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PSN's Worst Name of the Week

Nov 08, '16, 11:31am

Hi Greg and Colin,

I'd like to submit my very own PSN name as PSN's Worst Name of the Week. It's tata_arek. Now, this may not sound all that bad, but hear me out, there's a story behind it.

I got my PS3 for my 12th birthday, it was my first gaming console. At first I didn't connect it to the Internet, because online gaming wasn't really something I was aware of back then. Around 2 weeks later I beat the game that came with the system (LittleBigPlanet) and at the end it said something about joining the LBP community to play user-made levels etc.

So I asked my dad to set it up for me, he created a PSN account for me, but it was his account, as in it was connected to his email account and he set up the name with him in mind- "tata" means "dad" in Polish and "arek" is my dad's name. I didn't pay attention to it at the time and just went with it, because LBP almost never displayed your name on the screen.

LBP was pretty much the only game I played online until about half a year later. In that time I discovered the glory of trophies, earned my first platinum (you guessed it, LBP), and got more into gaming in general. As soon as I started playing online more, I realised that my name might be a problem as it was displayed more and more predominantly. I assumed that I could change it if I wanted, so I looked for the option on my PS3 and couldn't find it, looked online, couldn't find it. I decided to stick with that account anyway, because of my trophies, friends I'd made and some purchases on PSN. The next few years of my gaming life turned into pretending to be a 40 year old man with 2 kids, so I never used a headset with my PS3 or the PS Eye camera. I guess there was a perk to it, because I enetered and won a ton of over-18-only competitions. portilloKevin

Eventually I parted ways with that account when I had to sell my PS3 in 2013. I took a break from gaming, after which I decided to buy an Xbox One. Today, I'm 19 and in college, I just couldn't force myself to keep pretending to be my dad. If I returned to PlayStation, I wouldn't feel good playing on a different account. Over the years I had so many good memories and racked up a great trophy collection, including some amazing platinums, like Gran Turismo 5, Wipeout HD, GTA IV, or ModNation Racers, just to name a few. The trophy collection is the most difficult to leave behind. 3500 trpohies, 44 platinums, which represent my gaming history. PS3 made me a hardcore gamer and a tech geek in general. I wouldn't be where I am today, studying comuter science without my good old PS3. Starting from scratch, I probably wouldn't get back into trophy hunting and I wouldn't feel like a long-time community member.

So here's the deal, Shuhei. You let us change our names and I'll buy the PS4 immediately (fingers crossed for PSX).

P.S. Sorry for making this so long, but I really wanted to share the story, XOXO.


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PSN's Worst Name of the Week

Nov 08, '16, 1:32pm

Hello Colin and Greg, I would like to submit my own PSN ID for the Worst Name of the Week.


I really don't know why I chose this. I am not a sock nor do I aspire to be one. The name makes no sense and it's just a random result of lack of ID availability and forethought on my part.

This name also comes with plenty of "Robbie the suck" and "Robbie the cock" comments, believe me, the well of creativity is more of a puddle here but I guess I had coming.

Please Shu, let us change our names.

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PSN's Worst Name of the Week

Nov 08, '16, 5:18pm


Hi guys. I'm taking this to a different place today. I'll be quick because it pains me to talk about it.

My PSN ID is TH3BL1TZKR13G. I know what you're thinking, "what the fuck is that?" Well I'll tell you. It's "the blitzkrieg". Not too bad eh? Nothing to complain about really it's a pretty decent Name yeah?
The problem is I was a stupid, 14 year old, fuckwit when I made it and, as you may have noticed, all the I's are 1's and all the E's are 3's. So of course now whenever someone wants my ID I have to say, "yeah it's, "the blitzkrieg" but all the I's are 1's and all the E's are 3's." Which, understandably makes the other person say, "what? Why?" Then I say, "never mind, give me your ID, I'll add you" Then whenever they see that name they forever see me as the 14 year old try-hard dweeb i was. I may as well have picked Xxx_SnipezKilla2K6_xxX.

A small gripe? Perhaps. But there's only so long as man of 24 can play with a name like that with any dignity and that time passed long ago.

Please Shu... please let me change my name.

The Blitzkrieg but all the I's are 1's and all the E's are 3's.

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PSN's Worst Name of the Week

Nov 09, '16, 3:14pm

My buddies Collin and Greg!
And big band kev dog in the background

I've got my own PSN name here which owning it was pretty bad.
Well I'll start when I got my PS3 Christmas of 2009 and being the eager 8th grader I was that was obsessed with creeping people out dubbed my self as the name of Cl0setdweller with the thought of being "spooky scary." But that happened to be the biggest mistake of my prepubescent life only because I mostly played Modern Warfare 2, and I was a victim of being under fire of what would be called the "homophobic" slurs of today.

I attempted to make a new account but I had so much progress on "cl0setdweller" I couldn't leave it. Eventually I shrugged it all off and learned to live with my PSN name. OWNING IT! After years I am now 20 years old and barley pay attention to online anymore. until I chose to be a good boyfriend and bought my girlfriend the mighty PlayStation Vita, after setting up her online account and her asking me to hurry up and add her, I did. Within a second she looked down and saw the screen and let out a gut bursting laugh followed by the question "REALLY?! WHAT MADE YOU THING THAT WAS A GOOD IDEA?!" the name cl0setdweller had struck again. So please help us out, let us change our names.

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PSN's Worst Name of the Week

Nov 11, '16, 6:26am

Greg. Colin. This is a follow up.
I previously submitted my name, 'MushuPorque' (on 8/31/16) as an embarrassment and loss of glorious trophies, BUT NOW!? I receive an email from PlayStation celebrating 10 years of PS-Store saying "Thank you for being with us from the beginning, here's an Avatar for MUSHUPORQUE" =[

MushuPorque has stolen my 10 Year Anniversary Avatar because it was active longer and I changed my booty of a name when PS4 dropped. Shuhei, daddy-bro, please let us change our PSN ID!

p.s. y'all gots purrty mouths. xoxo

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Re: PSN's Worst Name of the Week

Nov 11, '16, 4:14pm

Dear Greg and Colin

Look i'm not going to lie, i legitimately believe i have the worst PSN name.

Just as a preface to the name i should tell you that i was 12 -13 when i made this name and i though it was HILARIOUS mostly because my humour is without a doubt at the height of human evolution, but not any more, oh no. The name is so terrible i can't add new people i meet IRL because i'm too embarrassed about it.

So here goes the name is - Xx_Doucher69_xX ( I added the x's to make myself look cool)

So there it is my PSN name, i hope you liked it.

Please Shoe ( I know that's not the spelling but i'm fucking Hilarious) let us Change our names XOXO

Lots O' Love BallsDeep


PSN's Worst Name of the Week

Nov 11, '16, 10:59pm

In the name of the Colin, the Greg, and the Holy Shuhei. My last confession was 10 years ago. Forgive me PSN Admins for I have sinned.

I must confess that way back in the pre-trophy era, me and my best friend thought it was a good idea to play a little crystal bassoon the night I got my PS3 for the first time. One thing led to another and our adolescent minds gave me the PSN name "FishyTacos696969". That name lasted for a while until i got balls deep into Modern Warfare's Multiplayer. Upon getting banned after a few weeks of that, I reemerged as the illustrious "FishyTacoPounder". Once that was banned as well and Trophies rolled around, I changed my tune and decided to go with a fairly innocuous user name, to one I used for almost everything... ... ... I miss the FishyTaco.

Hail Colin!

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PSN's Worst Name of the Week

Nov 13, '16, 12:37pm

Hello Gentlemen, (don't wait for Colin to respond, we don't have time for brooding Islanders fans)

I [insert fan lip service here]. In truth, I have listened to you two and this segment since day one and have often thought of submitting my stupid PSN name. There's a quick story for reference and a bit of levity. In 06 when I bought my PS3 I was dating/living with a bilingual Hispanic girl. She had an odd tendency to get constipated. So often in fact that we kept a few bottles of Cherry flavored Magnesium Citrate in the house. The day I got my PS3 she had been "stopped up" for about 3 days but had been pounding her Cherry Flavored "go" juice for the last 12 hours. All day long I made every poop, turd, fart, toilet, diarrhea pun and joke that I could. I speak no Spanish myself but I often made terrible attempts in jest with my girlfriend. While I was setting up my account, excited to play Resistance Fall of Man, nature called to her. More like a primal scream because she ran to the bathroom. She came out a minute later kind of frustrated because it had only been gas. During her moment away, I created the ridiculous account name VivaLaTurd for no other reason than for another poop joke at her expense. I proudly showed her the name I had created expecting her to admire my wit and unrelenting commitment to poop jokes on this day. Instead, She criticized my Spanish. I had no idea at the time that this name would be permanent, and there were no trophies at the beginning so it was not an issue. My (now ex) and I actually stayed together for 3 years and as this was a constant problem with her the joke was still "kinda funny" for long into the trophy patch. Gaming online I am typically called "Turd", "Vital-Turd" , or "Viva". None of these are that bad mind you but I am getting married soon (to a girl that stays regular ) and it would be great to not have to explain my name to real world friends when they find out that I am a gamer and ask "Whats your PSN name?" I also have far too many trophies to turn back now. Come on Shu... Viva La Name Change Go Bruins! - The Ogre.

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PSN's Worst Name of the Week

Nov 13, '16, 6:57pm

Hello Colin and Greg, (or Greg and Colin if that is what you prefer)

I am in the Worst Name of the Week forum for a friend of a friend, this person has pretty much stopped playing games due to a ban on his account (among other reasons), his account name was jizzymacncheesey. He was primarily a Destiny player, but one day poof, his account is banned for offensive language. (Just to note jizzy was a nickname and had minimal reference to the excrement of male arousal.) His characters and progress are gone and he has had to make a new account, but barely plays anymore.
I think an account ban is too harsh for a name, and although there are ways to "un-ban" the account, all that I know of include losing all progress (Save Data Trophies, etc) practically making a new account.
Shuhei please figure out a way to change account names, I wouldn't want my account to be banned and unusable forever (I would probably throw my PS4 out the window) Also why can't we use spaces? My name can look obnoxious (SD_Shake_N_Bake).

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PSN's Worst Name of the Week

Nov 14, '16, 10:11am

Hey Greg & Colin (wait for reply)

My names Martin from Sussex England (oi guvner) been listening/watching since the beyond days never wrote in till now.

This tale of bad psn nameage started when I was at school and I was given a nickname that related to a cartoon elephant (bad I know, I wasn't thin child), do you remember Babar the elephant ? Well some friends of mine do, so the nickname Marmar was born, in addition to that I was born on a Friday the 13th so my lucky number is 13.

My psn name is marmar13 why is this bad? Well I'm named after a cartoon elephant and everyone online thinks I'm 13! When in fact I'm a 32 year old man! Please shu let us change are names!!

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Re: PSN's Worst Name of the Week

Nov 14, '16, 12:22pm

Hey there,

I feel like people are dropping PSN names in here that aren't really that bad, some of them are even great. So I'm gonna drop the PSN's Best Name of the Week.
You don't need a long story.
I played Rainbow Six: Siege. Saw the name: TheLinguineGenie. It was great.


Max Cannon
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PSN's Worst Name of the Week

Nov 15, '16, 3:58pm

Hey Greg and Mysterious Guest,

I want to put in a request for this week's PSN's Worst Name of the Week, now this isn't my own name and it sure as hell isn't a name I saw on Rocket League or Overwatch, but it has a good story though so hear me out.

My great high school friend goes by the nickname of Tetas, which in English means titties. You can only imagine why he has that nickname as he was well over 320 pounds in high school, and he only keeps getting bigger #TeamFat. Well, since he has that nickname, that is what he used to create his PSN name, Tates-_-68 (mainly so he wouldn't get flagged).

Now this is where it gets interesting, my other friend (We'll call him Austin) had a PS3 and played a good amount of games, enough to start a decent collection of trophies. He went about a year or two playing offline since he did not have Internet at home. When he finally does, he starts the process of connecting the PS3 to the PSN and Tetas has the bright idea of "trying" his PSN account on the system first and attached all of the trophies and games played to Austin's offline account.

It wasn't until then that we realized that we could not change our PSN names, now my friend Austin lost all motivation to continue playing and collecting trophies. This could have been simply prevented if Shuhei let us change our names, so I am begging you Shuhei, please let us change our names.

Thanks a lot guys, love the work you do and please keep it up,

-Saul :kinda

P.S. I [fucking] Love You [guys].

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PSN's Worst Name of the Week

Nov 16, '16, 6:40pm

Hey guys, so I used to use my intials for my name, In comes JSM142008, now you are probably thinking "not that bad", well except when you are playing killzone 2 MP with a bunch of british men who decide it is easier to call you JISM....thats right i was known as semen through my ps3 days, until i made a new account under Flowreaper. So please Shuhei let us change our names.

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PSN's Worst Name of the Week

Nov 19, '16, 10:39am

Hey guys, so I was playing Battlefield 1 and came across "Krustyjurkrag", yes, Krustyjurkrag. Now I'll admit, that is some crafty spelling, but come on Shu! Let us change, our freakin names! Thanks guys! Kam from BC!

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PSN's Worst Name of the Week

Nov 21, '16, 7:59am

Hello Colin and Greg,

First Time, long time. Back in October 2000, I was eagerly awaiting the release of the PS2. Around the same time, I was really into the band, Presidents of The United States of America. As you may know, their song Lump is a great little ditty, but once you hear it you have a hard time getting it out of your head. One day, Lump was stuck in my head and I just started rambling off words that rhyme with lump. I stumbled onto the made-up word qump and I was immediately drawn to it. Weeks later, when I picked up my reserved PS2, I booted up Timesplitters and decided to name my character Mr. Qump. I have since used Mr. Qump for all my gaming needs, including my 9 year old PSN account.

Over the years, I’ve grown accustomed to people taking liberties with my name, most notably Mr. Dump, which I now wear as a badge of honor. However, since the election, my Overwatch crew has taken to calling me Mr. Trump, knowing it irks me endlessly. I fundamentally disagree with Mr. Trump on almost every issue and I just dislike him, so being compared/referenced to him does not bring me any enjoyment whatsoever. The next four years were already going to be rough for me, and now my favorite form of escapism is now tainted. I know I should just be a bigger person and not let it bother me, but I don’t see that happening any time soon. Please Shuhei, let us change our names.

D. W. Pfefferle

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PSN's Worst Name of the Week

Nov 21, '16, 4:02pm

I'd like to submit my name for a slightly different take on PSN's worst name of the week.

It's 2008, MGS4 has just come out and I have slid the disc into the PS3 and turned it on for the first time, ready to get stuck into some Kojima awesomeness. But before I can get started I am delayed by having to create a PSN ID. I, being a very uninventive guy, tried my initials, PG. Too short it said. I made it longer by writing it forwards then backwards PGGP - still too short. I was getting frustrated by this eating into my gaming time. I thought about putting mister in front of it, but I decided to go one up on mister and choose doctor instead. And so Dr_pggp was born. Not the best name in the world.

As I played on I started to feel guilt. I wasn't a doctor, I was a fraud and a liar. Fooling the good people of the PSN with my deceit. I couldn't take it anymore. I went to change it - but found I couldn't. I would have to live the lie forever.

Or would I? I decided to go to university, finished that, went back as a graduate, finished that, went back a 3rd time and am now 1 year from legitimately being able to call myself Dr_pggp.

So please Shuhei, come out at PSX and let us change our names. But if you do, what have the last 8 years of my life been for...



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Re: PSN's Worst Name of the Week

Nov 24, '16, 4:56pm

Hey Colin and Greg (Greg please say "praise be to Megaman" and wait for Colin's response)...

Long time listener back from before KindaFunny, but now, I listen to you guys ever week on the car too and from work. You're the little piece of sanity that comes to me during these crazy times of Trump gifs and Harambe memes.

Any who, my 'Worst Name of the Week' goes back years, across MULTIPLE platforms, and persists even to this day. Back in the days of the OG Xbox, my friends and I used to play tons of games, but more online shooters and we enjoyed trading the controller back and forth between rounds. This love of games only got stronger as we got PS2s and got sucked into the world of SOCOM, Final Fantasy 11 online, and other online games. PC games were just becoming a big thing (Starcraft, Diablo 2 and CounterStrike just to name a few), so of COURSE I was using the same screen name across ALL these platforms.

My screen name was "ibpro5001_user". I don't remember exactly where I got it from, but I would probably give up a few toes (who's using em, right?) to erase that mistake of a name. Back in the stone-age, especially on PC, they would let you put your email in as your actual character name. "ibpro5001_user" was actually my email address (I will not disclose the domain, but it is now defunct), and boy what a tremendous mistake that was. There were little to no safeguards against this in place, especially on PC. That was a TERRIBLE decision, but what did I know? I was all of 14 at the time. Let's fast forward to 2010, where my mailbox would be full of hate mail on a daily basis from other players online, and I would be persistently harassed by random people I had never played with or talked to. Granted, STEAM lets you change your "viewable" name to whatever, but you're still stuck with the RIDICULOUS email address that people can view on your profile. As for XBox, I sold my Xbox 360 years ago, but somebody hacked my account, changing all my security questions, so all my content is stolen and gone. And when I say gone, I'm talking well over a thousand dollars of digital content spanning years. I spent weeks talking to Microsoft Support trying to recover my account, but no matter what I tried, because it was tied to an email that was no longer "servicable", I couldn't recover the account... and to top it all off, there was no way in hell I was going to remember the security questions 14-15 year old me put in place. It probably had something to do with farts and boobs.

Now lastly, the PlayStation. Ah, yes. Learning to play a game like SOCOM or COD with the name "ibpro5001_user" tends to get not the most loving responses from people, especially when they have voice chat enabled. So it went on. From PS2, to the PS3. The badgering, the hatemail, the pre-teens in voicechat with their nasally voices, but the worst was having to remember that stupidly ridiculous login, all while not being able to change my username. So when the PS4 launched, I had to dump it. I trashed it. Gone, was the $2-3k+ digital content tied to "ibpro5001_user" that I had spent over YEARS of being a true and loyal PlayStation supporter. It was a sad day, and much love (and many saves) were sacrificed to the PSN gods. The worst part is that I not only had to do this with my PSN account, but also my STEAM account, which was also many hundreds of dollars worth of purchased content.

So please Shuhei, please let us change our names. I would have gladly have paid $100 or MORE to keep the thousands of dollars of content that I wiped away, just to not have that horrible, HORRIBLE name tattooed onto my digital soul.


the artist formerly known as "ibpro5001_user"

Taylor from Ohio


P.S. - I did some George W "fuzzy math", and across all lost accounts, I flushed ~$4,500 down the drain. That's roughly enough for every console since the PS1, with all their launch games.
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Beach life is the best life.

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PSN's Worst Name of the Week

Nov 27, '16, 2:41am

Hi Colin and Greg,

I submit my PSN name skull404leader as the worst PSN name of the week. There is no funny story for this atrocious nonsensical PSN name. It came about due to a quick fire decision when I setup my ps3 slim, with the assumption that I could change it to a more well thought out name latter on ..... boy did that decision make an ass out of me.

Durring the great PSN outage of 2011 I almost abandoned my PSN account to setup a new one, as i had no digital content tide to it. However when the PSN came back from the dead, it brought with it a bounty of free games and PS+. Being a tight ass I could not not let go of skull404leader as I love me some freebies, but now I'm faced with having to explain to my kids why daddy has horrible PSN name.... unless a miracle happens at PSX.

Please Shuhei, announce at PSX that we can finally change our PSN names once and for all.

Kind regards,
Scott from South Australia

PS I love you all

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PSN's Worst Name of the Week

Nov 27, '16, 3:02pm

What's up Colin and Greg,

Been a fan of you guys since the Beyond! days, and I wanted to submit a PSN worst name of the week. This is actually my friend's name, not mine, but I had a large part in the creation of the name.

The Name: deedeedee13

Back in the year 2007, my friend was the first guy on the block to get his hands on a coveted PS3. Since I was the more technically inclined one, he invited me over to help set up his PSN account. When we got to the naming portion, we tried a number of names, all equally terrible, to no avail (BBallBrandon, B-rad, etc...)

In a ferver and as Carlos Mencia fans, I took the controller from his hands and typed in his catch phrase, "deedeedee" adding 13 for my friend's age. The name was accepted.

Now, my friend has forgotten this moment in time until a few months ago when I reminded him of situation. He now blames me for all the ill fortune he has received under his PSN name.

Shuhei Yoshida, please let us change our names!!

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PSN's Worst Name of the Week

Nov 28, '16, 8:02am

Hey Colin & Greg,
Hope this finds you well! My name is Tim and I love you both!

I bought a PS3 in 2010 knowing nothing of the PSN or any need for having a username. My brother, who was 12 years old at the time, took the liberty of one day registering my account under the name EatZYouZYOZ...

I, of course, didn't realize this until I started buying games off of the PSN a year or so later and, by then, had become attached to my, albeit unimpressive but still nice-to-keep, trophy list.

Shuhei, please... EatZYouZYOZ???? I mean, I don't even understand it... why add the Z's at the end of every word? "You" should never be pluralized with a "S" let alone a "Z"? When I ask my brother he just looks off and snickers and I am left friendless, cold, and alone because I'm too embarrassed to tell people my I-dont-even-know-what-adjective-to-use-to-describe-it PSN name.

P.S. Colin and Greg *takes hold of your shoulders in earnest * I appreciate you.

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