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PS I Love You XOXO Questions | January 10

Jan 04, '17, 5:38am

Hey Greg and Colin,
Long time fan been listening since beyond, keep up the good work. My question is to Colin regarding this all digital future he says will be happening (which I agree with), and that digital games are cheaper (which I don't agree with). That might be the case in the US but here in the UK digital prices are significantly more then say buying online from Amazon or waiting a few weeks and buying in store, with that in mind do u think your stance on a all digital future is closed minded because you only take into consideration the US market. P.S download speeds suck here also. P.P.S when is there going to be a price cut on vita memory card and ff15 is overrated #colinwasright. Regards Shane F.

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PS I Love You XOXO Questions | January 10

Jan 04, '17, 9:48am

Re: Forgotten PlayStation game

Oi! Greg & Colin

I have a cracking candidate for forgotten PlayStation game of the week… Silent Bomber. Released in 1999 for PS1. Developed by CyberConnect & published by Bandai & Studio3 (thanks WikiPedia).

I have vague recollections of you joking about the action bomber-man game that needs to happen. This was that game.

The story was serviceable but pretty cliché, even in 1999, so I won’t bore you with it. However, the gameplay got it hooks in me pretty deep. It plays like a twin-stick shooter that forgot about the second stick and my god was it good.

I’ve just tracked down a used copy as the urge to dive back in has been nagging at me for months. It still holds up but would benefit from a polish. If Housemarque ever did something similar to this then I and a lot of twin-stick shooter fans would be very happy bunnies.

Keep up the damn fine work gentlemen.

- Zilla101

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PS I Love You XOXO Questions | January 10

Jan 04, '17, 12:02pm


My iron stomach is starting to get nervous.

I'm one of the lucky ones blessed with very little (if at all) negative effects as a result of locomotion.

I turn on all the "smooth" turning options (screw that degree turning) for my VR games and even play all my first person non VR games in the largest cinematic mode possible.

I feel there is no better way to immerse myself and absolutely love the way this feels.

But I seem to be a small percentage. Most users report nausea when attempting experiences like this (i.e. RE7). I'm nervous that I represent too small a minority of the gaming population to keep developers making these types of experiences. I don't want to see the "smooth" controls go away in lieu of degree controls or periscoping when I turn. This breaks the immersion for me.

Question: Should I be worried more developers won't go this full immersion route on future games?

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PS I Love You XOXO Questions | January 10

Jan 04, '17, 12:12pm

PlayStation Platinum Headset?

Hey Greg and Collin,

With the upcoming release of the PlayStation Platinum Headset, I have been debating upgrading from my Gold Headset. I am no audio wizard, but the main difference seems to be the inclusion of 3D audio. 3D audio seems like it will have support similar to the level of 4K. Some games will support it, but most will not.

How do you guys prefer to have your gaming audio delivered to your ear holes? I love gaming with headsets. This allows me to focus in on some audio that I normally miss sending audio through my TV. I can also tune out the world and really focus on the game.

Thanks for the hours of entertainment

PS I know Tim is crazy about his sound quality with music, does he feel the same when it comes to gaming? Also, I love you.

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PS I Love You XOXO Questions | January 10

Jan 04, '17, 12:27pm

I'm afraid I'll have to be the bearer of bad news (ignore Colin). The Last Guardian has been delayed again. Everyone who ever had a copy has turned up dead and has had marks on their homes saying, "You have been marked for termination, praise the Damon and ye shall be saved," but nobody did. Now they'll all die. Beneath the message is a pentagram with Phil's dick picks in the center. My 2 year old son Phil.

My question? I was wondering if you would agree that him and Kaz were plotting with the lizard people to begin their new world order as the prophet, Alex Jones, warned us about. Honestly it's not that hard for me to believe anymore. I saw this cat. It was my cat. It was dry humping a toaster. So was I.

PS: Some guy named Jacky T just shot the cat. Don' worry though. It wasn't a cat. It was just my two year old son. All is well.
This is Jacky T. I just fucked a squirrel.
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PS I Love You XOXO Questions | January 10

Jan 04, '17, 12:27pm

Trophy time question:
Heya boys,
First off, I hope you all had a lovely holiday, thank you very much for all the pre-recorded content to get me through the end of the year. I very much enjoyed it.

You may have spoken on this before, and if you have I apologize - What are your thoughts on earning trophies with techniques such as rubber bands on your sticks and leaving the game running while your character runs or drives around?

Personally I don't see how you can be proud of getting a platinum that you didn't really play the game to get. Obviously all the trophies count the same whether you "earned" them or not, but I wonder why people bother to get the platinum in the first place if they're not going to actually play the game but instead use techniques like rubber bands (Then again people bought My Name is Mayo to get platinums... so what the fuck do I know?).

Looking forward to year 3, I'm hoping I can even get to KFL 3 to finally meet you all and the best friends.


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PS I Love You XOXO Questions | January 10

Jan 04, '17, 3:40pm

Hey Colin and Greg!

I'm wondering if you think there's any possibility of GTA V getting PS4 Pro improvements. I looked around and there doesn't seem to be any solid news anywhere. I'm also pretty sure I've never heard you guys talk about it.

May the dank yarnem nugs be with you.


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Re: PS I Love You XOXO Questions | January 10

Jan 04, '17, 4:52pm

Hey Colin & Greg.

Let me make it quick: I have a forgotten PlayStation game suggestion and its Puppeteer by Studio Japan. The gameplay, visuals, unique story, voice acting and replay-ability added up to a wonderful 20+hr play through of this game on my beloved PS3. The game simply oozes charm and I loved the unique idea of replaying levels with different heads to unlock different routes to complete the game.
IGN criminally underrated it, at an 8.5. Rumor is they fired that reviewer and he had to shack up with some fat nobody and they were forced to start some 2-bit youtube channel that at best is only kinda funny.

I know there won't ever be a sequel but I'd love to see one for that game.

Thanks for everything you do,
Ray Briggs II
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PSILoveYou and have since Beyond Episode 1 and will for all future Colin and Greg Adventures.

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Re: PS I Love You XOXO Questions | January 10

Jan 04, '17, 7:56pm

Hey Colin and Greg,

Since buying a PS3 back in 2009, I’ve been in love with trophy hunting. With about 77 Platinums and a large completion average, trophies satiate the completionist side of my personality. And therein lies the problem. See, there are several games that I’m horrible at, but still enjoy playing (Madden and Rock Band are some good examples). However, the trophies for these games are usually out of my skill level and provide me no hope of ever getting the platinum, unless I fully commit to it and there are more games I’d rather spend that time on. My question is this: would you guys like a feature that allows the user to turn off earning trophies for a particular game? Especially for someone like me who always looks at his trophy list with disgust seeing a low trophy percentage for games I merely tried one time and have no intention of ever going back to? It'd be nice to be able to play a game carefree without having to worry about it being permanently tied to my account through one or two trophies.

Thanks, keep up the good work!

- Jordan

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PS I Love You XOXO Questions | January 10

Jan 04, '17, 8:16pm

Cheers Colin and Greg,

So, my best friend purchased my ticket to Vita Island a few years ago as a Christmas gift. I have logged countless hours on it and it has traveled across the US with me. Sadly, my Vita joysticks have started to stick. It's heartbreaking. Thank you for answering a previous listener's question about the Vita being region free. I may get a colored Vita. Anyway, my question is with the ever increasing digital revolution (of which I am totally down for) how do you fine gentlemen curate what games stay on your hard drives both for the Vita and PS4? I always want to keep the games my friends and I play, plus great highlights to showcase to new friends and convert them to PlayStation. And with the weird 50GB space bug, It makes life difficult to do both. Thanks for all you guys do. I'm proud to support such compelling creators.

Elliott from Norfolk, VA

PS: Greg, my username is pronounced Revolution. I was one of the dumb kids who thought l33t would last forever. Shu, give this humble user another chance.

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PS I Love You XOXO Questions | January 10

Jan 04, '17, 8:23pm

Hey guys!

Let it Die has been out for a month now and was wondering if any of you have played it and or heard any good impressions about it. I know that this is a free-to-play PS4 exclusive and usually those don't turn out that great, but this game is actually really good! I'm a few hours in and I know that I will be going back for more! A goofy, fun, faster paced Bloodbborne? YES PLEASE!

You rock,


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Re: PS I Love You XOXO Questions | January 10

Jan 04, '17, 9:01pm

Hey guys, how about some general 2017 Playstation predictions?

Much love.
Twitter: @luciddre4m PSN: luciddre4m- luciddre4m#1987
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"There is never enough time to do all the nothing you want." - Calvin & Hobbes


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Re: PS I Love You XOXO Questions | January 10

Jan 04, '17, 9:59pm

What's up Colin and Greg!
I've been listening to your show for quite awhile now on iTunes and I must say, it can be quite enjoyable to listen to. I love how real you can be about your thoughts on games, consoles, and the PlayStation community. I especially love when you start talking about Vita Island. I actually used to be a resident of Vita Island myself. When I first heard that Sony was releasing another handheld, I took a quick trip down to my local GameStop, and decided to pre-order that sucker. I was even able to trade in my PSP for special bonus cash to make the deal even sweeter.
As soon as I was able to get my mitts on this bad boy, I was completely overjoyed and couldn't wait to begin playing a variety of games that would be offered on this beautiful handheld. I only ever got to play ModNation Racers and PSOne classic, Final Fantasy VII, before one awful day where I happened to place my Vita in the wrong place at the wrong time and it smashed against a hard marble floor. That was the day I was forced to leave Vita Island. I have wanted desperately to return, but as a poor college student with lots of debt and bills, I have been unable to afford a replacement.
My question is, are you guys really going to initiate a Vita Relocation Program or are you just blowing smoke out of your butt holes? If you were to actually this a thing, I know I would certainly love to receive an abused or neglected Vita that I could give new life to and rejoin some best friends on Vita Island.
Thanks guys, keep up the good work!
P.S. I love you guys lots XOXO

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PS I Love You XOXO Questions | January 10

Jan 04, '17, 11:56pm

Hey Greg and Colin,

My question for you guys is less of a question and more of a suggestion. There is a great PSVR game currently available for download that I think both of you will enjoy but I really think Colin would enjoy it due to it functioning similar to job simulator.

That game is called "I expect you to die". In short it's basically a bunch of levels where an evil genius is trying to kill you. You being a special agent need to survive. The game and experience are one of the best I have had on PSVR and I highly recommend it.

I suggest everyone go and download it so we can get more great games like this in the future and only our support (and money) will see PSVR grow into something great.

Much love,


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PS I Love You XOXO Questions | January 10

Jan 05, '17, 1:49am

I just finished the first danganronpa, and I wanted your guys' thoughts on how video game creators should approach writing a story.

The ending approaches the narrative from a Schrödinger's cat type equation, where they allow you to choose sort of what happens post credit. If you contrast this with the ending to a game like the last of us, where they chose that their story would be *their* story right to the final shot, Its a very different approach to storytelling.

I suppose there isn't a 'right' answer to this question, but should creators give a greater sense of closure when trying to craft a great story? Does leaving such an open ended finale detract from the artistic integrity of the writers trying to tell a concise, and expertly told story? What's your take?



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PS I Love You XOXO Questions | January 10

Jan 05, '17, 1:54am

Greetings Colin and Greg! Long time, First time.

Not a question, more of short story which gives another reason to embrace a digital only future.

Not only will digital only games give way to be better pricing and removing the need to for disc drives etc, I recently found another great reason to go digital. Over the Christmas break my house was burgled. They stole my PS4 and Vita. Not only this, but they stole my entire PS4 physical games catalogue of 34 games. 2 of these were still factory sealed and around 5 were unplayed! Insurance won't pay out as they walked in an unlocked back door while I was upstairs. Now if I want to play these games, I need to buy them again! The games I bought digitally however, well, I can just download them again. So rather than being just the cost of a PS4 and Vita in the hole, I have roughly £1000 worth of games that are gone forever. I used to be proud of my physical library on the shelf but now I feel so stupid as if I bought these all digitally the loss would not be anywhere near as great.

Everybody, let go of the past, embrace a digital future!

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Re: PS I Love You XOXO Questions | January 10

Jan 05, '17, 6:08am

Hey, Greg! Please make a special effort to acknowledge Colin as the trend lately is to have him ignored and I won't stand for it!

You guys have been discussing game price points a little recently and how game pricing might/should look in the future and it's got me wondering a couple of things:

1. How do publishers justify setting digital price points at a level higher than retailers when with all the additional costs involved, physical copies should be more expensive?

I'm not from the US, but in both the UK and New Zealand (my current home) I've not been able to justify transitioning to digital games, despite wanting to for years, because prices are as much as 35% higher in the digital space at launch.

2. Regardless of the future pricing structure of games, how much longer do you think games retailers have left before they get completely eradicated from the market?

It seems as though the price point of digital games hasn't stopped sales numbers from increasing, and with every supermarket under the sun offering games on their shelves too, it doesn't seem like these companies could possibly remain profitable for much longer. Surely exclusive skins can only get a business so far?

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Re: PS I Love You XOXO Questions | January 10

Jan 05, '17, 6:22am

Greetings and salutations, Colin and Greg! First time, long time - all the way from sunny Brazil - and all that... This is a Forgotten Playstation Game suggestion. It might be a doozy - or it might not, your pick: The game is Ehrgeiz, and yeah, it was weird and broken and not all that fun (I do remember the move list was surprisingly difficult?)... but it kinda was?!?!? C'mon, the allure of having Cloud and Tifa and Sephiroth and all those other characters going head to head on a no-holds-barred fight was too good to pass up, back then, for us Final Fantasy VII fans! At least, it was, for me...


Anyway, that's my suggestion. Obviously, not everyone remembers this anymore, so... portilloShu

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Re: PS I Love You XOXO Questions | January 10

Jan 05, '17, 7:35am

Trophy Talk: Best Trophy Lists 2016

Your buddy Brian over at PS4Trophies did a Top 10 Best Trophy Lists for 2016.

Your Thoughts?

Here is his list w/notes:
10. Battlefield 1 - multiplayer ones manageable, good amount of collectibles/challenges
9. Far Cry Primal - easy platty/collectibles
8. Overwatch - multiplayer only....not for Colin
7. Titanfall 2 - few online trophies
6. COD Modern Warfare Remaster - original didn't have trophies on PS3
5. Rise of the Tomb Raider - All those DLC trophies packed in
4. Racket & Clank - those damn racing trophies!
3. Final Fantasy XV - lots of side quests/super boss
2. Watch Dogs 2 - fun side quest/easter egg trophies
1. Uncharted 4 - that failed demo trophy shout out for Neil Druckmann


PS First in line to see you guys at PSX this year, thanks for the picture!

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Re: PS I Love You XOXO Questions | January 10

Jan 05, '17, 8:31am

Hello Greg and Colin (please continue before Colin has a chance to respond),

Over the holidays a handful of my friends purchased a PS4. As we struggled to look for games to play together, we instead decided to share discs between ourselves so we could all have the experience of playing and appreciating the same game in different ways; like a book club, but for video games!

When I looked for games to send out to these PlayStation rookies, I found that some of my favorite gaming experiences on the PS4 have come from PS+ titles that I can't share with my friends. Not a problem, but it got me thinking:

QUESTION: What are YOUR favorite PlayStation Plus games from 2016?

I recently got the platinum trophy for Furi (a July title alongside Saints Row Gat Outta Hell). It seemed to be something in Colin's wheelhouse - its challenging, fast paced, gruesomely difficult, and has airtight mechanics all bound in a leaderboard driven quest to beat the 10 or so bosses as fast as possible while receiving the fewest hits - but lo' and behold I can not find a record of you guys talking about it.

I know there are too many games to expect you guys to play everything, but that still leaves me wondering, what we're your favorite PS+ games from 2016?

Thanks for all you do.
Very Respectfully,
Vin aka. Triple_Threat

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