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PSN's Worst Name of the Week

Oct 01, '15, 11:34am


Find one? Have one? Post it here!

This thread is meant to be for your personal worst PSN name story.
If a) you want to ask the guys your PS I Love You XOXO Questions,
b) you want to get a shout-out as PS I Love This Best Friend XOXO, or
c) you want to submit your Song of the Week,
please post in the respective threads.

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PSN's Worst Name of the Week

Jan 06, '16, 2:45pm

Hey guys!

So I was enjoying a competitive game of rocket league when this guy blew me up. I thought it was very appropriate after your 'NSFW' talk the other week on the GOG show.

His name was simply, 'retard'. I have no idea how Sony allowed this name!

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PSN's Worst Name of the Week

Jan 06, '16, 5:17pm

Greetings from Texas, Colin and Greg!

Worst PSN Name of the Week was a great addition to Beyond and has quickly become my favorite segment of PS I LOVE YOU XOXO. As such, I did what any rational thinking adult would and decided to up the ante as best I could. What's bigger than the worst PSN name of the week?

Worst PSN names of the Week.

Please enjoy these magnificent and obviously-well-thought-out-and-in-no-way-regrettable, jewels I've come across in the wild:


And yes, I have pictures of every single one of these beauties to prove they're real.

P.S. I love you, XOXO

Portillo's Mouth Noises
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PSN's Worst Name of the Week

Jan 06, '16, 5:35pm

Hey guys,
I play Rocket League regularly with a buddy of mine and am always on the lookout for interesting names. Well I finally found one that I think ranks high among your worst names ever!


We couldn't stop laughing about it that late at night and therefore lost the match 2-1!

Lexington, KY

P.S. I love you guys!

Portillo's Mouth Noises
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PSN's Worst Name of the Week

Jan 06, '16, 11:50pm

Hi Colin and Greg!

As many others here, I've been playing a whole lot of Rocket League lately.
Last night, the opposing team completely crushed us, and what's worse than losing a game with 0-10? Well, obviously having the text "SuckMeDry SCORED" pop up every 30 seconds, is worse...

P.S. I'm a software engineer. A few shows back, you talked about why it was hard for them to let us change our names. What I gathered from this discussion was that someone, when first designing the database, used the actual PSN name as a primary key. These are almost always supposed to be increasing integers for several purposes, and if this is actually true, I laugh at the whole situation and can with confidence tell you that we will not be getting name changes any time soon, if ever.

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PSN's Worst Name of the Week

Jan 06, '16, 11:51pm

Hi Guys, I wanted to show you guys the collection of Bad/Terrible/Horribly Offensive PSN Names/Gamer tags.

My best friend and I have long been playing online games. We started on the 360 and have since switched to the PS4. We started to notice a lot of horrible gamertags and PSN names. So we started writing them down. While I know a lot of these may have been since changed due to the fact that name changing is a feature over on Xbox, some of these are PSN names(we didn't mark which came from which system, sorry.) So I present to you the list.

Warning! Some of these names could be seen as offensive, but I did remove 3 because they contained racial slurs.

Big Dongs on Goku
Abort Fat Kids
Yes Im a Gay Robot
The Little Sista Fista
No Daddy not the Closet
Uncle Bad Touch
My Dick in Cider
Statatory Ape 420
Lew Sasshole
Mooseknuckle Tit
Fock Dat Biatch
Big Oily Wiener
Ballz McLongkawk
Does 420 Offend You

A lot of these have become inside jokes for me and my friend. Please for the love of Nathan Drake, Shu, let us change our PSN Names.

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PSN's Worst Name of the Week

Jan 07, '16, 1:37am

Greetings #ColinWasRight and 2015's Trending Gamer Greg Miller from British Columbia Canada!

The other day while trying to play goalie in Rocket League, and failing miserably, I came across a name that made me immediately choke on my nugs (chicken nugs, not dank yarnham nugs, I apologize). This was a name so ridiculous and so disgusting that I knew I had to send it into my Best Friends at P.S. I Love You.

Creamed_Urethra was this player's name, and it will forever be ingrained into the deep bowels of my psyche.

Thank you for all of the great content and I'm very excited for the upcoming animated series.

Sincerely your Best Friend,


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PSN's Worst Name of the Week

Jan 07, '16, 10:30am

So I went home to PDX for the holidays and during my short sojourn I visited a good friend. He was extremely excited to tell me all about a little game called rocket league. During one of our first matches we played against none other than Ebola_Swag_420. Now, it is important to note that we were playing on two different psn accounts (one per roommate ostensibly for trophy's sake): CasualMaleXL420 and RawDogPhilly420. Please Shuhei let us change our psn names.

ps. I moved my ps4 into my bedroom, which is lacking a comfy couch.
strange but not a stranger..

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PSN's Worst Name of the Week

Jan 07, '16, 4:19pm

Hey Colin and Greg,

recently my friend convinced me to pick up the taken king and play some destiny and over all I've enjoyed myself.

The only bad experience I had was when two guys in crucible literally singled me out, within seconds of spawning in a game off capture I'd either be sniped or be sucking up buckshot out of the end of an electrified shotgun. Normally I'd chalk it down to being a single player kinda guy and therefore a multiplayer noob, but I am pretty sure
PsychoAZZclownand FartFigNewton were using their names as a subliminal tactic against me...
Please Shuhei, let us change our names

Ps I Love you

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PSN's Worst Name of the Week

Jan 08, '16, 8:18am

Hey guys I'm Dan from the UK , I was playing star wars battlefront for the first time last night and the first time I ever got killed on the game was by someone called 'C7NTFLAPS'. Also my girlfriend's PSN account name is 'MCSWAGYOLO69' and it's tearing us apart. Please Shu let us change our names.

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Re: PSN's Worst Name of the Week

Jan 08, '16, 8:25pm

Hi Colin and Greg, I've been a long time listener to you guys on Beyond and was super excited to find out recently about your new show, congratulations!

So I'm submitting a secondary PSN account I made years ago when I first got my PS3. I decided that I needed an entirely separate account for my Call of Duty and other first person shooter games, since my normal account "Italian_Boy1Up" was full of friends I met playing Fat Princess. It wasn't until my old Fat PS3 died recently, that I needed to resign into my account on my new PS3 to retrieve all my downloads. Unfortunately for me, my PSN accounts were both tied to old emails I no longer used, therefore, I had to call Playstation to have them reset my passwords for me. My first PSN name was easy enough, however, when the lady asked me for my 2nd user name, I was somewhat embarrassed to speak allowed "TbagNSpaceDragon", not once, but twice, spelling it out for her the 2nd time. I'm not sure what ever made me think it was a clever username, but I think it's time for me to be allowed to change my name to something a 17 year old kid came up with for Call of Duty. Shu...please let us change our names.

PS I FingerBang U

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PSN's Worst Name of the Week

Jan 09, '16, 3:02pm

Hello Collin and Greg. I have a bad PSN name but I like it. If I could change my PSN name I wouldn't. I have embraced the name Six_midgets. I thinks it's funny to kill or get killed by Six_midgets. However, other people with midget related names always friend request me. I recently accepted a friend request from a person named MidgetFister32. That shit is funny. Now it cracks me up every time I see MidgetFister32 activity.

Love the show
Dustin a.k.a six_midgets

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Re: PSN's Worst Name of the Week

Jan 10, '16, 6:28pm

Yo, Colin and Greg!

I was playing Rocket League yesterday and my team was having a rough go of it, due in no small part to PSN ID: Puncheminisdik

While certainly not the worst name I've come across, it's definitely one of the most hilarious/cringe-inducing. I checked out Punchem's trophy card and he/she is a lvl15 with 8 platinums, which means they're somewhat committed to gaming.

Please, Shuhei...don't let Puncheminisdik change his or her username, but please give the rest of us the ability to change ours.

PS, I've loved you guys since waaaaay back from whatever that old podcast of yours was called,

Kenny Carranza

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Re: PSN's Worst Name of the Week

Jan 10, '16, 7:41pm

Hey Greg and Colin,

I got Black Ops 3 for Christmas this year. I played a lot of multiplayer during the break which I am, admittedly, pretty terrible at. After finishing in last place A LOT, I finally finished in second place. As i stared at the End of Match screen, I beamed at seeing my username in 2nd place. Then, I saw the name of 3rd place and nothing else mattered:

How festive!!!

Please Shuhei. Let us change our PSN names! For the love of Kaz.


P.S. I Love You
P.P.S Happy new year! 2016 seems like it's going to be an awesome year for Kinda Funny

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PSN's Worst Name of the Week

Jan 11, '16, 11:21am

Hey Colin and Greg,

Long time, first time.

I was playing Rocket League last night, and came across an opposing player with the name "Blumpkin_Lover1." Now, there are several interesting points about this. First, blumpkins are hilarious. Second, the fact that he has an underscore and a 1 at the end of his name suggest that there is at least one other lover of blumpkins on PSN. Third, I do not think that he would change his name even if Shuehei Yoshida let him, based on his insistent use of the term "pussies" in the chat.

Anyway, thought you guys might appreciate this fantastic PSN name.

Marc from Tallahassee, FL

PS I will always love you.

 ! Message from: JerriKoe
Picked as PSN's Worst Name of the Week in Ep. 18 at 1:41:15

Portillo's Mouth Noises
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PSN's Worst Name of the Week

Jan 11, '16, 4:31pm

Hey Colin and Greg,

For this week's Worst PSN Name, I'd like to submit the following which I came across while playing Rocket League the other day: Tynee_Wienehr.

What struck me as most fascinating with this name is thinking about all the permutations this person probably tried to get the name "Tiny Wiener" (something Colin has no point of reference for, and something Greg is all too familiar with). By contrast, I quite like the PSN name I chose for myself: DrVenkman21.

However, until Shu decides to let us change our names, I say let our choices from the past haunt us in the future. I like to think of it as a metaphor for life overall.

Keep up the great work!

Your friend,
Rick (DrVenkman21)

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Re: PSN's Worst Name of the Week

Jan 12, '16, 1:33am

Hey guys,

Long time first time.

I was originally going to submit my own username (supermarioex) as I'm craving a more mature username that's less embarrassing to give out to my friends but today I found someone that really needs help.

Whilst playing Battlefront I came across the worst player name imaginable. Going by the name of 'MOLLYSTOPPOOING' this player successfully dominated the bottom of the leader board in multiple games.

Please Shuhei let us change our names.

From Jamie


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PSN's Worst Name of the Week

Jan 12, '16, 4:01am

hey grollin (greg and collin)

every time i play against one of my psn buddies i can help but get the image of an old lady passes out in the gutter. being killed by ”guttermum” is somewhat demoralizing.

Please shuhei let us chats our names!

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Re: PSN's Worst Name of the Week

Jan 12, '16, 11:21am

So I am submitting my own PSN name for this segment. A long time ago when the PSN was finally coming around and the PS3 started having games I wanted to play on it I finally got around to getting one. Well with my unhealthy obsession with Kingdom Hearts I had to pick a name to revolve around it. So I picked Key as my theme for my name, but Key what was always the problem. Well being stupid and frustrated that everything Key something had already been taken I put in Key_to_the_Dawn as my PSN name (greatest mistake of my life kinda). I thought if people really wanted to be my friend then they could enter that long ass thing with way to many underscores (cause spaces are just unthinkable).

I came from ps2 to xbox 360 and xbox live spoiled me on name changes, and I figured in the future I will probably be able to change this. Fast forward and not only can I not change my name you still can't use spaces. I would really like to change my name and to sum it all up here is why:
1. Because my name is to fucking long
2. Key to the Dawn sounds fucking pretentious and dumb ( like my past self :D ).
3. I would like to detach myself from this name due to I made it out of frustration I couldn't come up with anything better at the time.
4. This is something that is easy to do on almost every single other platform.

So please i beg you Shuhei Sony God please let us change our names.

P.S. I Love Y'all XOXO

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PSN's Worst Name of the Week

Jan 12, '16, 1:06pm

Greeting and Salutations Gentlemen,

So I was playing my ps4 a couple of weeks ago and my girlfriend was playing on hers next to me, but while the Witcher 3 was loading (which if you've played it, you'd know it takes a long time) she looked over at my screen as my cousin came online. His name popped up briefly but my girlfriend caught it. His PSN name is Cream1Sausage.

Now, a little bit of back story to this. A couple of years ago when my cousin wasn't even old enough to watch a Pg 13 movie he asked my brother to make him a PSN account so he could play COD BLOPS. My brother comes from a long tradition of giving out bad names since I first made his Xbox live account many years ago, the name I gave him was Itsthatboitwinky. He has come to appreciate the name but I gave it to him because he was pudgy at the time and was very light skinned unlike the rest of my brothers and myself.

Now, back to cream1sausage, my girlfriend could not stop laughing at the name because its just so ridiculous but also vaguely sexual. He has since made a new account but still goes back to his original account once in a while. He named his second account cream1mango2025, because I guess he liked it and also had forgotten the password for his original account and has changed it since. However, at the time he decided he would make a new account and not even bother with finding the password.

Please Shu let us change our names, although my cousin probably wouldn't.

Muchas Gracias Amigos,
Alejandro from Denton

Postscript: Coincidentally when cream1sausage's younger brother asked me to make him in account I had to follow tradition so I named him doctorsaucisse, which if you know any french means, Doctor Sausage.

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