN, but the real reason for tuning in soon became Up At Noon and Podcast Beyond, so naturally, I followed you on Kinda Funny.

I'm part of a french hip-hop duo that goes by the name Fou Detective. At the core, we're a two man operation, just like you, with me writing the music, producing and playing the instruments while my buddy Versatyl writes the lyrics and performs. We also handle our visuals, music videos and communication ourselves. Stylistically, the band is halfway between US indie rock, britpop and french pop rap. Being 90's kids and all, we mix a lot of pop culture references, movies, tv shows and of course video games in our music.

We also love non-sequiturs and absurd humor such as literal translations. The name of our band, Fou Detective, is a literal translation of Hong Kong movie Mad Detective. Our sophomore LP ‘Lolcats’, coming out September 30th, has some as well, such as closer ‘Le dernier d'entre nous’, french for and heavily inspired by The Last of Us and our new single ‘Silencieuse Colline’, french for, you guessed it, Silent Hill. It deals with the serious issue of love tearing us apart.

And although you might not get all the subtleties of french wordplay, you may still appreciate the flow or even enjoy the music. And the music video of course - crafted with love

Love you guys

Keep up the great work!

PS: I'm still rooting for a Jet Set Radio comeback, but who knows, I may well be the last of us

Watch music video :
Download mp3 : ... e.mp3?dl=0

Listen to mp3:

Spotify : ... edium=open
Itunes : ... 1151089551
Deezer : ... medium=web

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Submit Your Own Music For PS I Love You XOXO

Sep 12, '16, 8:18pm


Please consider this selection... even though I'm not technically the artist, I did babysit for the artist multiple times! The song I am submitting for Singing to Shuhei is by my very good friend Jon (The Cattle Rustler). He is honestly the nicest, most humble guy in the world and his music is amazing. My wife recently finished a music video for his song Sugar & Honey. She shot the video over the course of a year, and it stars Jon's son from age 1 to 2.

He has two full albums which are free to download at

Music video:


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