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Re: PSN's Worst Name of the Week

Aug 14, '16, 11:26am

Hello Colin and Greg,

Hope you guys are having a lovely afternoon or evening, or whatever time of day it is when you guys are recording.

I was unwinding with a few Overwatch matches on a Sunday afternoon. My team was kicking ass and I was doing a pretty good job clearing the path for my team as Tracer. It was the last 30 seconds of the match and we were inches away from capturing our objective, when out of nowhere a sniper shot takes me out.

Luckily D.Va, a tank, was behind me and we still captured the objective. But what makes death inches away from victory more infuriating is being taken out by a Widowmaker named "anime-tit-lover".

Love from Toronto,

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2D or not 2D?

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PSN's Worst Name of the Week

Aug 17, '16, 2:31pm

So I recently let my friend create a psn profile to try out the new game paragon... I know him for having a habit of making offensive names in order to try to get banned or have his name changed fast... When I logged on to check I was baffled as he managed to name his psn name "All_Nigs_MustDie" somehow he got that name through... I have no idea how long it will last but now he is stuck with this atrocious name... I don't know if you guys can even say it on air...

Ps I love you all... I'm sorry for my aweful friends :(

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PSN's Worst Name of the Week

Aug 20, '16, 8:58pm

Greetings Colin and Greg

I know you usually prefer your own name for this segment, but I couldn't help myself.

I was talking to my coworker and he was telling me how years ago when he was young and stupid he made his PSN name "Mr_B3ater" because he's good at beating people up in fighting games. After playing games online he realized this 1) sounds like he sits at home beating his meat all day. 2) sound very close to "masturbator" and 3) people would joke that he probably beats his girlfriend. Unfortunately, due to these reasons Mr_B3ater is no more.

People make mistakes, people grow up, so please Shuhei, let us change our names.

Keep up the great work guys!

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PSN's Worst Name of the Week

Aug 22, '16, 5:56am

Hey guys, hope you're having a lovely time filming in the new studio! You usually don't accept names that aren't our own, but hopefully mine is good enough to be a rare exception.

I was flying about in No Man's Sky looking for a spot to get some resources I needed to fuel my Hyperdrive, and eventually touched down on a planet with small islands in a large ocean of green water. I was excited because I wanted to name the planet "Rio Swimming Pool", but my dream was shattered when I landed and a banner displayed across the screen proclaiming that the planet had been claimed by none other than agentstinkfist.

Also, shout-out to the guy who named the system that I keep running into on my path following the Atlas, who consistently names all of his systems after his username, GHHKLL__ (that's with a double-underscore). Screw him, I hope he gets lost trying to get back to that one planet with all the resources he needs because he can't remember which of the forty GHHKLL__'s it was.

Thanks and have an awesome day!

It's KBABZ like kebabs! "Kay-babbs" sound dumb.

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Re: PSN's Worst Name of the Week

Aug 22, '16, 6:32am

Hi Colin and Greg, hope you're having a wonderful day
id like to submit my own username "girly-gamer16" to the worst name ever bin, curse 14 year old me for being terrible at choosing usernames and trying to seem older at the same time. I've been stuck with this for nearly 7 years now and anytime i play a multiplayer game im ashamed and usually hunted down because of it

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PSN's Worst Name of the Week

Aug 23, '16, 1:28am

Hey Guys!

Not so long ago, I was playing Battlefield 4. I was automatically squaded up with a bunch of players and I was off. I usually don't pay much attention to the names of the players in my squad but, I mean, its hard to ignore a player with the name "HerpesForLife".

Much like herpes, I will never forget that moment...


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PSN's Worst Name of the Week

Aug 23, '16, 6:52pm


I am a late adapter to this podcast and have listened to the backlog of embarrassing names. Now I figure.. its time to share the pain.

A few years ago I joined the PS4 party and brought my (then current) Xbox Live name with me.

Thinking I was hilarious... I named myself Captain15inches, and i'm now stuck with it.

PLEASE Shuhei... let us change our names.


Your Beloved,


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PSN's Worst Name of the Week

Aug 27, '16, 3:15pm

Hey Colin and Greg!!!!!!

Long time listener, first time poster. I wanted to submit a Worst Name of the Week to you guys. Long story short, when I was 11 I was obsessed with many hot female actresses and models and at this point I was pretty stupid and never thought I'd be using this account for the next 8 years, but 8 years later, and level 12 trophy level, I'm not about to start over. The name is MeganFoxLover11. Yes, you heard that correctly, MeganFoxLover11. Ever since I pressed the continue button on my PlayStation 3 controller, I never knew that people at school would be calling me MeganFoxLover and people on PSN would be confusing me as a girl because they don't know who Megan Fox is. Please let us change our names Shu, and please everyone! I'm not a female! FailFish WutFace PS Greg: M-I-Z!!!!!!

Henry from St. Louis, MO

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PSN's Worst Name of the Week

Aug 31, '16, 1:55pm

Hello Grolin and Ceg!

So, fade-in to my PS3 purchase at launch...I obtained this console with the intent strictly to sell for profit BUT long story short: I kept it and fell in love with Playstation 3 because of the game (Resistance) it came with, PSP (because of Monster Hunter), Vita (bought for Remote Play purposes, then in comes Golden Abyss), etc etc and the rest is glorious, sexy history BUT I had to create a PSN name! In the very contrary fashion to my usual set of names, I thought I would go with something unconventional (because I had no intention of keeping the console at the time) and for some reason, I mentally related Sony to Asian Food and thought, let's spice it up with a twisted of odd spelling...all of that stupidity lead to me naming myself "MushuPorque" I've NEVER even eaten Moo Shu Pork and have no reason to have thought that this name were humorous or well crafted. Though I will admit I still chuckle to myself thinking of people yelling at me on Starhawk and having to say that name in anger.

Here's the issues:
1. Is it racist!? It can't's too stupid to be deemed a hate-name.
2. I had to make a new moniker for PS4 to shed myself of the Mushu and I got shafted AGAIN because my name for everything else (Xbox Live, Steam, etc etc) is "ke3bz" but for some reason on my first PS4 PSN creation, that was deemed "Inappropriate" and I had to make a variation with my nickname to craft "JT_Ke3bz" which feels way less identifiable and it harshes my mellow...stanks my brand (what?)! So I'm down the hole TWO PSN names and poor, moronic MushuPorque has trophies that will just rust in the storage locker of Shuhei's Dungeon!

Save us, Shuhei. My name is myself, and without myself, who am I but a name?

I wub you two more than most. xoxo

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PSN's Worst Name of the Week

Sep 01, '16, 8:35pm


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Re: PSN's Worst Name of the Week

Sep 04, '16, 3:58pm

Dear Colin and Greg,

I'm going to take a sightly different approach to the worst name of the week and nominate my own PSN name;


Now I know what your thinking that theres nothing really to bad about it. This is where i would like to direct your attention to the underscore at the end. You see I had the original Elkaroo account and everything was fine until one day my family got a Sony surround sound system. This system was pretty cool it had 5 speakers , a wifi connection, and a music application called QRIOCITY.
I decided to sign up for this app, and this was being of the end. Not knowing this app and the PSN were connected I decided to register a new account .Naturally i used my normal sign information and when i clicked register i was informed that the email address was already in use by another account. I didn't think much of it at the time but later on that day when I attempted to sign in to my PSN account I was given the horrible news that "The Username/password does not exist.". I retyped the the sign in information and even checked it twice to make sure it was correct but once again "The username/password did not exist". I next went to Sony's support site and ask a support person what was going on, and this is when i knew how bad the situation was. They actually had someone call me just to tell me "My account had experienced and error and was unretrievable". Sadly i had to make a new account. I tried to just use the old ID but that was unsurprisingly taken and iI had to settle on Elkaroo with an underscore.
So now when you search Elkaroo, it says theres no such account, but if you try and create a new account with that name it doesn't exist.

The underscore represents another flaw in PSN's account naming system and this is why Elkaroo with the underscore should be PSN's worst name of the week

PS. I also lost several games, and DLC with old account and was pretty much told to suck it by Sony's customer support so that sucks too.

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PSN's Worst Name of the Week

Sep 05, '16, 9:34am

Hello gentlemen. i wanted to submit a worst name of the week for none other than myself. i do not have a great story as to why i came up with this name other than i got a PS3 at launch and it was the first thing that popped into my head. my PS name is simply Cat_Pee. Yep, Cat_Pee. again, no real rhyme or reason but there it is. I would like to change it to something much cooler and possibly Game Of Thrones related but as we all know this is not possible. Well thanks for all the great content that helps make my work days easier when listning to all your shows. P.S. I love you guys. And Greg, try not to squeeze anyones cheeks off in a fight.

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PSN's Worst Name of the Week

Sep 05, '16, 3:54pm

Hey Guys
So I got my Ps4 for my last birthday and in a rush to get online to play with my friends I really rushed through making my PSN account especially my name. My name might not look bad on paper but when read aloud it is not the greatest sounding.I want something that would incorperate my initials MB and after seeing both Mick and Mike were taken I made an combination of both. My PSN name is MickeBlade, yes it does sound like Mickey ( a slang term for Penis in Ireland and England) Blade. Which gives you a dreadful image of a blade hidden inside the male genitalia. When people ask for my Psn name I usually write it down in the hopes they wont make the connection as many others have.
Please Shuhei, help me put a stop to this disgusting image I cant get out my head
p.s love you guys, you are a better partnership than Ratchet and Clank!

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PSN's Worst Name of the Week

Sep 08, '16, 2:03am

Was told on Twitter that this would be the perfect place to share this. When PS4 came out me and my friends decided to make the transition from Xbox. As I was creating my PSN I decided to dick around and typed BukakkeSensei, just to check and see if it would stop me. NOPE! Unfortunately not only did it immediately confirm it as my PSN, I discovered to my horror PSN doesn't allow one to change their name. Worse, I'm not sure if the site was glitchy during this period or it just wasn't something they allowed you to do either—(I can't really remember)—but it wouldn't even let me change my email associated with the account. Not wanting to miss any more time gaming with my friends as it was already almost Christmas by the time I got my PS4, I decided to just enter my PS+ on the account.

Eventually I was caught and banned, forced to change my name and lose my trophies. I wasn't too mad at having to change my PSN, I was actually really relieved because I cannot tell you how embarrassing it was calling PS support, losing my trophy score was a hard blow. Especially since the first time I played TLoU I played on grounded and got both the Grounded and Grounded+ trophies.

In short, I believe I had the worst PSN name, BukakkeSensei.


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Re: PSN's Worst Name of the Week

Sep 10, '16, 10:24pm

Ok I've got it, the worst PSN name of the week for sure is Mo-Lester-Man69. I played against him in rocket league but it is his actual PSN ID, not a PC player. I looked him up to make sure.

I found the avatar quite fitting and disturbing lol.
PSN: JFree26 | XBL: JFree26 | Twitter: JFree26 | Twitch: JFree26 | PS. I'm Actually 35

:kinda Much Love To All The Best Friends :kinda

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PSN's Worst Name of the Week

Sep 12, '16, 10:16am

Greetings from England!

Long time listener, first time writing in.

Seeing that Overwatch was having a free weekend, I decided to give it a try. After a few matches, I had settled in and was somewhat enjoying my experience. However, half way through a game I noticed the same notification popping up on my screen. I had to read it a few times just to make sure I wasn't going mad. But no, I was correct. It read "Harmony Orb gained from LITTLEBIGBALLSAK". Yes "LITTLEBIGBALLSAK"! I was overcome with a feeling of humiliation. I wanted to reject the Orb, despite it's healing properties, as it was now tainted by its origin of...well... "Little Big Ballsack".

How this name has squeezed its way through the filter I do not know. All I know is that I can't look at Harmony Orbs in the same way again.

Please Shuhei, let us change our psn names.

Alex Spencer

P.S. Apologies, I understand that this wasn't my own name. I felt the need to share regardless. Keep up the good work boys. xoxo

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PS I Love You XOXO Questions | September 20

Sep 18, '16, 10:08pm

Hi Greg and Colin (wait for it),

I know it's unorthodox but I definitely feel like I found this week's worst PSN name. No exciting story other than running into an opposing player tonight: dyke_Cheese69. This has to be one of the most ridiculous names I have ever seen. What I really want to know is why did they capitalize "Cheese"?

Please Shu, let us change our names! portilloShu

Keep up the great work!



P.S. Here's a screenshot of their profile because I can't believe they were allowed to make it.

PSN / Twitter : SDinfected
Twitch : Jeremy_Online


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Re: PSN's Worst Name of the Week

Sep 19, '16, 2:22pm

Hey guys, I have a "serious" submission for the Worst Name of the Week.

I was playing Overwatch today and one of my teammates had the name "BillCozby." He seemed like a friendly guy, so I doubted that he chose his PSN ID after the sad and disturbing news about Bill Cosby came to light in 2014. I checked his trophies, and sure enough, he's had the PSN ID since at least 2010. It sucks that this gamer who named himself after one of the most well-liked entertainers in pop culture ended up being named after one of the most reviled entertainers in pop culture, through no fault of his own.

We joke a lot about how people are stuck with hilariously obscene names on PSN, but this is actually a problem, at least for this one guy. Unless he actually is Bill Cosby. Then fuck him. (But I doubt it.)

Seriously, Shu, Sony, ANYONE, for real this time, please let us change our names.

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PSN's Worst Name of the Week

Sep 23, '16, 10:57pm

Back in the day, myself, my brother, and our two cousins played The Last of Us Remastered online together all the time. We had all sorts of terms for the locations on each map, so we could call out information.

This led us to a particularly interesting match on Bill's Town one evening where we saw an opponent whose name was PhenomenalCMen. Suddenly we found ourselves shouting what is still one of our all time favorite phrases-- "SEMEN IN THE LIBRARY!"

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PSN's Worst Name of the Week

Sep 29, '16, 9:31pm

Hi Colin and Greg,

Long time, first time.

With the release of Rise of Iron my brother and I have dropped back into Destiny to see what has changed (not much as it turns out).

We were in the tower finishing up for the day when my brother exclaimed "have you seen HITTLERS_TESTIE? He's hanging out by the mailbox".

Confused, I turned in his direction and found myself staring straight at the legendary guardian "HITTLERS_TESTIE".

I immediately hit the share button to grab a screenshot and knew that I would have to submit this for worst name of the week.

Please Shuhei portilloShu , let us change our names.

Cheers, Adam from New Zealand (Oye)

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