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PS I Love You XOXO Questions | January 10

Jan 05, '17, 9:43am

Hi Greg and Colin. Love the show.
With Mass Effect Andromeda set for release in March of this year i just wanted to ask you guys if you think i should go back to play the first three sense i never have? (I know, i'm embarrassed) I have been meaning to for years but i have just never got around to it. so now with Andromeda so close to release i'm starting to panic. It would be fun to play the first three before Andromeda but there is just no time with games like Resident Evil 7, Nioh, For Honor and Horizon Zero Dawn coming out in the next upcoming months.
So what should i do? Do you guys think it will be important to have played the first games before this new one to understand the story? Or do you think it will be fine to play Andromeda without having played the first ones? Please help.
Thanks with love from Sweden.

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Re: PS I Love You XOXO Questions | January 10

Jan 05, '17, 12:15pm

Hello Colin and Greg, Greg and Colin, (tips hat)
Long time, first time. Listening to everything you guys put out makes my weeks studying mechanical engineering bearable so I must thank you so very much. So here is my question. What, if anything, would make you not support Playstation anymore? What is the "last straw" or the "straw that broke the camel's back"? Is there anything that they could do as a company that would make you say you cannot support them anymore? Completely hypothetical of course.

Thank you Kinda Funny for everything you do
P.S. I Love You through those hard fluid mechanics exams
Vita Island will always be my home
-Brett aka SithLordThorachu

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PS I Love You XOXO Questions | January 10

Jan 05, '17, 2:04pm

G’day from god’s country, bloody down Under mates!

I’ve been following you larrikins since back in the podcast beyond days, and since you were my favourite journos, I was stoked when PS I love you burst onto the podcast scene like a wallaby out of a tucker bag. And too right, cause every episode has been a bloody ripper. Now, normally I'm happy to veggie out and listen to you jibber jabber like a pack of galahs. But lately I've been stewing on something that I just need to get off me chest.

Now I hate rubbishing blokes, but what's with all the bloody drongos still pre-ordering games. I’ve had a gut full of all the fruit loops out there who start spewing bulldust about getting a buggered game, when they couldn't even be bothered to wait a couple of days to have a gander at fair-dinkum reviews. I mean struth, with bloody digital it's not like they are going to run out of copies. Even if you're still buying physical like some kinda wombat, it always seem like stores are chokas to me. Is it the preordering bonuses? Are blokes really chompin’ at the bit to get their pretty in game hats or something. I can't for the life of me figure it out. Why chance it, when so many games these days are released incomplete or even completely cactus! Makes me think people have a couple of roos loose in the top paddock, if you catch my drift! Love to get your thoughts!

Cheers mates! Oi!

Ps When you comin to Oz? I think Colin would love it!


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PS I Love You XOXO Questions | January 10

Jan 05, '17, 2:19pm

Hey Greg, Kevin and Colin!

I'll keep it short and sweet this week. I just finished watching the 68th episode (Thanks for picking my real forgotten game of the week). I was quite alarmed when you guys started talking about Gravity Rush and Gravity Rush 2. I really enjoyed the first one and I'm enjoying my second play through. As a bona fide member of Vita Island, I immediately decided to wait for the Vita version of Gravity Rush 2 as soon as it was announced. Now I'm wondering if there will be a Vita version of Gravity Rush 2 at all since it seems to have jumped to the PS4. Thoughts?

P.S.: I think of you guys as my brothers. #BrotherZoned.

"Life's more than just passing on your genes." - Solid Snake

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Re: PS I Love You XOXO Questions | January 10

Jan 05, '17, 3:55pm

Hey Greg and Colin (wait for Colin to say, or if not, it's cool, he probably has a good reason to not respond),

Recently, after spending a lot of time watching Jeremy Parish's Game Boy World series, my thoughts have turned to game preservation and game catalogs in today's console wars.

With Xbox One's backwards compatibility bringing forward amazing games from last generation (such as Burnout Paradise, Red Dead Redemption, and Portal 2), I have found myself rebuying a ton of old games on my Xbox to play them on current generations. Microsoft has even come out and said that they plan to have all Xbox One games carry forward to future generations. It's definitely something that's given me pause to which games I plan to buy on which console.

Now, since PlayStation hasn't come out and said as such, do you ever feel concerned investing heavily in games on your PlayStation systems without the guarantee that they will carry forward? Do you ever feel like console manufacturers will take a page from Steam's book and have one master library that follows you from console to console.

Thanks guys and as always, keep up the good work,

Eric R. Miller, AKA NHDrumline17 on PSN.
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PS I Love You XOXO Questions | January 10

Jan 05, '17, 4:34pm

Hi Greg and Colin!

I am still currently in the "last-gen" with my Playstation 3. There are a few reasons why I have not made the jump yet, but most of all money has been the biggest one. However, I have recently started a new job and am making more money and could guilt-free afford the PS4, but here comes my question.

When would you consider waiting things out until the PS5 generation? We may only be a few years away from the next generation and I am considering using my seemingly unending PS3 backlog to hold me over the years and jump on the next generation Day 1.

Even though I may miss out on games like Uncharted, Ratchet and Clank, Red Dead 2, etc. I think it may be a likely scenario for me.

I would love to hear your thoughts.

Have a conversational day, and Go Noles!

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PS I Love You XOXO Questions | January 10

Jan 05, '17, 6:21pm

Greetings gents,

Quick question for the trophy time segment.

5 Best Plats to Obtain portilloPure1
5 Worst Plats to Avoid portilloSexyGreg

Space Ghost

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PS I Love You XOXO Questions | January 10

Jan 05, '17, 6:46pm

Hey fellas,

You guys often talk about being in the right mood for a game, and how that can affect your opinions of it.

For example I played Journey when it came to ps plus for free a few months ago, and honestly, I don't see the big deal about it. Now that could be that I just wasn't really feeling it at the time, and still decided to finish it up, but you guys also say that that is a game that you can only play once to change your life.(or something in that matter)

I was just wondering if there were any games that you have played at one time that you didn't really dig, and if you ever went back to said game.

Forever in your hearts,


PS Colin who are some of your favorite drummers (since you mentioned you may be getting a drum set again) Mine are Neil Peart and John Dolmayan, the drummer of System of a down

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PS I Love You XOXO Questions | January 10

Jan 05, '17, 9:22pm

Greetings Colin and Greg,

I would like to get your guy's opinions on two upcoming game titles that I feel no one is talkng about: Sniper Elite 4 and Sniper Ghost Warrior 3. What do you think about the settings, premises, and overall aura of these two games which seem so similar to each other(especially their names). Which one (if any) seems more enticing to you guys and why?

P. S. I Love You Greg, but #ColinWasRight. Also the Water Man is right too.

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PS I Love You XOXO Questions | January 10

Jan 05, '17, 9:34pm

Colin and Greg,

I was listening last week and Colin was talking about 2.5D gaming, how it is expensive to make and how it has seen more failures than successes in recent years. You pointed out games that went thru development hell and never made it such as Mighty No. 9, and others that hit the mark like Strider, yet failed to mention absolute gems like like Shadow Complex (originally launched on the XBox 360, later re-mastered and recently launched on the PSN for PS4) that really take the 2.5D into what it should be. For those who haven't played it, is currently remastered on PSN, and for anybody who loves Metroid-vania style games, it is well worth your time and worth the full price.

With the recent launch of the PlayStation VR headset, I was taken back into when the OG Virtual Boy launched. While this monstrosity caused more eye strain than a bad date with too many drinks, it still brings back memories of games that could have been great, like Virtual Boy Wario Land. This game was ground-breaking by letting you play in the foreground, yet seamlessly jump into the background at certain key spots in the level, allowing you to interact with anything on your "playing field", while still seeing the foreground/background in a blurry-image field of depth, and jump in-between the two. This was a very hard concept to grasp at the time back in 1995, and having it all be rendered in red and black colors was a far cry from what we had back before then (keep in mind SNES was launched 1991), and the next/alternate step during this was the PlayStation 1 in 1994, then Gameboy Color in 1998, leading towards the GB Advance and others. (I am excluding other consoles, because this is PS I Love You XOXO)

The Virtual Boy seems like a lost step in time, much like the Sega Saturn or the Sega Dreamcast, just a few too many years ahead of it's time, introducing technology that was either too expensive for what was available to the public, or an audience that was too unaware of what was actually going on to appreciate what they had.

This leads me back to the PlayStation VR console market, on how your talks of needing quality games to keep the market going to sustain the life-cycle of the hardware, drive software sales, and keep new people who have never seen it before excited about dropping what is not usually considered to be a small amount of money on an entertainment device that can be used by the whole family. There is such a huge opportunity for many developers to create an incredibly interactive game, with all the style and class of a cult classic like that of a Super Metroid or Symphony of the Night, yet throw a dash of the 2.5D that could take it from wonderful to incredible. Would games such as (the hopefully possible) Rogue Legacy 2, the Assasins Creed Chornicles, or Street Fighter be out of the realm of reason for Playstation VR? If you had to pick from a few, what would be some of the games/genres you think would shine the best in this 2.5D genre. My personal pick? MegaMan Legends.

All the PS XOXO love Ohio has to give.... and Shuhei please let us change our PSN usernames...
TaxFreePwnage (Taylor from Ohio)

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PS I Love You XOXO Questions | January 10

Jan 05, '17, 11:57pm

Hello Greg and Colin,
I haven't written in to you guys since the Beyond days so I figured it was time to change that. With Oxenfree getting a limited physical release on PS4 I was wondering if either of you would get around to beating it? I know Greg has said that he tried it and wasn't sold on it but I'd love to hear if Colin has plans to play it. I'd also love to hear why Greg didn't like it. Personally it was one of my favorite gaming experiences from 2016 and I found it more enjoyable than Inside due to its strong character writing.

Love you guys and congrats on your recent anniversary,
Ben Nathan
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Re: PS I Love You XOXO Questions | January 10

Jan 06, '17, 12:19am

Greetings and salutations,

During this holiday season I was once again reminded of the lack of a gifting feature in PSN. Looking at all the discounts on the store, one can't help but wonder how many people would like to just buy a game on the PS Store to gift to a friend. And this happened a few months back too when a couple of friends, who I don't see that often because of work and living in diferent towns now, had their birthdays and I was unable to just buy a digital copy of a game and send it to them as a gift.

My question is, what do you think of the lack of that feature and how much do you feel the PS Store needs it. Personally, I think Sony is leaving money on the table, even if one can just buy a PS Store Card.

Best regards,

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Re: PS I Love You XOXO Questions | January 10

Jan 06, '17, 3:46am

Good Morning Colin and Greg
First time, long time. I am a 36 year old gamer married to a beautiful nurse lady who does lots of night shifts leaving me lots of evening game time ! I have disposable income which is spent on lots of games for my Vita and PS4, we have just had our house redecorated and I decided to treat myself to gorgeous new HDR 4K TV, its awesome but does leave me now with a slight quandry. With my budget almost spent, i can now either spend the last of it on a new PSVR unit, or a new PS PRO for the lounge. The thought of playing Tomb Raider and Horizon in glorious HDR 4K, or stick with my day one PS4 and buy my PSVR ?
Both have merits, I am completely torn, I need help (more than you know!)
Love all the content you guys create, sometimes wish my commute to work was longer
James from the UK
(Oi guvnor)

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Re: PS I Love You XOXO Questions | January 10

Jan 06, '17, 6:14am


On last week's episode Colin said the Patriots were going to lose in the Divisional Round to the Chiefs. This isn't possible as both the Patriots and the Chiefs have a bye into the divisional round.

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PS I Love You XOXO Questions | January 10

Jan 06, '17, 9:31am

Hellooooooo Colin & Greg!

Recently, it seems like a lot of online only games are getting a limited run physical release (I'm looking at you Firewatch and Oxenfree). So my question is a somewhat simple one: How important is it as a player who had played these games and loved them to buy a physical copy? I played both Firewatch and Oxenfree and I absolutely loved them, I think it'd be cool to own a physical copy of them, but I also don't know if its worth shelling out the money to buy a game I already own just to get a case. Do you believe the physical releases are intended for people who are the huge fans of the game, or are they meant to attract a new audience to the game that doesn't pay attention to the online stores?

Keep on keeping on, and on, and bongos!

PS: It was awesome to finally meet you at PSX last month :)

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PS I Love You XOXO Questions | January 10

Jan 06, '17, 9:35am

Good day Colin & Greg,

With the recent announcement of "Nvidia Geforce NOW" do you guys believe that this is the future of gaming as we know it? Specifically PlayStation. Considering they have already begun to go in that direction with "PlayStation Now". Keep up the amazing work and have a great day!

P.S. Colin Was Right is fucking rad!

(Here is the URL to the Kotaku article since I know how you guys feel about PC gaming and may not have heard about this as of yet: ... 1790783604)
"We fight because we are needed" ~ Big Boss

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Re: PS I Love You XOXO Questions | January 10

Jan 06, '17, 9:53am

Hey fellas,

In regards to your TLOU Part 2 discussion last week.
Is Ellie definitely gay? She is pretty young in TLOU and Left Behind takes place before that even. When playing through Left Behind I didn't necessarily take that relationship to mean that she is for sure a lesbian, just that this particular relationship was very strong and special to her. Could this just have been a "phase" in her life? You guys seemed very definitive about it last week and it got me wondering. Definitely would be a cool step for video games if she was, although I agree with you that the second game does not need to totally revolve around that. Was just curious if this was ever actually confirmed, I could have easily missed it.


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PS I Love You XOXO Questions | January 10

Jan 06, '17, 10:19am


Hello Ps I Love You trinity, Greg, Colin and Kevin.

( Bring out the bad accent Greg)

First time question from ye old London.

I've noticed that you and Colin enjoy playing a ton of indie games and small production value games. I'm 21 and I like to spend the limited money that I have on rich and long lasting experiences just like those games that make you sad once they end. In an age where the markets are being flooded with mobile games and mediocre experiences (unfortunately like on the PSN Store) and the poisonous pre ordering culture do you think we heading towards the gaming industy boom like the Atari did? Though I say this, I appreciate that there are alot of quality games out there.

PS. Greg you were right about Patapon damn its good.

#Colinwasright was awesome. Hope it continues

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PS I Love You XOXO Questions | January 10

Jan 06, '17, 1:22pm

Hello Gentlemen,

How and why do you think indie developers decide the price of their games? I'm sure they take into account supply and demand and other sorts of factors like similar games, the current market, development time etc. I recently purchased some downloadable games during PSN's holiday sales and have been having a blast. I had goosebumps during the entirety of Gone Home and Darkest Dungeon is taking up a large chunk of my time. But, I don't think I could see myself paying the original price of $19.99 for Gone Home (the sale price during the PSN holiday sale was $4.99). I know there have been many talks of games and how length, replay-ability or content shouldn't directly influence the price, but was curious of your guys's understanding of how developers find that equilibrium point with price and game, and finding ways for people to buy/play their game. Thanks for everything you do!


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Re: PS I Love You XOXO Questions | January 10

Jan 06, '17, 2:02pm

Hey Greg and Colin! I just wanted to chime in on the physical media vs digital discussion since I've done a full 180 this sale season.

I have every machine, but the way I've bought games on my home consoles has been different than with the rest. On PC and handheld I've always been all digital because of the price and memory cheapness on PC and the convenience of having all your games on the go with you on Vita. With home consoles though I'd been all physical because digital made little financial sense (here in the UK digital games start £10 higher than they do at retail), the prices never went down even years later, and 500GBs wasn't enough to have more than 3 or 4 games on anyway (and I hate having stuff in different places and want to keep everything installed). I also collect steelbook movies so I also didn't mind having a nice collection of game boxes on display.

However, that all changed this holiday season when I bought the 1TB PS4 Pro. I now had the memory capacity to be able to go all digital, and Sony finally had a really fantastic holiday sale with all major games significantly discounted to the point that I was actually able to sell all my physical games, re-buy them digitally and make money! It's so much nicer and I'd definitely like to stay all-digital, but Sony have to cut RRP on digital games in non-US dollar countries (ideally even undercut physical prices!) and keep having awesome sales that make buying digital the only sensible option for PS4 owners with the bandwidth to be able to do so, just like it is on PC. They should also probably partner with hard drive manufacturers to make upgrading storage simpler for people who don't want to have to look around forever to find the best option and eventually not bother like I did.


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