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Jan 11, '17, 6:29am

Hey guys, my name is Omar and my name on the psn is Lil_o21. Of course this isn't sexual or offending to anyone in Anyway. The problem is that wasn't my first name I picked. The first name I picked was ness21345 which I liked a lot. Why'd I change it you may ask, well here you go. After ness21345 was made I had added tons of friends and was ready to chat with them, I realized I couldn't. Psn restrictions doesnt allow anyone under the age of 18 to chat with anyone online, I was 16. I was upset being as I couldn't change my birthday because it locked in for some reason. Thinking quickly I said I'll just make another name and fixed the problem by creating a new account. Lil_o21 is what my adolescent brain fell on. Now I have to consistently hear people say yo lil because they can't just say "o" which I'd take. Shui let us change are damn mutha fuckin name my man.

Ps love you guys plain and simple.

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PSN's Worst Name of the Week

Jan 11, '17, 2:11pm

Thanks to Harry Nickgasm Fucking Potter my nickname is the nickname that falls asleep and gets dicks drawn on it's face. Dobbie66801 I mean what the fuck, I had that name before your stupid fucking house elf JK! If I get one more dirty cum filled suck in my mailbox I'm giving someone the anal chili cheese confetti! Fuck you PSN let me change it... What fucking idiot puts his zip code in said stupid name? Oh yeah me, fuck it! This portilloSexyGreg shit sucks so bad I deserve to keep it GregStink !

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PSN's Worst Name of the Week

Jan 11, '17, 2:15pm

Ello Gov'nors! *Greg, please caress Collin's Face*

First time long time!

I’m submitting my old PSN name that I created years ago that has long since been thrown into the ban pile. Back in 2009 when I had my Xbox 360, my friend needed some money and sold me his PS3 for cheap, something I have wanted for a long time as I wanted to return to the Playstation universe. Once hooked up, I sat there thinking for a long time to find a noticeable name that would define me as a gentleman. After (3) Dr. Peppers, I came to the great decision to make my PSN username…ProfessorPENISS! PSN wouldn’t let my name pass unless I added a second “s” into it and BAM, I was on the network! Over the time of 6 months while playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, people got very salty of losing and dying to a superior player with “PENISS” in his name, I was threatened to be banned because of my name being “offensive”. Well sure enough after countless sexual jokes poked at me, & thinking people were just being salty, I logged on one day to find out my profile had been BANNED. Forever sad about this I ditched the Playstation platform for a few years until my ultimate return just a couple years ago due to playing games the right way & those sweet sweet exclusives!

Please Shuhei, let us change our names.


PS, stay sexual Kevin!

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PSN's Worst Name of the Week

Jan 14, '17, 12:42pm

Heil Collin *both first forward* and Greg,

I like to submit, possibly one of the worst PSN names of the year! No, it's not my PSN name (Even though mine is quite bad) but I came across this name while playing GTA V online on my PS4. After looting the convenience store and stealing some goods, some asshole killed me. I was super annoyed! When I read his username I almost fell off my chair (thus almost killing my cat who was sleeping under my chair). Brace yourself.... his name is Cummies4Kiddies. That's right, Cummies4Kiddies. Who on earth thinks that's a good PSN name?!?! I doubt this person is a pedo in disguise! But why would you want to associate yourself as a pedo? My god!

Please portilloShu, let this man change his name!

Much love from Toronto!

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PSN's Worst Name of the Week

Jan 16, '17, 9:00pm

Hey Colin and Greg

So I had some friends over and neither are real big gamers, so I decided to pop in Rocket League on PS4. I hop into a match and they loved it, but I digress. A few matches in, I am playing as they watch. As I intensely jump and flip my way away the arena, a minute into the match, I score a goal. My name pops up on screen and my friend (not having paid much attention up to this point) exclaims , "your name is DICK HERTZ?!?!" We all laugh out loud for a moment, and I say, "No, he actually hit the ball right after I did, so I didn't score that goal....But my name is motorboatinSOB2."

As we all chuckled, they asked, "why don't you change that shit?" I had to explain, you can only change your gamer tag on Xbox Live. On PSN, your name is for life. Shuhei, let us change our names!

PS - I was in my early 20's and Wedding Crashers was a hot movie at the time. I'm 30 now and when others ask my PSN name (especially female gamers) I reluctantly say...motorboatin' son of a bitch...2!

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PSN's Worst Name of the Week

Jan 16, '17, 10:41pm

Hey C&G.

My PSN name is not, at a glance, a candidate for worst Playstation Name of the week. However it comes with a story that gives me a compelling reason to want for the ability to change my name. So let me paint the picture. The year - 2010. The Game - Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. The PSN name - CptCurly. So here I am - a 19 year old Australian BOY - in my room shooting everything I see when I hear the familiar jingle of an incoming PSN message. I didn't recognise the username but I'm used to getting the odd random message so I open it. The message simply says 'are you a girl'. I of course reply 'yep, you?'. What followed would leave me forever scarred. Upon asking my ASL (to which I replied 15 & Female. because I wanted to know where this was going) this random individual asked me for a picture! Panicking - as you see I am actually an older gentleman - I say you first.
He doesn't reply right away. Did I scare him off? Is he preparing a cute outfit? Minutes pass until the jingle comes through again. I open the message and the sight I see makes me recoil in horror. It's a trouser snake! A vagina miner! YEP, THE DUDE SENT ME A DICK PIC! I immediately reported him, but I live in constant fear that he will find my PSN and again haunt my dreams with the burry images of his Tiny Tim.
Please Shu, let me change my name. I don't wanna see that dick again.

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Re: PSN's Worst Name of the Week

Jan 18, '17, 4:09pm

Hey Greg and Colin. I have an atypical entry for the PSN worst name of the week. I like my PSN name just fine, but something happened that makes me wish I could change it just the same.

Since high school, my nickname has been nyquil. When I created my psn in 2013, nyquil was taken , which was expected. So I had to think of something else. As I was about to finish my graduate education, I went with drnyquil. It's perfect! Since then however, life happened and I now have a baby boy!! Ergo, a better name would be nyquil sr with a second account of nyquil jr to be setup for my son. What a glorious future that would be....

Shuhei, please let us change our names.


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PSN's Worst Name of the Week

Jan 20, '17, 11:36am

Hey Colin and Greg

So, earlier this week, I'm sitting around my apartment, it's early to mid afternoon, and I'm irresponsibly not sober. I decide the best course of action is to watch my roommate grind through the end of Dark Souls 3. He's at the last boss and uses magic or something (Dark Souls is too difficult for my blood so I don't know what the proper vernacular would be) to try and summon another player to help him. A few moments pass, and lo and behold, another player appears.

His name?

Yeasty McFeasty.

The less said about this poor souls (HA) name the better I think. Just know, stumbling across Mr. McFeasty sent both mine and my stone cold sober roommates asses into a fit of laughter so intense it bordered on painful. In the end, to the surprise of probably no one, this champion of a human left in the middle of the battle leaving my roommate to try and deal with the Soul of Cinder by himself. It did not go wel.

Moral of the story? Never trust a McFeasty.

Keep on keeping on friends.


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PSN's Worst Name of the Week

Jan 20, '17, 4:03pm

Hey Guys,

A while ago, I was in a Destiny Crucible match when I came across a PSN name that makes me cringe, but also makes me laugh. And here it is...


One of those names that makes you ask why. I hope you guys find this one as entertaining as I do.

Newer listener and a big fan so far. Keep it up!

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Re: PSN's Worst Name of the Week

Jan 20, '17, 6:29pm

Hello guys,

I wanted to nominate a name for worst name of the week. Sadly, this is not my own name. I was playing Titanfall 2 multi player, swinging around Angel City having my balls stomped in like usual. Then a special kind of crazy took the shot that took me down. At first I didn't think anything of it, as the kills go so quickly, but then, I noticed the name of the slayer who slayed me.


Darth proceeded to invade me the rest of the match by exploiting my shitty FPS skills, and killing me repeatedly.

Thanks for everything you do.

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PSN's Worst Name of the Week

Jan 24, '17, 3:50am

Hi there,

I would like to nominate some names which thankfully aren't mine.

The other day I was playing Overwatch with a really strong team. We had grouped up and won a few matches in a row, so I decided that I'd look to add some of them on PSN. As I checked them out I saw that not only had I been playing alongside "Teabagging91", but also "MorningSausage".

I decided against adding them in the end...


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Re: PSN's Worst Name of the Week

Jan 24, '17, 1:35pm

Hello Colin and Greg,

I am a 37 year old normal dude with a normal family and a normal life. So I was a little taken aback the other night while playing rocket league and a guy named "pussegobbler6969" started calling me a virgin just for beating his team. Now, I love to gobble as much as the next dude but as a married man of 15 years my gobbling days have been dwindling down slowly to now its mostly when my wife is sleeping and doesn't even know what's going on. When Mr. Gobbler called me a virgin I thought to myself 3 things. 1 - I wish that I was a virgin again. 2 - If you only gobble the pusse exclusively then YOU are the virgin! 3 - please Shuhei, let this dude change his ps name so that he can update the rest of us via his name as to whether or not he has done more than just gobble or if he is still a virgin. Thanks for your time. Jimmy.

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Re: PSN's Worst Name of the Week

Jan 25, '17, 9:58am

Hello hello to the PlayStation duo.

First, the background. My name is Garrett so growing up most of my nick names were G-Something, for example g-unit, g-man, g-money... you get the idea. In my younger wilder years I smoked a lot of weed when I partied, gamed or did anything fun. About half way through university one nick name seem to stick more than the others, g-fresh which is what my high persona came to be known as. He was a wild energetic mad man who would belly slide through mud piles in the rain, go clubbing 5 days a week, try flips while snowboarding, or stay up all night gaming. Definitely not the sleepy couch potato snack enthusiast you might expect. When I made the switch from PC/Xbox360 to PS3 and created my psn profile there was only one clear choice, GFresh was the one who did most of the gaming anyways. Since that along with GFresh123 were taken I settled with GFresh456.
Now the reason for the change. I'm now a married man with a family, a house, and I'm a licensed professional. Thanks to Shuhei I'm stuck with a gamer tag that perfectly embodies my younger dumber self. Every time someone in chat says my ID I get a mini flashback, my inner child starts to gets excited, and that persona gets another breathe of life.
To start the transition I've been using a slightly different user name sometimes, gfreshveg for gee fresh vegetables! which oddly enough I like much more than the dank yharnam nugs. Please Shuhei, let me change my name and become the old man I aspire to be.



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Re: PSN's Worst Name of the Week

Jan 25, '17, 11:07am

Hideo ho

Here is a truly horrible PSN name that I came across. When going to my friends list on my PS4 Sony gives you a list of Players You May Know (new friends to add based on people currently on your friends list). I occasionally take a look at this list to find new friends.

I was a shocked the PSN name ShartInMyMouth showed up.

According to his trophy list he must be a sports bro - almost all football/basketball & soccer games). Regardless, what a name!


Please Shu, let this guy change his name

PS - thanks for taking photos with Kinda Funny fans at PSX - I waiting all day and was first in line to get this opportunity. Thanks again!

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PSN's Worst Name of the Week

Jan 25, '17, 12:15pm

Hey Colin and Greg,

I'm submitting my PSN name, soyboy1800, as worst name of the week. Now you might be asking yourself why that's such a terrible name, it's not particularly vulgar or offensive. Well I'm a girl.

Flashback 8 years ago to 2009 and my then boyfriend received a PS3 for his birthday. His AIM name and XBLA name was soyboy1800 so he naturally chose that for his PSN ID. We shared the account because I didn't really care about online play and wasn't playing much else besides FF13 and Catherine. As the years went by I surpassed him in gaming interest and when we broke up after 6 years it was a given between us that I would keep all the consoles and the accounts.

We've both moved on and I have a new boyfriend now, but I'd really like to have a name that isn't a constant reminder of an ex. Please Shuhei, let us change our names!!

Thanks so much for all the good work you guys do,

PS: I was that girl from GameStop expo that was a blubbering mess when I met you guys and you signed my vita island shirt. Sorry I couldn't keep it together enough to tell you guys how awesome you are and how much I love the community that you've built!

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PSN's Worst Name of the Week

Jan 25, '17, 8:54pm

Hi Greg and Collin,

My suggestion for the worst PSN name of the week is my own. The story how I got it is actually really funny because I don't remember making it AT ALL. All I remember is signing into my PS4 for the first time, after making the transition from PS3, signing into my PSN account and seeing "Dillontrillon" as my name. WHY DID THIS HAPPEN TO ME AND WHY CAN I NOT REMEMBER MAKING THIS NAME?! I'm sure this will forever remain a mystery to me so I guess that's "kinda funny".

Please Shuhei let us hang our names.

Thanks for always being the best podcast on the internet, and making me feel like I'm still a gamer regardless of how often I get to play.

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PSN's Worst Name of the Week

Jan 25, '17, 9:29pm

Hi Greg and Colin,

My suggestion for this week's PSN worst name of the week was inspired by last week's episode in which Colin points out "There has got to be a ton of PSN names with the word cum in them."
Ha! Well Colin do I have some news for you! I have made numerous PSN names for me and my friends since I picked up my PS3 in high school some 10 years ago. Let me include some of the worst:
ihveahalfchub, supercumburger69, cummyhands, bangrosdotcom (bangbrosdotcom with the b must've been taken), muff_face and so many more that I don't even want to admit to. While my main account is not a "worst name" (blinkkam182- actually it kinda sucks let me change it) and majority are accounts I made to aid in trophy hunting or for my friends to play some Resistance 2 online at my house, I am not burdened with having to share these terrible, terrible names with coworkers or anyone of importance. But that's not the point! Please Shu, let us change our names.

PS, I love Nick


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PSN's Worst Name of the Week

Jan 26, '17, 7:02am

Ahoie Greg and Colin,

The other night my buddies and I were conquesting in Battlefield 1 when I was taken down by none other than "Cpt_P_Ness". He or she went on to slaughter me for the rest of the match.

Best Friend
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PSN's Worst Name of the Week

Jan 26, '17, 9:02pm

With the release of Kingdom Hearts II.8, I was reminded of the time I doomed myself to my terrible name. The year was 2010 and Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep was released for the PSP. As a diehard Kingdom Hearts fan, I ponied up the money to get the limited edition PSP bundled with the game. When I was prompted to make a username, I drew a blank. I figured I would be able to change my name when I thought of something better, but alas, I was wrong. Looking back, I should've picked a name related to the game I just bought, but my dumb twelve year old ass chose the name qwerty000022. Please Sheuhei, let me change my name, for I am too attached to my 2,000+ trophy count to make a new account.

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Big Coyote
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PSN's Worst Name of the Week

Jan 27, '17, 1:01pm

PSN's Worst Name of the Week - Bible Study Edition

Greg & Colin,

Hello guys! I am a 43 year old lifelong gamer, Vita Island resident, and a pastor of a church in Paso Robles, California. The pastor and gamer combination has actually worked well for me, my congregation loves that I'm a gamer. On my 40th birthday they pitched in for and actually found a launch window PS4 that they presented to me in the middle of church before a sermon. Turning 40 has never been so easy!

In addition to being the head pastor, I also work with the college group, which leads me to my worst name of the week submission. I was leading a college Bible study at a home with around 20 students there, both guys and girls. At the beginning we were all eating pizza in the kitchen area and talking. One college guy had recently made the jump from Xbox to PS4, and someone told them that I was a PS4 gamer. The guy yelled across the kitchen to me and asked what my PSN name was, and naturally with him yelling it out everyone quieted down and looked at me. I told him "Mine is Big Coyote, what's yours?" Without hesitating, and with everyone looking at him, he replied excitedly "It's ibeatmywife911". At this point all the girls in the room's eyes were wide open in shock, and all the guys started laughing hysterically.

He then informed us that people drop him from parties all the time on the PSN because of his username, and asked me how to change it.
With the group looking at me... while thinking of PSX I Love You XOXO... I confused him and the group even more by simply responding:
"Shuhei won't let us."

Thanks for the years of entertainment fellas.
Your parishioner,
Big Coyote

P.S. I love you and so does Jesus
"Moon Fetus: a fetus is found on a moon base."

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