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Re: Submit Your Own Music For PS I Love You XOXO

Nov 11, '16, 9:18pm

Hey guys,

First wanted to say, thanks for the content every week, this show is always a highlight. I'm part of a progressive metal instrumental band from Cleveland called Everyn (pronounced ever-in). We're currently working on a new EP and just released this track titled Nautilus. I worked hard to make a cool video from old nautical themed stock footage and I think it turned out great, so I encourage listeners to check that out if they like the song. All our music including our first EP can be found at Thanks again and send my regards to Shu.

your best friend,

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Submit Your Own Music For PS I Love You XOXO

Nov 14, '16, 10:24am

Hey, I'm Logan

Hope this doesn't hurt your ear holes.

Keep up the great work guys!

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Submit Your Own Music For PS I Love You XOXO

Nov 16, '16, 1:01pm

Hey guys, just wanted to say quick I love all your Kinda Funny shows and you guys back in the Beyond! days is what got me into podcasts as a whole.

My name is Ben and I recently finished a project under the name Indiana Solo where I experiment with a lot of different genres that makes up my musical background. I played every instrument on this album (for better or worse) and I'm pretty proud of it. The song I have for you guys is an instrumental inspired by LoZ: The Wind Waker (I know it's not Playstation but Gamescast doesn't have music). After playing the remastered version on the WiiU I wanted to make my own version of what I felt would be good "sailing music." The whole album is available at for $5. Thanks for checking it out and I hope you enjoy it!

Download: ... r.wav?dl=0

If you'd rather not do the Nintendo song, I also have a song called Better Days that's about working through hard times in your life and knowing that things are going to get better soon.

Download: ... s.wav?dl=0

Sorry for the long post just wanted to make sure I covered my bases.

Keep doing what you do ColinApproves ,

Leo the Lyon
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Nov 16, '16, 2:45pm

Hey guys, long time listener. Like very long time. Like me love you long time... anyways, I am a film student and rapper/songwriter who lives in Orange County so you could basically say we're neighbors. Dare I say best friends? My dream above all else though, is for you guys to choose my song for the Singin' to Shuhei segment. That would be some crazy ass shit! So I hope you guys pull some crazy ass shit and choose my song. Cause c'mon, who doesn't like a good ol meaningful, deep rap song? One last thing, thank you to all of you guys for being you and being the realest peeps out there!

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Submit Your Own Music For PS I Love You XOXO

Nov 17, '16, 9:51am

Hey Colin and Greg! Long time listener here! My name is Austin and I have a song that has been cooking in my brain since I saw the first trailer for The Last of Us. I finally put all my might into it and got it tracked! My hope in recording this song is to get everyone at naughty dog to hear it and use it for the trailer to the inevitable sequel to TLoU. Let's get this thing going, please listen to this song on bandcamp and share/tweet it to them and anyone you think could help get this song on the trailer. If you hear it during E3, you'll know it's for TLoU2. Thank you all so much! and P.S. I Love You all!!! XOXO

Here are the links to the bandcamp and youtube video.

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Submit Your Own GAME For PS I Love You XOXO

Nov 17, '16, 6:08pm

Hello Greg and Colin, I am a massive fan of Kinda Funny and the crew (including Lil Lola). I'm actually speaking out for the first time within the Kinda Funny community, so forgive me if I'm totally in the wrong place here. So first things first, I am aware that my submission is not Music, but rest assured I am prepared for the heaping pile of shit y'all will bestow upon me for that, but I just don't know where a good place to submit my Game would be. Thus brings me to my actual purpose here, my name is Jared and I am a solo developer based out of Houston, TX. For the past 10 months I have been hard at work on my biggest project to-date titled, "Oak". Here is a brief synopsis of the game-

After losing her son (Sam) in a sudden series of tragic events, Olivia embarks on a journey of a lifetime. Join her while she traverses the vast wilderness of Washington state in an attempt to mend the grief and spread Sam's ashes. However, there is something lurking in the woods... and it won't let Olivia overcome her troubles without a fight. Oak is a first person psychological thriller inspired by amazing games such as Everybody's Gone To The Rapture, and Gone Home.

The trailer is linked, along with the IndieDB page.

My dream is to get an interview with Sir Colin Moriarty and Greg Miller hear their critique of my work and answer whatever questions they may have. This industry is my passion, and I have worked relentlessly to improve my skills and potential within the community. It would be a dream come true to get an opportunity to discuss this project further, and any support is immensely appreciated.

Thanks for the hours of fun, insight, and discussion. I am always looking forward to content from KindaFunny. You are all something truly special (including Kevin portilloKevin ).

-Jared Brooks


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Submit Your Own Music For PS I Love You XOXO

Nov 20, '16, 8:00pm

Hey Gregg and Colin!
I'll try to keep this short as I tend to ramble when it comes to games and music. I'm a guitar player from New Mexico. I play in a local metal band, but this is something of side project for me. I wrote, performed, and programmed all the parts for this instrumental song as well as mixed it all myself. In all honesty I'm totally new to the whole home recording game and with my limited experience and limited budget I think I produced a decent tune. The quality is not the best but I worked incredibly hard on this song and the video and I hope that shows. This song is inspired by contemporary metal bands and has a bit of a prog-y vibe.
Well anyway here's to the scrappy little song that could.
Thanks for everything you guys do! You inspire me to work hard at my craft everyday.

AKA Keith Saavedra
Youtube: shyguitarguy87
Soundcloud: shyguitarguy
Instagram: shyguitarguy

(I fucked up! Here's the Bandcamp download link. Sorry guys. I hope this still gets noticed lol.)
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Armored Core Death Metal!

Nov 21, '16, 4:16am

Hello, Greg and Colin. Thanks so much for playing my Final Fantasy Tactics Death Metal song. I ask you yet again: Wouldn't you rather hear songs that have SOMETHING to do PlayStation on your PlayStation podcast? Of course, you would! Of course EVERYONE would! I got a whole bunch of comments (Like 10 of 'em) saying that they always skip Singing to Shuuhei, but not this time because they were DYING to listen to some mother-destroyin' Final Fantasy Tactics Death Metal. And you'll be interested to know that they all said that they were not disappointed. I'm telling you guys, PlayStation players NEED PlayStation Metal! So I offer a service to this community. Post...somewhere...I don't know where...maybe in the comments of the soundcloud file or the YouTube video of today's song, a PlayStation game you'd like to hear metalized and I'll make whatever is the most popular for you guys. That ought to tide you over until the VALKYRIE PROFILE DEATH METAL ALBUM COMES OUT, OH MY GOD! Music and lyrics are all done. Now I search for recruit-able musicians and record it. So look forward to that. Today, I bring you Armored Core Death Metal. It's frickin' amazing! Enjoy. I will see you all again.

The Legendary Zoltan


Embedded Video:
Here's EVERY PS1 RPG listed in order of release date. . . IN A RAP SONG! ... FsBr7ESzPM

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Re: Submit Your Own Music For PS I Love You XOXO

Nov 21, '16, 8:46pm

Hey lads!

My name is Tucker and I am the drummer of the Australian Hard Rock band, Survive The Furnace.

We just released a short album, which is free to anyone who wants to download it, called The Furnace EP. The songs are a mixture of Hard Rock and Metal music styles under the melody of a clean vocalist.

We are all gamers at heart and it would be great to hear our song on your podcast and hopefully you both (probably more Colin) will like it.

Much love,
Tucker. to download our EP for free

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Submit Your Own Music For PS I Love You XOXO

Nov 21, '16, 8:50pm

Hi guys! With Final Fantasy XV coming out soon I decided to do a cover of Omnis Lacrima from the soundtrack. I hope some of you guys like it on here! I love going through and seeing all the crazy cool songs everyone makes :D

All my other music is at

Download: ... etal-cover

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Re: Submit Your Own Music For PS I Love You XOXO

Nov 27, '16, 7:34pm

Hey, Colin and Greg. I was introduced to PS I Love You XOXO at the thanksgiving dinner table and I was pleased to hear you guys take viewer muscic submissions. Hope You guys like it! ... undeclared

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Submit Your Own Music For PS I Love You XOXO

Nov 28, '16, 9:00pm

Hello! I recently discovered PSILYXOXO and am loving every episode so far, Colin and Greg, you guys are hilarious and make my early work hours much more bearable.

I am a composer and aspiring game designer and have been making music for nearly two years, which I intend to include in my first game, and I hope I can share it with you and all the best friends on your show. A strong point for my music is that it was all made using LittleBigPlanet 3's sequencer tool, and what better music to play on your show, than music made with a Playstation game/console? I strongly hope you consider my song for an upcoming episode, or barring that, that you listen to and maybe enjoy it on your own time.

DL Link: ... llmMWV0OUE

(Pronounced SAW-no-rith)

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Submit Your Own Music For PS I Love You XOXO

Nov 30, '16, 9:54am

Hey Greg and Colin (or potential stand-in co-host),

I like what you guys do and for some reason I've decided to stick my neck out to see if you or any of the Best Friends like what my friends and I do. Beat Noir is a 4 piece alternative rock band with close ties to the Southern Ontario punk scene. The song below has been somewhat treated as the single off our second and newest LP if we were to ever have singles. Titled "Owen McCourt" after the Canadian hockey player who famously died as a result of a brawl during a game in 1907. Loosely inspired by Essex County, Jeff Lemire's masterful graphic novel collection, it is a song about hockey and growing up in Ontario.

Thank you,

MP3: ... 1.mp3?dl=0
Video: ...

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Submit Your Own Music For PS I Love You XOXO

Nov 30, '16, 2:52pm

What's up Colin and Greg?! Long time listener here and itchin' to have the classy Greg Miller read this message and help share this song with the world, but more importantly, share this song with Naughty Dog! You see, I'm just a young married man with his first child on the way and have the desire to support my new family by following my dreams and scoring the soundtrack or trailer music for video games! After playing The Last of Us a few years back, I decided to play my guitar to see where this masterpiece left my mind emotionally and this song is what finally churned out. Not only would I love to have this beautiful community listen to it but to share it with the best developers in the industry, Naughty Dog. Golly gee, it would make happiest little school girl to be contacted by them to have my song in their first trailer for The Last of Us 2! You can go to to download this song, it's called The Story of Ish. Tweet the link to it to @bruce_straley and @Niel_Druckmann to help out and ask them to email me at if they are interested. I bet if we flood their twitter feed with this offer, there's no way they could ignore it! I love you guys and keep up the sexiest work anybody has ever brought forth to the world!

From: Austin Killian

bandcamp link: []

youtube link: []

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Submit Your Own Music For PS I Love You XOXO

Nov 30, '16, 10:36pm

I didn't make this song personally but it was a very close friend of mine who didn't mind me sharing, his stage name is Playboi Carti and he sampled the playstation 2's start up theme and it's really cool if you enjoy rap

direct link: ... T&index=84

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Submit Your Own Music For PS I Love You XOXO

Dec 12, '16, 1:48pm

Hey Colin and Greg! (Wait for Colin's response) It's Chris Doerksen back again with another song. I wrote this one about the coming of winter, which took Winnipeg by storm (literally!) over the past few days. It's a simple acoustic track that I recorded and performed by myself over the past 48 hours. I hope you guys enjoy it, it's a simple tune about the woes of Canadian weather. Love you guys for all you do, Chris Doerksen

PS. It's pronounced Derksen. My best friend and I lost it listening to you guys try to pronounce it. Don't worry, you're not the first. :)


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Submit Your Own Music For PS I Love You XOXO

Dec 15, '16, 5:34am

Hey guys!

I've been a fan since the early days of Beyond. I was 18 when I had first listened to you all podcast, I am 24 now. (My, how time flies.) I distinctly recall being drawn to the podcast (Aside from the superb insight) because you always showcased great music with Ryan's wrap up, and I'm glad to see that you are keeping the tradition alive.
I'm primarily a guitarist, and I will be auditioning for Berklee College of Music in Boston this coming February. Wish me luck.
I know that Colin is a fan of the Megaman X series, so I thought it would be appropriate to submit a cover of the Spark Mandrill theme. I hope you enjoy.

Much love and continued support,

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Submit Your Own Music For PS I Love You XOXO

Dec 15, '16, 4:47pm

Hey Colin and Greg! It's Brock Cantrell, back with some new music. My band, The MOiDs, has finally released our first album, Earth's Finest, on all major digital platforms (i.e. iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, etc.) and we were hoping that you guys might feature our song, "City's On Fire". Included here is the YouTube link to the official music video and a download link to the song. Also, since all the best friends were so awesome to us last time, we would like to offer PS I Love You listeners 25% off our album on Bandcamp. Just type in the code 'kindafunny' (which is open until January 13, 2017) at checkout. As always, my brother Chase, my cousin Ryan, and I love what you do. Keep up the awesome work!

Download it here: ... zVHalJzMjQ

Social Media:
@TheMOiDs on Facebook and Instagram
@TheMOiDsBand on Twitter
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Submit Your Own Music For PS I Love You XOXO

Dec 16, '16, 2:33am

Hello Colin and Greg!

Greetings from Australia!

I've been listening and watching since the early days of Beyond at IGN, and it's great to see the two of you continuing to do what you love in your own space.

My band HighView has just released the first single off our upcoming EP and we are looking to expand our audience beyond this little island. We are a heavy rock outfit from a town called Canberra and we would be forever grateful if you would spin our tune on your fantastic show.

For those who enjoy the track, you can jump onto our soundcloud page and download it for free.

Side note, Colin has a keen ear for good music so I'm hoping he likes the song.

Thanks for your time, I hope Porty is fighting fit.


YouTube video and MP3:

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Submit Your Own Music For PS I Love You XOXO

Dec 19, '16, 9:49am

Hey guys, My name's Neko, pronounced like gecko, I'm from New York City and I play guitar, bass, and piano. I just released my first ever project, under the moniker Neko Q. It's an instrumental album titled "The Sky" that I recorded over the summer in my room on a laptop. I pretended I was writing the soundtrack to a summer day. This is the first track Sunset. If you dig it you can find "The Sky" on Spotify, Apple music, amazon, pretty much everywhere. Thanks guys, and keep up the great work. I love the podcast and have been a fan since beyond 140 something.

You can download it here, just click more: ... ts/the-sky

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