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Archived Questions

Sep 27, '15, 9:42am


PS I Love You XOXO Questions Archive

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Archived Questions

Sep 27, '15, 9:57am

I guess I'll start...

Hey guys, congratulations on the new show!
What's it like to have a number one podcast with zero episodes? Must be pretty awesome... Is this a part of your new business strategy going forward? It seems like it could be quite lucrative with the right execution...

(P.S. First ever viewer question HYPE)

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Re: PS I Love You XOXO Questions

Sep 27, '15, 9:59am

Hey guys, congrats on getting this new show started. I was a long time Beyond! fan and it's great to see you back to your roots.

What is biggest feature or change on the PS4 you want Sony to implement in a future firmware update? (other than PSN name change ;))

PS I love you XOXO,
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PS I Love You XOXO Questions

Sep 27, '15, 10:09am

Insomniac Games is developing a remake of the first Ratchet & Clank to be released with the animated movie of the same story. Do you think that we could get a remake of the first Sly Cooper to be released with the upcoming Sly movie in a similar way? Possibly even from Sucker Punch?

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PS I Love You XOXO Questions

Sep 27, '15, 10:17am

Dear Colin and Greg,

I really loved Robotech: Battlecry. Can you please talk to Shu and get a remake of that for next gen consoles? I assume you two have that kind of pull.

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PS I Love You XOXO Questions

Sep 27, '15, 10:20am

Hey, guys! It's pretty obvious that a sequel to The Last of Us is being made, regardless of the apparent snafu made by Josh Scherr on the Uncharted livestream. When do you think is a likely date for this game to come out? Also, what do you think it'll be called? The Last of Us 2 doesn't really have a ring to it, so do you think there will be a subtitle or a whole new name?

Thanks for everything you do, and good luck with this new show! I love you!!!
- Jack Martin (aka Letterbomb304)
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PS I Love You XOXO Questions

Sep 27, '15, 10:21am

Hey guys! Super excited to see where you take this show!

My question is simple, what PlayStation franchises do you think have the best chance of being resurrected? Personally I don't think we've seen the last of Jak & Daxter or PlayStation All Stars.

Thanks for everything you do! :)

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PS I Love You XOXO Questions

Sep 27, '15, 10:22am

How do you feel about Playstations lineup this year? What do you hope of next years line up? :kinda

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PS I Love You XOXO Questions

Sep 27, '15, 10:26am

Hey Colin and Greg, I'm so excited for PS I Love You! I know it'll be great, just like the rest of your content. When do you think we'll finally get an announcement about what Sony Bend has been working on? Thanks!

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PS I Love You XOXO Questions

Sep 27, '15, 10:27am

Greetings and salutations, gentlemen. Now that you guys have had some hands-on time with the Uncharted Collection, has the gameplay been upgraded alongside the graphics? Specifically the gunplay of Drake's Fortune compared to that of the second and third titles? Thanks and glad to see you two back at it.



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Re: PS I Love You XOXO Questions

Sep 27, '15, 10:37am

Simple question - what are most looking forward to / expecting from Playstation in 2016? Specific games? VR? PSN Name Changes? Price Drop?

In the holiest Shuhei's name,

So say we all.
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Re: PS I Love You XOXO Questions

Sep 27, '15, 10:52am

Hey Colin and Greg,
Congrats on the new show and topping the charts on iTunes without actually having to post a single episode yet. The love and support this community continues to show will never cease to amaze me. My question for you this week is this:

At EGX 2015, a KF fan went up to mic, and asked Shuhei Yoshida what was going on with Sony Bend. Shu has confirmed it exist, and they are working on a unannounced game.... not much info, but what do you think they are working on, and what do you want them to be working on?

Link to the video:
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Re: PS I Love You XOXO Questions

Sep 27, '15, 10:58am

Next Sly Cooper game? And thoughts on the franchise in general. It's the first exclusive Sony game I had and it made me a lifetime fan and consumer of the whole Sony ecosystem.
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Re: PS I Love You XOXO Questions

Sep 27, '15, 11:16am

Hey guys!

My question is do you ever think the PS Vita memory cards will permanently drop in price? What price do you think they should be? I love my Vita but its the one thing stopping me from buying lots of games on the system as I can't afford the space!

Thanks Lucy ... PS I LOVE YOU XOXO!! xD

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Re: PS I Love You XOXO Questions

Sep 27, '15, 11:38am

What's up Colin & Greg?!

First off, congratulations on the already successful new show with zero episodes! In behalf of all the best friends, and I think I can say that, we are more than excited to see how this show develops and wish you guys all the best.

Now to my question, the year is almost over and the PlayStation 4 is nearing its second anniversary already in just a couple months. Now, do you think the PS4 put up a good show in these last two years and to what extent did your expectations all around the PS4 get real?

Thanks and I wish you a great start!

PS: I love you! XOXO
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PS I Love You XOXO Questions

Sep 27, '15, 1:07pm

Hey Colin and Greg! You guys rock, and I'm super excited about the new podcast.
Since this is a Playstation centric show, what kind of game do you guys think Sony Bend and Santa Monica are working on? i.e God of War, New IP, Syphon Filter.
P.S I love you XOXO

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PS I Love You XOXO Questions

Sep 27, '15, 3:03pm

Wagwan chaps!

Long time listener, first time caller - looking forward to your new PS-based shenanigans.

What do you think it will take for Morpheus/PSVR to become a success (generate hype/become a "must have" peripheral and, of course sell!)

Good luck guys

...P.S - I love you XOXO

(Jon from London - Oi!) :kinda

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Re: PS I Love You XOXO Questions

Sep 27, '15, 3:09pm

I'm sure this will be covered closer to the actual event, but predictions for Playstation Experience 2015?

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Re: PS I Love You XOXO Questions

Sep 27, '15, 7:36pm

Hi Colin & Greg,

Call me crazy, but I'm excited about VR! The potential is there, the early previews have been promising, and it won't be long before we're halfway through 2016 and PlayStation VR is now available for all. Early feedback suggests the best experiences are the ones that are built from the ground up for VR, not existing games that have VR support patched in.

Given this, my question / concern is does Sony have enough resource to meaningfully support both PSVR and non-VR PS4 with a steady supply of first party titles? It is easy to imagine them going all-in on VR at the expense of base PS4, and it is equally easy to imagine them being tentative with VR instead (ie "another Move" situation). But across all their first party studios, and some key third party partners, how might Sony balance both these distinct needs to ensure success?

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PS I Love You XOXO Questions

Sep 27, '15, 10:40pm

Hey Colin and Greg,
Just wondering what your thoughts were on this years collection on PS+ games?

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