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PS I Love You XOXO Questions | January 3

Jan 02, '17, 4:19pm

Happy New Year! Colin and Greg,

I'm having to replace my DualShock 4 every 6 months because of L3 stick issues, which stops my character in game from sprinting. Sometimes he does then immediately stops. As a multiplayer FPS guy playing games like Destiny, COD, Titanfall 2 etc. this has become an annoying problem. Why are these controllers so poorly made?

If these controllers aren't meant for FPS play styles, can we at least get an official premium controller. Which looks exactly like a DualShock 4 with metal pieces, metal paddles on back and rubber grip. I want a DualShock 4 that immediately feels quality, as soon as I pick it up. I'm tired of these plastic controllers breaking every 6 months on me. How do you sponsor COD world league and not have your own pro controller, really missing out on good marketing too.

Please Shu.

Thank you,
Wishing 2017 be even better than last, for Kinda Funny and the best friends,
Love you all, Chives from EastEnd LI.

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PS I Love You XOXO Questions | January 3

Jan 03, '17, 5:30am

What's up Colin? What's up Greg?
Happy Ye Ole New Year.
You guys are amazing! I started listening to you about two months ago, and Kindafunny's become my new addiction. I listen to you almost every morning, I've started donating to Patreon, and my girlfriend now hates me the second I play an thanks.
I wanted to ask you about something you all brought up during the PSX: the Vita. I know you hate questions like "should I buy a Vita?," so I'll try to steer away from that, but Tim's boo's to non-Vita owners still haunt my dreams. Greg, you said at the show there's a point when we've all been lost in the woods and you even asked someone in the audience when they saw the light in regards to the Vita.
What is the light? How do I get out of the woods? I'm an early adopter for every major Sony console (even the Pro...wait for Colin's eye roll) since I got my first PS as a gift, but I've never payed any mind to the Vita.
I don't want to be convinced to buy one, but I do want to know, what the Vita adds to the gaming landscape. What have I been ignorant of when it comes to the Vita? I ask you because I really trust your opinions and seem to share the same thoughts as you most of the time.
You may have talked about this in a previous podcast, but I have many, many, MANY old episodes to go through, so let's live in the now and not look back. Help me see the light?
Thanks for any thoughts you want to share. Please keep it up. Please never die.

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PS I Love You XOXO Questions | January 3

Jan 03, '17, 8:24am

Hi Colin and Greg,

I recently won a PS4 slim bundle at a work Christmas Party (Super lucky right?). After listening to the show I knew I was going to buy one anyways but now I can use the money for games. The bundle came with Uncharted 4 and I haven't played any of the other Uncharted games. My question is to play games like Uncharted 4, Infamous Second Son, God of War, or any sequels or later iterations of games in a series, should I go back and try to play through a back catalog of games I've missed? I bought Ratchet and Clank and I'm loving it but I feel like there is a lot I'm missing out on. Thoughts or recommendations?

PS. I bought I Am Mayo and platinumed it, sorry Colin. portilloDismissed

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PS I Love You XOXO Questions | January 10

Jan 03, '17, 9:26am

Hey guys, wanted to know your thoughts on Gamestop's publishing label GAMETRUST's signed developers? Here's the breakdown:

Insomniac Games - Song of the Deep
Frozenbyte - Trine series
Ready At Dawn - The Order 1886
Tequila Works - Deadlight & RIME

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PS I Love You XOXO Questions | January 10

Jan 03, '17, 10:14am

Hey there, I'm a 30 YO child who has been listening to you two blather on for years. Thanks for everything.

Quick thought about sluggish game sales in the AAA space. As a dude with limited time on my hands I can probably play around 10-15 games a year. Outside of a few premium AAA franchises (Metal Gear, Fallout, Uncharted, hopefully Horizon) I don't feel the need to buy games the day they come out. Over the holidays I picked up 11 games for an average price of around 15$. These games are all as good as, if not better than they were on release day and I saved 50-75%.

(Aging demographic and shifting priorities) + (increased supply of games and a slower rate of advancement in the industry) = Less incentive to pay full price on day one. Thoughts?

- John

Games I bought just for reference:

Mad Max
Just Cause 3
Far Cry 4
Darkest Dungeon
Witcher DLC
Hitman First Season
Tales from the Borderlands
Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

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PS I Love You XOXO Questions | January 10

Jan 03, '17, 11:13am

What's up Colin and Greg,

This isn't a question, but I just wanted to share a PS4 feature that you guys, and many others may not know about. I often hear Colin complain when a game doesn't let you map the buttons to your liking. Well I'm hear to tell you that you can map your buttons from the PS4's settings. Simply just go to Settings>accessibility>button assignments. From here you can change the controls to your liking even if a game doesn't let you.

Just thought that was something that could
Help some people out. Keep up the great work :D.

Mr Luz1978
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PS I Love You XOXO Questions | January 10

Jan 03, '17, 11:56am

Hi Colin and Greg,

Love your work, I am a long time listener but this is my first question. I have had every PlayStation model since PS1, even the dreaded Vita TV, this generation I have had a PS4, a slim and now a PS4 Pro!! My question for you is simple, don't you think it would be a great idea for Sony to reward their most loyal fans by awarding PSN trophies, skins, avatars etc based on the different models of PlayStation you have owned. Surely something not too hard to impliment with a one time code included with each console etc. This way the discerning Vita owner could stand out from the crowd on PSN and the long time PlayStation supporters could get the kudos they rightly deserve etc...

Thanks for reading and here's to 2017 being a great year for PlayStation and of course Kinda Funny.. :-)
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Re: PS I Love You XOXO Questions | January 10

Jan 03, '17, 11:56am

Greetings Greg and Colin,

Why is sexual content a sensitive subject for people in video games? When Watch Dogs 2, two guys were banned for posting a nude woman from the waist down. We are desensitized to killing in games and has become a standard in many shooters and other genres but why is sex such a big deal? God Of War, Dante's Inferno, and Heavy Rain all have nudity. We're all here because people had sex but as soon as it's in a game, people freak out. Also, the sexual content in games isn't anywhere near as graphic as porn. Seeing as this will be read by the time Episode 69 airs, I figured this topic would be right. I'd love to know your thoughts.

Thank you for all and I wish guys the best for 2017!

Javier, From Florida

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PS I Love You XOXO Questions | January 10

Jan 03, '17, 1:18pm

I would like to thank you before for reading this if it gets put on the show. So thank you. My question(s) is this. Due to the fact that this is a new year, what games are you two looking forward to the most whether they are releasing in the near future or far, far away? Second question...... what new foods will you be trying out if you two travel that you haven't tried yet?

Thank you once again and hope you guys have a great week and keep up the great work.

P.S. I've been watching you two since the IGN era.

#PSILoveYouXOXO #TeamFat #MightyMoriarty

J. "The Stray"

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PS I Love You XOXO Questions | January 10

Jan 03, '17, 1:24pm

Hey guys,
I am about to jump into the metal gear saga and was hoping for some advice from an expert like greg, what order should i play the games, and which ones can i watch on youtube? I have had mgs4 forever and im about to finally buy 5. Also do I need to play revengeance or any other spinoffs?


PS I love the show

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Re: PS I Love You XOXO Questions | January 10

Jan 03, '17, 1:30pm

Hey guys, glad to have you all back in the studio!

My question needs a little background: I've seen a number of gamers asking why many developers are going towards having female leads in their stories (Horizon for example.) They argue it is harder for men to relate to a female character, and since the gamer audience is mostly male, developers should focus on male leads.

As a lady myself, I don't quite get the argument, since I don't struggle to relate to most male characters. I'm curious, have either of you ever felt like you couldn't relate to a female game protagonist? Does gender even matter? I guess I'm of the opinion that the character's goals, morals and relationships matter more to me than their gibbly bits.


It all began with a Nintendo 64 in 1996...
Now I'm all about that Playstation Nation/PCMR.


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PS I Love You XOXO Questions | January 10

Jan 03, '17, 3:54pm

Hey guys!
(Wait for Colin to light up a FAT BLUNT)

So I just beat Inside and holy crap. For the longest time, I thought Journey was the best indie available on PlayStation, but I think Inside now takes the cake. Game of the year IMO. What do you guys think? Is the best indie Inside, Journey, or something else?

Thanks for all the great content, you make my daily commute through the meth-wastelands of central Indiana more bearable.

- Ethan "rhymenoceros_" Krieger

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PS I Love You XOXO Questions | January 10

Jan 03, '17, 4:00pm

Hey you guys,

Hope all is well!
Anyways, what is up with a Ni No Kuni remaster for the PS4?!
It has to be in the oven or at least on the menu, right?

Thanks brothers,

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PS I Love You XOXO Questions | January 10

Jan 03, '17, 4:15pm

Hey Colin and Greg! First things first. You guys are number one and seriously make my work days so much better when I can listen to your beautiful voices and the rest of the Kinda Funny crew. Now for the real reason I'm writing. After weeks of searching and calling every store I could think of in the Modesto, San Diego and the Bay areas, I finally found a PlayStation VR in stock and immediately jumped in my car and drove 2 hrs to buy it. I don't think I've been this excited for gaming hardware in a long time. I got home and had it set up and running faster than you could say "PlayStation VR". I then spent the next 6 hrs playing (which I highly recommend not doing). After messing with the different demos and free experiences I was left wondering what's next. It's incredible technology but now I've run out of free stuff to play on it. I was wondering if you guys had a top 5 games I need to play on PlayStation VR?
Thank you guys for the awesome shows!
~Garrett "BREAKINGprime" Morlang

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PS I Love You XOXO Questions | January 10

Jan 03, '17, 7:58pm

What up Colin and Greg?! (Wait for Greg to respond or not)
What happened to the donation of ps vitas that people weren't using? I'd like one. Thanks.
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PS I Love You XOXO Questions | January 10

Jan 03, '17, 8:00pm

Playstation: RequiredTrophies/Necessary easy platinum segment ?
Hey Colin!

I am writing to you specifically here because I have a game/trophy suggestion that you in particular simply MUST play and platinum. The game: Portal 2. Before you (understandably) go running for the hills, I would like to mention a couple things that are crucial to know.
1. The game is dystopian in nature
2. The platinum is easy at 20 hours MAX with NO missables
3. You taught me the importance of gathering political news from sources that I may not necessarily agree with. Similarly, playing and platinum-ing this truly amazing game allows players a chance to fully embrace the challenge and experience one of the last generation's greatest games.
4. Most importantly, the trophies are constructed beautifully

Thank you for all of your hard work - each and every member of team. Not enough words or dollars in the world could fully express how much your work means to me and so many others.

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Re: PS I Love You XOXO Questions | January 10

Jan 03, '17, 9:57pm

THIS IS JUST UTTERLY UNEXCEPTIONABLE! For two months in a row, Sony (in all their wisdom) has decided it's absolutely fine to choose PS Plus games, that are available for the both the PS4 and Vita, THAT HAVEN'T EVEN PAST CERT YET ON THE VITA VERSION! Last month this was the case with Color Guardians, and this month, Shuhei decided to pull down my pants, tickle my butt cheeks and release his godly power against my loving Vita owner arsehole once again, with Titan Souls and Day of the Testicle Remastered. I know this isn't the case for the North American versions, but is an everyday struggle us PAL Vita lovers must endure. WHAT... are you're thoughts on the situation, AND... is this acceptable? ColinSure
Thanks so much,
Joel (from Sunshine Coast, Australia).

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Re: PS I Love You XOXO Questions | January 10

Jan 03, '17, 11:23pm

Hi Colin and Greg,

I love the podcast. Your hard work and dedication towards it is very impressive and appreciative.

I have two questions.

1. If Naughty Dog had the extra time and resources to remaster Uncharted 1, 2, and 3 and make each game look as graphically photo-realistic as Uncharted 4, would you want them to do that? This would be in addition to the development of The Last of Us Part II and any new IP's. Or, would you want Naughty Dog to be done with Uncharted forever after The Lost Legacy comes out?

2. I love playing great single player campaigns. My favorites this year have been Rise of the Tomb Raider, Gears of War 4, and DOOM. Even after completing the campaigns, I usually replay them several times. However, recently I have not been replaying many single player campaigns. Instead I have spent more time on the multiplayer. I wish I had more of that desire to replay the single player campaigns again more often. Have you guys been in this situation? I compare it to watching my favorite Jim Carrey movie, The Mask. I will never get bored of this movie. Each time I've watched it, I've always enjoyed it, even though I knew what would happen in it. But why is it different with single player video games? I'd like to get your thoughts.

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Re: PS I Love You XOXO Questions | January 10

Jan 04, '17, 2:23am

Shalom Collin and Greg (please give Collin his time to answer)
I've wanted to ask you guys a question that came up to me after you guys talked about rise of the tomb raider in the last show.
I loved 2013's tomb raider and collected every single collectible, but rottr for some reason didn't catch me, sure it had nice puzzles and fun sequences but after a little while I just wanted to finish this game for the sake of finishing it, and I didn't get what was wrong.
After some thinking I realized that although it's gameplay had stayed the same, my expectations for game design has changed in the last couple of years, and rottr's game design to me is awful.
Everything you collect only helps you get minor changes to your weapons, which are powerful enough a few hours into the game, or doesn't give you anything (and getting it isn't really a challenge, just spamming the chingi lingi vision) .
While there are games like dark souls that don't present a map of collectibles, but just has a ton of optional items you can get, that you probably want to get, and will have a hard time getting them.

In short my question is
Do you guys think rottr's type of collecting stuff for the sake of collecting is a game design flaw, compared to the likes of the soulsborne series where there aren't collectibles, but actual stuff that make you want to go off the beaten path and are challenging to get?

Thanks for everything and stay awesome!

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PS I Love You XOXO Questions | January 10

Jan 04, '17, 5:19am

Hey Grolin,
First time, long time.
What is everyone's problem with the free games from Plus? Is it some mystery to these complainers the caliber of games that come with Plus? No, it shouldn't be but yet month after month the blog post comments are filled with how shit Plus is and how they are not resubscribing. I look at it this way, I am really paying to be online and the games are a bonus. One or two games need to hit with me in a year for me for Plus to be justified. I would never complain about a shit month because next month there can be Rocket League or Guacamelee.
PS: Remember when we could vote on what games came to Plus? That didn't last long.

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