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PS I Love This Best Friend XOXO

Jun 15, '16, 2:51am

Hello Colin and Greg!

I recently started thinking about Death Stranding and.... I have a question.......

Ok so.. The umbilical cords are "stands" which suck the life force out of beings, affectively bringing "death" to it's victims, these can also be seen hanging off the font in all the marketing. Hence "Death Stranding". Alright well..

Norman's character surgically removed the strand or the thing which would allow it to be attached to him, there for the scar. I infer this as the Fetus has the cable in the same position. To further elaborate, Kojima productions have been showing a character named Ludens, which on their website shows him as a future soldier.

On a certain picture of him, we can see eyes, which go figure, looks exactly like Norma's own. In the trailer his character is shown with dog tags, which i presume are those belong to his dead brother who, just like him, use to all bare Ludens like armor. On the site it also states "from sapiens to Ludens" which would have me believe they are not human, but have transcended humanity to fight this new threat. The threat looming over the sea at the end of the trailer.

The questions is, is Ludens Norman's character? Has Kojima been effectively showing us his game and ideas behind it in plane site?

PS... I do love you! XD!

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Re: PS I Love This Best Friend XOXO

Jun 15, '16, 8:37am

HI best friends!

I've only recently become a fan. After finally deciding to purchase a PS4 and setting some money aside to get it, I started searching out some podcasts to listen to at work, so I could get info about the system and what games I should get. Needless to say, I found KF, and haven't really listened to any other podcasts since. I've also really enjoyed this place as well, as it reminds me of the 311 bulletin board that I used to hang out at back in my teen years. I'm always looking for new PSN folks to play with. I don't play a ton of multiplayer games right now, as I work my way through a nice little backlog. Finished Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, and am working on Last of Us: Remasterd, before I pick up Uncharted 4.

PSN name is BobaFettke209, a mix of my favorite Star Wars character and my last name.

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PSN: BobaFettke209

Not an actual bounty hunter

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PS I Love This Best Friend XOXO

Jun 15, '16, 4:54pm

Hello Colin, Greg, and other friends! I'm looking for some best friends to play Elder Scrolls Online with. With all of the new added changes, I would love to co-op with someone as enthusiastic as the woman at e3. My cringe-worthy psn is : Tryforce711

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PS I Love This Best Friend XOXO

Jun 17, '16, 4:23am

sup fart knockers! add HatShapedHat! I like games and don't suck at them!

some of the time :(

We can play Overwatch! We can play Elder Scrolls! We can play Destiny! We can meet at my place and you can help me spread mulch!!!! I'll buy you lunch! Please...someone help me spread all this mulch

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Re: PS I Love This Best Friend XOXO

Jun 18, '16, 10:04pm

Hello Colin and Greg, my name is Rodrigo and I'm from Brasil (but I'm not a jerk, I promise) I started listening to podcast beyond back in 2012 when I had a PS3, I did cry with both of you when you did that last episode of podcast beyond, it was very emotional and I cant imagine how hard it was for you to leave that job. As I work at night (11pm - 7am) I cant find my friends online and Im always playing solo even on games that supposed to be better with friends so I decided to ask for your help to find more people to play games.
Please help me Colin and Greg, you are my only hope and my psn is: r-bessa23.

PS1: sorry for my bad english.
PS2: both of you are an inspiration for me (already told colin about that on twitter) and recently I decided to have my own podcast about news related to playstation.
PS3: thank you for your hard work.
PS4: sorry but I cant help you on patreon but I do help talking about PS I love you XOXO and Kinda Funny stuff to everybody that likes videogames and understand enlish.

Best Friend
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PS I Love This Best Friend XOXO

Jun 19, '16, 9:34am

Hey Greg and Colin,

I've been a community member ever since y'all launched the patreon for Kinda Funny. Recently I was going through my friends list and I just don't have enough friends to play games with on my PS4. I would love to be the PS I Love this Best Friend for this week because I want to be able to start playing more online games with people! I've recently gotten into Elder Scrolls Online and I'm always going back in to Destiny every now and then. My PSN ID is creese16(it's pronounced C-Reese, not "crease" :)) A combination of my first and last name. I hope you guys are doing well and recovering from KFL3 and E3 2016. You guys rock, keep up all the good work and the content. Much love from Texas.


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PS I Love This Best Friend XOXO

Jun 19, '16, 10:21am

Hi everyone. I just bought Destiny TTK in the E3 sale. All my friends have moved on so I was wondering if anyone wanted to play the campaign on co-op with me. I play at 6pm on Sundays and around 8-ish on weekends.

PSN: TheChestnutKing

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PS I Love This Best Friend XOXO

Jun 21, '16, 6:58pm

Hey guys! My name is Craig, I live in anchorage Alaska. Long time Colin and Greg fan back from Beyond episode 120 ish when Colin became a regular. Been having a rough time personally, with my almost 3 year relationship going down the tubes. Keeping it together and looking for some best friends who might want to run through destiny or some overwatch. My PSN is craigitron, which is a nickname my best friends little sister gave me and it just stuck with me (also let us change our names already). Colin and Greg I love you guys and you've been my best friends for years even though I've never met you. Thank you for your time.

oh yeah! P. S. I love you

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PS I Love This Best Friend XOXO

Jun 22, '16, 7:59am

Happy Tuesday my good men!

This is a bit of a story so please stay with me on this journey. Yesterday my first Father’s day as a dad at10:30pm PST (AKA fake America) my Microsoft account was hacked. They used my CC and stole pretty much all my Microsoft stuff. Locked me out of my own personal account. Changed my email and my password on my account and made me feel helpless.

My CC company hit me up at 10:50 PM to let me know “unusual activity” was happening on my card and to verify the transactions. Jump on to see that someone is using it to buy Fifa 2016 points (Insult to injury as Fifa is the worse) I immediately tried to jump on my Xbox only to find my “Account no longer exists” which was a shock to me to say the least. I tried my Microsoft account on my tablet and my PC only to find I can’t log on. I’m completely locked out of my own personal account.

At this point I start changing passwords on everything my Microsoft accounts touched… Which is pretty much everything electronic in my life. Then call the banks to get new cards and passwords and report the hundreds of dollars of fraud on my record now. Next course of action, have Microsoft Support help me get my account back into the correct hands and get this hacker out of my personal information.

I grabbed the 800# off Google and give it a dial. As I go through the litany of automated options for minutes I chose the one that fits me. As I “speak my problem” to the robot I can only assume is named Cortana, she responds back to me that “we’re closed for the night. Call back during 7am-10pm PST for help or go online and chat now”. Frustrated that I just wasted precious time going through a help line that only told me we’re closed I jump online on my phone to chat. What do I find when I try to “Chat now” with an agent? I can’t. They don’t allow you to chat with out signing into your Microsoft account… Which I can’t because it got hacked. Now midnight and knowing I have to work early on Monday I make sure everything that was connected to my Microsoft account has new passwords and I try to rest me weary head.

The next morning I start the Microsoft support steps again. This time I do get an agent after speaking to Cortana for a few minutes and holding for 10 more. Thinking my ordeal was almost over I was dumbfounded to find the phone agent putting the blame on me. And basically asking me to abandon my old account and make a new one. Give up because the hackers “already did what they were going to do” and “don’t really care about your personal information. They only want to use your bank accounts”. I pressed and told him I would very much like to have MY account back and after saying “It will be a lot of work” the agent agreed to start assisting me, 20min after being on the phone.

He had me do a few steps on locking my account. Walked me through the steps and informed me that “this is the same way they get into accounts. So it’s pretty cool we get to do this to him back huh?” I again was shocked at the lack of empathy attached to my very real life invading situation. I responded with “yeah… Cool… When do I get my account back?” The agent couldn’t tell me and only after 15min more of pushing did he finally escalate this to his “higher ups” at tier 3. He then told me I’d get a call back in two hours with more info. That was when me and Sam Smith parted ways, after being on the phone 1hr22min with support. I waited. 3 hours. Then I called them back.

After speaking with Cortana now for the 3rd time I got Michael Smith (Brothers? Who knows?) and explained what was going on. Again the agent should no empathy and no concern for a customer of over 10yrs. He acted as if I just intruded into his life and I was the monster here, when in fact it was my life that they had let an intruder in. After a frustrating 15min conversation with Michael I finally asked to speak with his supervisor to get a better understanding of the time frames that I’m looking at in getting my electronic life back. He let me know that it will “take a long time” for his supervisor to get on the line which I was fine with. So I sat on hold for 32min. For him to come back on and say “I feel the wait is to long for you and I would ask you to call back and get another agent who’s supervisor has less of a wait” I again let him know I’m in no rush and will gladly wait for his supervisor. He said he was disconnecting our call because it’s “going to take too long”. I asked for his employee # or a reference # for our call to which is said simply “No” and with that Michael hung up on me.

Now even more faith lost in Microsoft I turned to their CONTACT US on their website. My only other option you ask? The Support at Xbox Twitter. Desperate for any help at this time I hit them up with all my concerns and find them even more lacking of support and compassion than anyone else I spoke to. It wasn’t until I posted a YouTube video about my ordeal ( ) that they got back to me, thanking me for adding content to the community and how great it is to see fans make videos… I am so disgusted with Microsoft and the lack of action against hacking that I promptly cancelled my already paid for preorder of the Xbox One S for AUG 31st. I am going to get my account back and I will not let this die until then but once I do, I am saying goodbye to Microsoft forever. On every platform.

With that said I was hoping you fine folks could get me some new best friends on my brand new PS4? My gamer tag is Elementality_86 and I am only up to a handful of games but would love the help of the best friends of the world to jump into PS4 full force. Shoot, I think I’ll be picking up a Vita too just for SandG’s (Shits and giggles if you want to edit that Greg)

Well that’s my story and how an Xbox user of 10+yrs became a PlayStation user in less than 24hrs. Colin says it all the time. Vote with your wallet folks. We’re the consumers and if we don’t like a service do not give them money. Another company will gladly take it.

Keep being inspirations and bringing joy to thousands daily. I truly appreciate all you do!

P.S. I love that Colin plans and does everything for you guys. Must give you all a tone of free time!

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PS I Love This Best Friend XOXO

Jun 22, '16, 8:02pm

Hello Colin and Greg! I was a huge fan of you podcast it helps me get to and from work. I have a PS4 but not a lot of friends to play with. Being from the Land Down Under Australia not a lot of my friends have PS4's they are all Xbox fans i don't know why. So looking for some new best friends to play games with i love RPG's, Sports games and Shooters (currently playing DOOM and loving it) if there is anyone in Australia that wants to be my friend that would be amazing i would be happy to have people from all over the globe be my friend as well as i play at all times of the night and day. Keep up the good work and i look forward to your next Podcast XOXO

PSN: OutragedBroom

P.S. I Love You XOXO

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Best Friend
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PS I Love This Best Friend XOXO

Jun 25, '16, 9:12pm

Hello my kind sirs,

I recently got Destiny and would like some best friends to play with who don't mind playing with a newbie when it comes to shooters.
The best times would be Monday and Tuesday Day (I work overnight Wed-Sun). I don't have many friends locally and would like some more online best friends.
However starting in Aug I start a normal 8-6 schedule so it would mostly be nights.
PS I love you!
PSN: Jackie09

and in case you couldn't guess!

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Re: PS I Love This Best Friend XOXO

Jun 26, '16, 5:25pm

Dear dynamic duo,

I'm not a multiplayer person, but I'm obsessed with Overwatch. But I suck and I need Overwatch friends. Please let me piggyback on everyone else's amazing skills. My PSN is "metroshade" (and also if you're a KFBF in Toronto, hit me up as well).


2D or not 2D?

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PS I Love This Best Friend XOXO

Jun 28, '16, 8:15pm

Hey Best Friends,

I was a long time fan of you guys and it would be really cool to be featured as a Kinda Funny Best Friend! I am a beginner trophy hunter with 3 platinum trophies and am currently looking for more. It would be really cool to have some buddies to play some Uncharted 4 Multiplayer and such with. I am also working on a small-scale eSports community for Battleborn so it would be a lot of fun to have more buddies to play on either. A shoutout would be great and...

P.S. I LOVE YOU guys! portilloX :kinda portilloX :kinda

PSN name: FInalConduit03

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PS I Love This Best Friend XOXO

Jul 11, '16, 12:57pm

So, Dear Colin and Greg (see what I did there ;))

Straight up, my name on PS4 is M0nk3y_w_Sh0tgun, I just bought a PS4 at the end of June, and am switching from Xbox One, I bought the Uncharted 4 Limited Edition PS4, and let me tell you, this thing is beautiful, light grey-blue color with Nathan Drake on the front of it. (lets not forget the gold PS logo and "Sic Parvis Magna") It is a very big upgrade from Xbox One, and the exclusives are much better, the only problem is I have no one to play online with. I just bought GTA 5 and Star Wars Battlefront, but need a crew for heists and a squad for Battlefront.

Thank you in advance Grolin.

Also New England Represent

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PS I Love This Best Friend XOXO

Jul 12, '16, 3:09pm

Hello Greg, and Colin. And to all the best friends. My name is Aaron, I've been a fan from the start, but this is my first tim writting anything. So I am re-enlisting into active duty Army. Unfortunately I will have to be there for a little while without the company of my wife or son. So i could use some people to play with! My username is xAirbear11x. I mostly play overwatch and rocket league. Thanks everyone!

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PS I Love This Best Friend XOXO

Jul 14, '16, 6:24pm

Hi guys!

I've been listening to you guys for awhile now and I've been loving every minute since all of the people I know are Xbox or PC master race fanatics, which is why I'm writing this.

I've been gaming for awhile now, but I never really played anything online multiplayer wise until Destiny was released, but my friend's list hasn't grown much since then. It doesn't help that I'm socially awkward, plus I'm a girl and it's been hard finding good people to play with that are enjoyable and encouraging.

I NEED some best friends to play with! I still play a ton of Destiny and I recently started playing Elder Scrolls Online, so I and some people that I can play with!

So if you could get the power of the best friends working in my favor, that would be AMAZING! My PSN is: Mehtekem (pronounced meht-ekem), although most people call me Mad Meh these days (a play on Mad Max).

Anywho, keep doing what you're doing! Thanks guys and stay golden!

Best Friend
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PS I Love This Best Friend XOXO

Jul 16, '16, 5:10pm

Hello Bestfriends,

I've had my PS4 for 6 months now and I'm in love with it. Sadly, I barely have any friends on it since all my friends own an Xbox instead. This wasn't an issue till recently because my brother decided to take the Xbox with him to college and now I have no one to play with. I hope I can find friends here that I could play with and chat whith while gaming. I just got Overwatch and I would love to play with people with a common intrest as me such as the loving community of Kinda Funny. I'm also a huge fan of the Souls series and play coop on Dark Souls 2 and 3 as well as Bloodborne!

My PSN username is: DrProfOak96 (pronounced doctor professor oak 96)

Thank you so much guys, keep up the good work, you're a huge part of my commute and it'll be hell without you! P.S. I love you.

Danny Aaron Wilson
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PS I Love This Best Friend XOXO

Jul 17, '16, 4:45pm

Hey Greg, Colin and the Best Friends!

My girlfriend and I are due to move into our first home next month and I've come to realise I won't have anybody to play games with! I don't have many gaming friends and, while my girlfriend is a PS4 owner too, I unfortunately suffer from insomnia and stay up way later than her. So I'm doomed to end up playing alone with Random people online.

I've always been a PlayStation guy but mainly played on 360 last generation, so Xbox Live is where my friends are. I play a bit of everything. Recently I've dipped my toe into Overwatchand I'd love to get some new Best Friends to play that and many other games with on my PS4 (and Vita!) so I'm not playing alone on those long and lonely nights. My PSN name is 'bluebopper89'.

I've been listening to you guys for years and I think I've made my girlfriend a fan by osmosis when I listen in the car as she surprised me with a Kinda Funny t shirt recently. Keep up the great work!

PS... Vita is not dead.

Danny Aaron Wilson, Desborough UK

Best Friend
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Re: PS I Love This Best Friend XOXO

Jul 21, '16, 5:43am

Hey Guys ive been a huge fan of Kinda Funny for a long time now and class you guys like family.
Though right now its kinda like the family you dont talk to.
I recently got removed from a religion I was with... lost all my friends.

So I thought I would try to make new friends in a group I trust n love.

So yeah Hi guys Im Tyrone from Australia.

My PSN is LilBigHulk

My favorite game is MGS and am hoping for that 'potential remake'.

Take care guys. Kinda!!

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PS I Love This Best Friend XOXO

Jul 22, '16, 3:01am

Hey Guys,

About a year ago my fiance left me for a guy who broke her heart in middle school. Now I find myself with a lot of free time when I don't have my son and am looking for people to play some stuff with when I'm not binge watching Game Over Greggy from episode one.
I'm into most games except sports and racing. If I wanted to go outside I would.
Add me on PSN: MuddrFuddr

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