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Submit Your Own Music For PS I Love You XOXO

Dec 20, '16, 3:10pm

Hi Greg,

Gregg here! Long time first time.

My best friend Nevin Mychal Barton and I write music. Both of us play guitar, but he is the mastermind audio engineer who plays lead guitar in addition to programming drums, bass, synths, etc. Here is a track from two years ago called Interstellar, on the long-gestating but finally upcoming (in 2017) album.

You can find a handful of other tracks on SoundCloud at Nevin Mychal.

This is probably more up Colin's ally as we're metal/djent guys, but don't fret (no pun intended) - you might enjoy it too! :kinda

P.S. I work with Brian, Erin's sister's boyfriend, and he can vouch that I wear KF gear at least 4 out of 5 days a week while my other coworkers constantly ask 'What's with the smiley face on your clothes?'!

DOWNLOAD MP3 - ... r.wav?dl=0
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Submit Your Own Music For PS I Love You XOXO

Dec 24, '16, 3:44am

Wwwwhat's up C&G?

As a nod to the not-so-mainstream, I'd like to share my band with you all! We are a death metal (death-core for the genre saavy) band from Portland, Oregon.

"A World Without" is what we go by, and we have released a 7 song EP already; and currently working on a 13 track album for 2017. Find us on facebook at We are also on spotify and iTunes if anyone out there likes what they hear!


PS I Love Metal!

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Submit Your Own Music For PS I Love You XOXO

Jan 02, '17, 7:50pm

My name is Jason and I front for a band called Separation of Sanity here in Portland Oregon. I am a massive gamer and a huge fan of the Podcast. Been listening to Collin and Greg for years now as traffic in Portland is the worst and you two have honestly kept me sane. We dropped an Album this spring called "The Crucible". And I absolutely could not wait to share the new video on the Podcast. And when I say I couldn't wait, we just dropped the video tonight! Its on the heavy side but I think you guys will enjoy it. Please check out the video as its all hand drawn art by Jason Raines who set designs for the TV show "The Librarians." The album is everywhere digitally! I tend to play shooters with my favorite bands playing at mind-shearing volumes. Gaming is my life and I want to thank you both for the hours of info-tainment! Cheers!

Dropbox link: ... t.mp3?dl=0
YouTube link:

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Submit Your Own Music For PS I Love You XOXO

Jan 03, '17, 11:00pm

Hey Greg, C.J. here. Long time listener, first time posting on the forums here. Been working through FFXV (it will always be Versus 13 in my heart) after a painful 10 year long wait. I have a music project called Harrowgrove. It's 100% me (all the instruments, recordings) built from the ground up, my brainchild.
It's alternative trip-hop, kind of influenced by Nine Inch Nails, Massive Attack & Radiohead.
I think you guys would be pretty into it. It would be awesome for my song to make it on your podcast.
My website is



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Submit Your Own Music For PS I Love You XOXO

Jan 06, '17, 1:51am

Hi Grolin, Calum here. First time, long time yadda, yadda lets get to the facts.

Hit Reset! are a two piece metal band from Scotland. We formed at the tail-end of last year after the implosion of our old band. The song I am submitting is an updated version of one of our old songs. The song is called 'Next Semester' and is a meld of pop/punk and metal with some cheeky 8 bit sounds chucked in for good measure.

Our Current plan is to release a new cover on the 1st of every month over on our youtube. This gives us time to write and record our own material. So far we have covered Demi Lovato, Frozen, and the Ghostbusters theme... just for you Greg. You can find us on all social medias at hitresetuk.

Anyway enough plugging.

Hope you enjoy,
Calum and Elijah.


click buy now. it's still free!

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Submit Your Own Music For PS I Love You XOXO

Jan 10, '17, 10:05am

Hey everyone! Mike Dougherty here. I'm not good on computers but i really wanna get my music heard. Not to sure how to embed my video and everything. If anyone can help that would be cool. Hope you enjoy this track off my debut album "Rhythm of our Hearts". Peace and Love.

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Re: Submit Your Own Music For PS I Love You XOXO

Jan 11, '17, 11:03am

Hey Folks!

Been listening since episode one! Love the show and all that you do. I bought a vita after listening to just a couple episodes of PS I Love You XOXO, and it's all your fault. I love my Vita (And Colin, I encourage you to try Risk of Rain again). I always enjoy the great conversations you guys have, and look forward to the new episodes every week. I also make music, and just put out a couple new tunes in the new year! I don't play a lot of shows any more because I now have a child and a big boy Job. BUT... I got the urge to hop into the studio this past fall and record a couple chill tunes. This one is called Lost & Found.

Keep it up with the great content! Cheers from PEI, Canada.

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Submit Your Own Music For PS I Love You XOXO

Jan 12, '17, 2:38pm

What's up guys! I was hoping you would be able to play my bands song, We're 3 dudes from St.louis, MO and we play pop-punk with a (we think) unique spin on the genre. Haven't submitted a song since "Ryan's wrap up" days, so I figure I'd give it another try!

Keep fucking that OLED Vita mystery port!

Much love,

Soundcloud download - ... he-skyline
Youtube link -

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Submit Your Own Music For PS I Love You XOXO

Jan 13, '17, 10:51am

Hey guys, long time listener here, (since the Beyond days,) but it's my first time writing in. I am in a two piece indie rock Scottish band called Neon Suicide and we have just released our debut EP, titled 'This Is What's Happenin'.' We are both big fans of Kinda Funny and would love to get a shout out and a song played on the podcast. I have linked the last song from the EP, it's called, 'Better The Devil You Know,' and we really hope you enjoy.

Cheers guys, all the best! :kinda

MP3 can be downloaded here: ... l-you-know

Youtube link:

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Re: Submit Your Own Music For PS I Love You XOXO

Jan 17, '17, 2:23pm

Listening to the KindaFunny crew over the years, among other people, speak their truth un-repentantly has helped me remember myself, learn some new things and realize that you can (and must) speak your truth at all times. Just some casual fun, with my skillset and a friend. Don't feature it, just a listen is more than enough. Long live Libertalia.

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Submit Your Own Music For PS I Love You XOXO

Jan 18, '17, 1:28pm

Hey KF crew!

While I'm finishing up my degree, I'm using my off-time to produce electronic music, most of which is inspired by video game soundtracks and UK electronic artists ("OY GUVNA!"). Here is the link to the soundcloud, with downloads enabled, for a song I made recently called "Ritual". Thanks for making the oh-so-isolating life of University bearable for me! Also, credit to my brother Matt for playing the double bass.

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Submit Your Own Music For PS I Love You XOXO

Jan 21, '17, 8:53am

Hey Guys,

Love the show, love you both. My name's Mike and I'm the drummer for the band John E Funk and The Skunks. We're a funk-rock band based out of Boston, MA and have been together since 2013. The song I'm posting is called Debbie, off our third album. We are also on Spotify and iTunes. Thanks so much for all you do.

P.S. - My 24th birthday is on the 24th of January which just so happens to be this Tuesday! Would love to hear my band on the podcast ON my birthday!

Facebook -
Website -
MP3 -


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Submit Your Own Music For PS I Love You XOXO

Jan 22, '17, 1:35pm

Hi Colin and Greg! (And Kevin if your there)

Long time listener, and big fan of your work.

I've been waiting for the best opportunity to submit my song for Singing to Shuhei, and the time is now!

I manage "Mile High City" an upcoming indie-rock band from the south east of England, (Don't say "Oi), and we have recently released two singles to the world for free!
Here is our debut single "Back Of The Wall" , we love it and we hope you do too!

Download - ... f-the-wall

Our debut album "Playing With Matches" will be released world wide on iTunes, Amazon etc on 10th Feb. In the mean time, you can download "Back Of The Wall" and our second single, "Stella' for free from

You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube! Just search for Mile High City

Thanks for listening, and we hope you enjoy our music!

Kris, Charlie, Chris, Ryan and Tom (Mile High City)

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Submit Your Own Music For PS I Love You XOXO

Jan 23, '17, 8:00pm


It is Sonorith once again, and I've come to bring you another one of my unique works. But first; Colin, Greg, keep up the great work! Your opinions on trophies echo thoughts I've had myself, and I hope that whatever consulting you do can improve the state of PS trophies as a whole. I also appreciate your discussion on toilet paper, but some coworkers were giving me funny looks because you're too damn funny.

I hope you and the other best friends enjoyed my previous song, Bludgeondary, because if you did, then you're sure to enjoy Contra-Conserve. This song, like the last one, is made in LittleBigPlanet 3 and is to be featured in my game, called Poli and the Creatures.

I learned my lesson this time and included the youtube link! ENJOY!

Download link: ... mdBUTVRU3c

Your best best friend,

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Submit Your Own Music For PS I Love You XOXO

Jan 25, '17, 6:26pm

Hey Kinda Funny Fam! I have been a long time listener, since the beyond days, my first episode being the one where you set up Goldfarb on a date with a girl during the episode! anyways, I am a indie musician who has been making music for a few years now. I make electronica music by myself as a fun hobby. I want to submit my song called PLATINUM, it came out two years ago and it is still one of my favorites that I have done. I put a lot of love into this song and I hope you like it. You guys can check me out at DLFI standing for DON'T LET FAILURE IN, which is something I live and stand by. Do not let failure stop you from your dreams and goals in life! Thank you for all that you guys do!

Download link here!

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Submit Your Own Music For PS I Love You XOXO

Jan 31, '17, 1:26pm

Hey Greg and Colin,

I'm "Powell Not Found" and I would like to submit the title track from my newest album, THE BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT, for "Sing it to Shuhei!"

Earlier this month, I released the album on Bandcamp for FREE and am looking for some shameless promotion--if you have any to spare. I recorded this album in Hoboken, NJ in a prewar apartment--at the behest of my landlord--and would appreciate a play. Keep up the good work, guys!

You can find the album on Spotify, iTunes, and most places that sell music. And you can find Powell Not Found on the following places:

TWITTER: @powellnotfound

LINK: ... -the-doubt

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Submit Your Own Music For PS I Love You XOXO

Feb 01, '17, 1:21am

So this week, not only do I have my question read, but more importantly I hear these smooth velvety tones coming into my ears. So I did what needed to be done.

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Re: Submit Your Own Music For PS I Love You XOXO

Feb 01, '17, 9:49pm

Hey Colin and Greg! You totally played my "Last of Us" themed song that I submitted a couple months back, thank you so much! It was crazy to wake up to a bunch of notifications on my phone of all the wonderful, positive comments people left on my song! I am back with another song submission. This is a very special song to me. I recorded this about 5 years ago and no one has ever heard it until now. It's called "Interrogation." I wrote and recorded it in 3 hours on the only method of recording I had at the time, a multi track app on my iPod Touch. It's raw, full of emotion, and every part recorded was in one take. I hope you all appreciate it just as much as I have for all these years. You can download it at for free, or if you really like it and wanna support me, you can pay whatever you want as well. And if I may, could I pimp out a podcast I started doing with some friends of mine called "The BoomerAang Squad?" This is a podcast going through each episode of the wonderful cartoon show, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and talking about everything we love about this show in depth. If that sounds like your jam or you just want more noise in your ears during your morning commute to work, you can find it on Itunes and download the latest episodes with future episodes coming out bi weekly. Thanks so much for all you do, your internet pal, Austin Killian.

Bandcamp link:

Youtube link:

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Submit Your Own Music For PS I Love You XOXO

Feb 02, '17, 2:59am

hey, long time listener from England here, I just wanted to submit for your consideration my first track which I recently made in collaboration with a great producer.

It's a fun, silly rap song about drinking which is a subject close to my heart.

I have written raps and songs for years but this is the first time I have released one so as you can imagine it's difficult finding ways and means of distributing my work, so if you could play this on your show that would be a great start for me.

Thank you so much, I love you xoxo
Andy G

PSN: ShortyThaGame

Artist: Don Goliath (producer) Featuring Andy G (Rapper)
Title: All about me beer.

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Re: Submit Your Own Music For PS I Love You XOXO

Feb 02, '17, 6:45pm

Name: Fabersoul
MSG: I know you guys jumped ship on Game of Thrones but im sure the westerosi in you can still enjoy this game of thrones rap. valar morghulis Greg and Colin "bullish, ubiquitous, dichotomy" Moriarty.

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