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PS I Love This Best Friend XOXO

Jul 23, '16, 5:18pm

Hi Colin and Greg,

After years of being a fan you finally convinced me to make the jump from X-box to PlayStation. I have never owned a Sony console, and could no longer resist everything I was missing out on. I am currently taking a break from playing The Last of Us. Unfortunately, all of my friends are still over on XBL, and my empty friends list makes me feel lonely. I am not the biggest online player, but would love to see some best friend love on my Ps4 home screen.

Keep up the great work, your content got me through college and gets me though many a day in the real world.

My PSN name is LrdCmndrPoohBr because Lord Commander General Paddington Bear was too long...


P.S. Colin is my spirit animal

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Best Friend
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PS I Love This Best Friend XOXO

Jul 24, '16, 11:09pm

Hey Greg and Colin!

For a long time I considered myself "platform agnostic", making sure that I play all the games on all of the different consoles (though I've been sticking to PS4 for 3rd party games). After my Xbox One became too expensive to repair, I've decided to take the advice Colin gave us a long time ago and I've decided to focus on the Playstation ecosystem. To that end, I'd love to have more friends on PSN, plus, I play Overwatch (I acknowledge I'm a big nerd), so I'd love to have some folks to roll with (though any friends would be welcome).

PSNID: fresh_obsessed (Yes, it's a dumb name, Canadian best friends familiar with the grocery store A&P will get it). Shuhei, please let us change our names!

Thank you for being the coolest dudes in video games! = )

- Ryan Turford

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Twitter: @RyanTurford
Game Moose Podcast:


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PS I Love This Best Friend XOXO

Jul 29, '16, 6:41pm

Hey Colin, Greg, and all the best friends,

My name is Casey but here I am thechiarikid, pronounced kē-ah′rē, and I am looking for some new best friends to play with online and just hang out with. On august 5th i will behaving my third and final brain surgery in the last 7 years. I will be recovering over the rest of the year and it would just be cool to have some new best friends to play with. My psn name is caseyt1986, yes i know very original portilloShu . I want to say thank you to all the kinda funny crew for helping me stay positive over the last year and a half that its taken me to get surgery set up and all the ups and downs I have had. I will have to show you my crazy scar after I get out of the hospital. Once again thanks for all the content and the laughs.

PS I love this city,


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PS I Love This Best Friend XOXO

Jul 29, '16, 7:58pm

Hello bestfriends!

I am writing in for my nephew Patrick (PSN: TwistedBDead).
He is legally blind, but does very well by sitting very close to the TV. He beat Bloodborne before me! He has been playing video games since he was 3 years old. He would watch me play Super Mario Bros 2 and tell me "Beat it, uncle Aaron". I would say "I can only get to the last boss." Until I told him to beat it... and he did (years later).
Now, he loves playing online multiplayer, but doesn't have a lot of friends on PlayStation.

He lost his first PS account after losing access to the original email address. He plays a lot on Xbox 360.
Right now we are playing Plants VS Zombies Garden Warfare 2.
He has listened to Beyond and likes it and Kinda Funny although he plays more games then game content.

Thank you so much for this community!
It was awesome to meet Greg GregGunnar, Tim portilloPure1 , and Nick portilloSeducer at the Kinda Funny SDCC meetup last Friday! It was also super cool to get to meet other bestfriends and get to hang out after! :) Good times!!
Aaron (PSN: aarontra)

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Best Friend
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PS I Love This Best Friend XOXO

Jul 30, '16, 3:57pm

Hey Gregmaestro and Colinitro!
Longtime listener since the beyond era here. I've finally jumped ship from PS3 to PS4 thanks to an insane Swedish Gamestop Exclusive console bundle (I was originally gonna wait until Neo for the switch)!
I play a lot of Destiny online but would also like to put my toes in the water for uncharted 4 online and a lot more GTA V (PS3 version). I'm also always up for a game of Tetris (thanks to you guys). Most people on my friends list are from the PS3 era. I'd be insanely honoured to be featured as the best friend of the week.

My PSN name is: jodokast30

Take care and keep up the always stellar work!
Consoles: Playstation 4, Playstation 3, Nintendo Gamecube

Curr Gaming Focus: GTA5 and ACII on PS3. UC4 on PS4 (First play though on my acc.) Closest to Platinum UC3 on PS3.

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PS I Love This Best Friend XOXO

Aug 01, '16, 6:10pm

Hello Greg and Collin before I begin I would like to start by thanking you for the hours of entertainment you have given me. I only knew you guys for a few months after watching your first KF Live vid. I've been a Best Friend ever since. Anyways I'm hoping you can help me get even more best friends. It's either one of two things my friends don't have the game I own or they all betrayed me and joined with the Xbox for some reason. My username is snapkrakelboom. (spell it out) Yes I know it's a odd name but hay at least its not something like ProfessorButplug69. I'm just getting into overwatch it would be great to have people for that. I also play COD and a bit of battlefield now and then. I play mostly in the afternoon or late at night for a few hours every day. One last thing is that I don't have a mic yet but I plan on fixing that soon. Sorry for the long post PS I love you but you fuck Kevin

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PS I Love This Best Friend XOXO

Aug 03, '16, 1:50pm

Hey Guys,

I'm looking for a "Dad Group." I'm 27 years old with two kids (3 & 7) and I don't normally play multiplayer games but occasionally have a co-op trophy that I have trouble getting due to a lack of friends. I'm looking for some like minded Dad gamers who wouldn't necessarily mind a kid screeching in the background on occasion if in-game chat occurred. Surely I can't be the only gamer that has anxiety over not wanting to ruin others experiences because of kids playing in the background at times. I would love to be the PS I Love You Best Friend of the week and join a community of gamers with this same predicament. Add me Mavrek48.

Later Punkheads, :kinda

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PS I Love This Best Friend XOXO

Aug 06, '16, 10:57pm

Hey Colin and Greg,
I'm so excited to even be writing this! Long time listener since BEYOMD and I'm here because my friends are so close minded about the games they play. I have one friend who's still playing COD: Ghosts so as you can see I'm kind of desperate. I'm currently playing a ton of Overwatch (sorry) but I'm open to any game. I'd love a shout out so I can meet new, like minded people to game with! My PSN name is HolyRedemption86 (I blame Shuhei for making me keep this name!)

Thanks a lot! You guys make my overnight job completely tolerable. Keep it up!

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Vinay Vidyasagar
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PS I Love This Best Friend XOXO

Aug 08, '16, 8:43am

Hey Colin & Greg,

I've been following you guys since 2014 when I was recovering from serious depression issues and Podcast Beyond was one of the shining beacons in my dark days that kept me afloat. (Thanks for that)

Suffice to say, I became pretty much a loner and only played a ton of single-player games. I got my first Platinum recently (Watch Dogs) and realized that I really like hunting down trophies now. However, I gave up on my last platinum hunt (The Division) as a lot of the trophies required multiplayer and I do not have many friends at all.

So please consider a PS I Love this Best Friend shoutout of my psn (yaniv2014) as I would really like to game more with the KF best friends.

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Best Friend
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PS I Love This Best Friend XOXO

Aug 09, '16, 6:39am

Hellooooooo Colin'n Greg!

Hey I know a guy, he's my father actually. He's 67. He introduced me to video games back in the days, spending hours programming little games on a Commodore Vic-20 that ran on cassettes. In 82 he rented a Colecovision and we played Smurf: Rescue in Gargamel's Castle together. I was hooked and since that day my father and I never stopped playing together. Last october, my brother and I bought a PS4 for his birthday, and he literally smiled like a 8 years old. We're still playing together online, and I know that he would love it if he could have more friends on PSN. Believe it or not, he plays games a lot more than me, since he's retired while I'm a new father. I can't keep up! :) His PSN name is Fop2013. Thanks for shoutout!!

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PS I Love This Best Friend XOXO

Aug 09, '16, 2:02pm

Hello Compadres!

Been listening since y'all left IGN and I've gotta say there isn't a better group of people making content on the interwebs. But all slow-jerking aside, I came here to find some fellow best friends to play with on the good 'ol PSN. I don't have a ton of friends online which usually leads me to play more single-player focused games, but it's high time I got in on some of that sweet KF community gaming action. I'm down to play whatever so send me a friend request and let the good times roll - my PSN name is: Justis23.

Keep fucking that chicken boys and girls!


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PS I Love This Best Friend XOXO

Aug 09, '16, 6:03pm

Hello Colin and Greg!

PS I Love You XOXO is one of my favorite podcasts. I loved going from Xbox 360 to PS4, it just felt right. My only issue with PlayStation is I never have any friends to play with.
I want to jump into the Doom, Dying Light, and Uncharted 4 multiplayer because I haven't yet, but I also play games like Rocket League, Nidhogg, Black Ops 3, and GTA V.

Think you could help a Team Fat kid out?

PSN: thecollinhill

Love the show guys, and thank you so much!

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Best Friend
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PS I Love This Best Friend XOXO

Aug 16, '16, 7:51am

Hello Greg and Colin! With the new Destiny expansion coming out I am not sure if I should buy it because it's hard to find friends on Destiny. I have been playing it since launch but it's difficult to join an existing groups. Would be great if you could help me find some buddies who would be interested to connect and play not just Destiny but plethora of other great games on PS4.
My online id Frndswththmonstr

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Tesla's Ghost
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PS I Love This Best Friend XOXO

Aug 16, '16, 12:36pm

Been listening to Colin & Greg since the Early Beyond days & the spark of Kinda Funny. Need friends on Playstation platforrms to discuss games & game related topics as well as rock some Online sessions. I play lots of GTAV, Minecraft, Rocket League, NMS at the moment. Looking forward too BF1, COD MW, Mafia 3 pretty much anything & everything. If you want to chat or play some game hit me at PSN: Lethal-Dose-LD50 message Kinda Funny. Lol feels like im filling out a dating resume...

PS. My Minecraft world is HUGE & i enjoy long walks on the beach while picking sugar cane & Creaming kids in car soccer.

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Vinay Vidyasagar
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PS I Love This Best Friend XOXO

Aug 18, '16, 8:21am

Hi Colin & Greg,

Thanks a ton for the PSILTBF shoutout last week. It's great to be a part of this community and I've gotten so many friend requests now. In fact, we were dicussing if we should make a PSILTBF message group and we plan to add all the shoutout profiles to that group every week. I've even named it PS I Love This Best Friend :D

Keep up the good work and again, thanks a ton. I had a fanboy moment when I saw my profile being read out.

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PS I Love This Best Friend XOXO

Aug 20, '16, 7:09am

Hey Greg and Colin. I was interested in being this weeks best friend. In September last year my son was born two months pre-mature. He is now a very healthy 1 year old boy and it is thanks to friends and family and an awesome charity named Lily's Hope Foundation who graciously donated items to us! I want to repay the favor and hold a PlayStation Twitch stream and raise money for their charity to give back and I'd love for the best friends to join me for my stream! I plan on doing the stream next month and was wondering if you would help me promote my event? My user name is Tidus_54. Thank you so much for your constant jokes and amusement on my commutes to and from work!

PS I love you.

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PS I Love This Best Friend XOXO

Aug 26, '16, 4:06pm

Long time listener. I'm a Dad gamer in my 30's who doesn't have a lot of time to play online games. Still, I would like to have more friends on my network, and would like to shoot the S about what games we are currently playing. I have every modern console but I prefer Sony systems. I play my PS4 and Vita almost daily.
Favorite games Dark Souls Series, Witcher, Elder Scrolls, Suidoken, Danganronpa, Persona Series, Dragon Quest, Metal Gear Solid: TPP
PSN: EmperorKlingsor

If this jives with you send me a friend request!

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Re: PS I Love This Best Friend XOXO

Aug 28, '16, 11:26am

Guys, I need some MATURE PSN friends to compare trophies with, Not people that are going to bombard me with messages and party invites. Not people that are tripping over themselves spamming me with game invites left and right like they have never seen a girl gamer before! Just some friendly trophy competition and some people that have a vocabulary bigger than the words Fuck and 'nigga . If you can be respectful and grown up then add me! redtailedhawk847. Thank you! P.S you must have at least 5 platinum's as well!

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Best Friend
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PS I Love This Best Friend XOXO

Aug 28, '16, 7:08pm


As I eagerly await the release of Rise of Iron, and I recover from the sting No Man's Sky left behind, I've decided it was time to dive into the backlog. I was hoping to be this week's Best Friend and find some fellow fans to dive into DC Universe Online for the first time (I know Greg, I'm a disappointment). If anyone wanted to play some Freedom Wars, that'd be pretty cool too as I haven't started that yet either. My PSN name and Twitter handle is SHRIVES93 - so feel free to hit me up there.

Congrats on the new studio, all of your content makes every day so much more awesome. Keep up the great work!

-Chris Shriver
Hatboro, PA FingerBang

Thunder Prince
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PS I Love This Best Friend/Trophy Time Combo!

Sep 05, '16, 5:37am

What up Greg and Colin,

Bit of a trophy time/best friend combo here:

I recently got my first Platinum (not counting Telltale's Game of Thrones) in Enter the Gungeon. I am usually a single playthru only gamer but Enter the Gungeon is such a fun game and the trophy list had me replaying over and over and over again.

Trophy time: I'm sorry for hating on all of the trophy discussions over the past years. You were right. I get it now. Trophies are awesome. Are there any other games similar to Enter the Gungeon with a great trophy list you can recommend?

Best friend: But the problem is I only have a few PSN friends to share my trophy with and I don't think they give a shit. And I know my wife doesn't give a shit. I'd love a best friend shout-out so my Enter the Gungeon platinum can get the admiration it deserves and I can see other Best Friends hard earned trophies.


PSN: ThunderPrince