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PS I Love This Best Friend XOXO

Sep 10, '16, 9:25pm

Greetings and salutations, best friends!

This past year and a half has been difficult. Through many personal struggles, professional setbacks, and health issues, I've always had you guys, and all the best friends, to take my mind off everything. I enjoy being a part of the best community out there, and I call myself and others in this group "best friends" with pride! That's why I ask that you proliferate (solid Colin word) my name and get the other best friends to add me on my replacement Playstation 4! I play all types of games, although I do admit to being a big RPG nerd. And if anyone wants to play Final Fantasy XIV with me, I'd be one happy camper. My PSN ID is zero_theclown. That's zero underscore the clown. I know, I know, underscores and all that. But what can I say? If the man himself, Mr. Nick Scarpino can rock one, so can I!

Thanks for the best friend hookup!

PS. #lettimehost

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PS I Love This Best Friend XOXO

Sep 11, '16, 10:47am

Hey everyone,
My name is Zach and I have quietly supported KF for a little over a year now. I've never been an active part of the community because I'm typically quiet and not very outgoing, but I believe it is about time I tried to make some friends to play games with. Particularly with the launch of Destiny's new expansion, I'm certain I can find some love from the fellow best friends who want to have some good times.

My PSN ID is 'daevaslayer' if you're interested :D Thanks everyone and cheers!
This is literally the first time I've ever used a forum. Let's go. portilloTeddie (Feel free to add me on Steam or PSN!)


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PS I Love This Best Friend XOXO

Sep 18, '16, 4:31pm

I'm feeling pretty shitty recently. Just started real life after college and it is HARD. I'd love to have some capable dudes or dudettes to play with online. None of my friends seem to play online anymore. I love Uncharted and would get back into GTA Online if I could get a good group, but I play a ton of different games. My PSN is DaMoffitt and I'd love to add some best friends!

PSNID: DaMoffitt

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Re: PS I Love This Best Friend XOXO

Sep 19, '16, 8:19pm

Hi guys,

Long time listener first time poster. I just graduated from college and started by first job so I'm in a bit of a transition when it comes to gaming time but I'm trying to capitalize when I can. In addition, I'm living at home with my parents while many of my friends from school are off living in NYC, which makes my day to day life seem even more boring. So I'd love to have some new people to play with. I'm currently playing Overwatch as my online game of choice and Final Fantasy VII as my single player game. My PSN name is Sisto13.

Thank you and keep up the great work,


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Re: PS I Love This Best Friend XOXO

Sep 20, '16, 10:19pm

Hello Colin & Greg. Enjoy the show and always look forward to an honest opinion on the direction of PlayStation and the overall future of gaming. I've recently decided to become more active in the social media side of gaming and want to achieve what you fine gentlemen have. Obviously by my name I've been on PSN for a while though I still haven't been able to get either of you on my friends list but I'll never give up. Everyone friend me up and let's enjoy gaming together. PS I love you guys XOXO PSN: weezer

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Re: PS I Love This Best Friend XOXO

Sep 22, '16, 12:48am

Colin & Greg

New to the podcast, and absolutely love the show. I am pushing 30 and getting back into gaming after a brief hiatus during professional school. Looking to add some dope friends to fuck shit up with. Been playing Uncharted, Rocket League, and Battlefield to name a few. My PSN is THEPharmacist015


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PS I Love This Best Friend XOXO

Sep 22, '16, 3:16pm

Hey Colin and Greg!

Hope you guys are doing well? I was hoping this could be a double post for both "ps i love this best friend" and "worst name"......I recently bought a ps4 this summer and don't have many friends (bummer right) so i was hoping you could share my psn name to help me get some. Also funny story about my psn name... It could possibly be the worst name ever... my psn name is InadianMathBoy ... Yes i spelled Indian wrong, yes i was into math, and yes I'm a boy... sadly back in the 7th grade my friends suggested me the name... thinking it would be funny at the time i went along and did it... Now i feel like a racist and an idiot... I tell people I'm half Canadian... and tell them half Indian half Canadian equals Inadian... lol DEAR SHU PLEASE LET US CHANGE OUR NAMES

- :kinda Parth

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PS I Love This Best Friend XOXO

Sep 25, '16, 5:29am

PSN: nin9_liv3s

Hey guys! I'm a little slow to joining more PS games these days, alot of my time is spent playing Warframe on the PC (FYI, best MMO ever). Perhaps if my character transfers over to the PS4 port, i'd be playing it alot more, but I havent checked. Maybe I need a fellow fashion frame to introduce me?

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Re: PS I Love This Best Friend XOXO

Sep 26, '16, 7:00am

Hey Colin & Greg,

Travis here from way up north in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Unlike many of my lesser gaming friends who hang out on xbox, I have been a Playstation guy ever since my conversion from N64. I grew up kicking ass and taking names with my brothers in GTA Vice City on our old PS2, PS3 was the first thing I bought upon receiving a pay check from my first job at McDonalds, and I have loved every minute spent with my PS4 and Vita. Unfortunately, shortly after buying said PS4 I was stripped of my old PSN, losing all my trophies and the few friends I had accumulated. In the next year or so I will be moving out East to start my PhD and would love to start putting together a respectable list of friends to game with while I get settled and start meeting new people in the Maritimes. I tend to be more of a single-player campaign guy, but I recently dove into, and am absolutely loving, the nerdy as hell world of Overwatch. I also try sprinkle in the odd match of Rocket League when I do have the time to play. My PSN name is thrubeniuk.

Thanks and please keep doing what you do,


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PS I Love This Best Friend XOXO

Sep 28, '16, 12:32pm

Wassup guys, my story is in the same vein with many others in this topic. I went from xbox 360 to ps4 and left almost all my gaming buds behind. I just knew I had to play last of us and uncharted 4. The multiplayer games I play are fifa, street fighter, rocket league, and soon to be motherfuckin call of duty 4 remastered! Hope to play with you guys, peace

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PS I Love This Best Friend XOXO

Sep 28, '16, 5:57pm


I play a range of games from Battlefront, Battlefield and any online co-op game. Am looking to replay Dying Light in co-op with someone in the close future. Would love to met some other people who love Playstation and get the chance to explain to people that my PSN name is NOT like-eating-ass-23 (it's actually a Bloc Party song 'Like Eating Glass)

Cheers homies!

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Re: PS I Love This Best Friend XOXO

Oct 01, '16, 9:20am

Hey Colin and Greg. My name is Brett (but my friends call me the manatee) and I'm really hoping to find some friends to play elder scrolls ornline with. I don't have many real friends as i have always been a social outcast and my severe agoraphobia makes it hard to socialise. So to relax I spend most most of my time playing PS4 whilst drinking my favourite beverage (mountain dew). If any individuals would like to add me as a friend I would really appreciate the company.

My PS4 name is UltraMagnus765

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Re: PS I Love This Best Friend XOXO

Oct 02, '16, 7:28pm

Hello Knights of Playstation!
As a long time gamer, Ive always stayed private with my video game playing and only reached out to close friends to play games with. Now that I'm older and on the brink of entering Grad school, those friends have all moved on, heading down to the trenches of real world responsibility. I'd love to get some new friends out there who are down to play, discuss, and just nerd out with me on great games.

My PSN is Shadowsmalls ( Original since I was 12 yrs old ) Send me those friend request and lets Crank some Plats!

best regards,


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PS I Love This Best Friend XOXO

Oct 05, '16, 6:54pm

So did Brett Keane seriously write in as the best friend of the week? Or did a Drunken Peasants fan send it in as a joke. Either way, I lost my shit laughing. Kudos.

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PS I Love This Best Friend XOXO

Oct 07, '16, 9:47am

Hello Greg and Colin! (Don't wait for Colin to reply; fuck that noise)

Long time, first time here. I have been playing online games since Call of Duty 4 where I used to play with my friends all hours of the day. In recent years, I have become more of a single player type gamer, but I still enjoy playing Call of Duty online regularly. I even play at a competitive level whenever I have the chance. Well with Modern Warfare Remastered campaign out now for those who preordered, I obviously platinumed it in the first three days. It has gotten me PUMPED for the multiplayer and full release of the game! The problem is that I don't have nearly as many online buddies to play with as I used to. I would very much appreciate it if you can make me your PS I Love This Best Friend of the week so I can hop on to MWR with some peeps! My PSN is zWraith. This can also be a dual submission for Best Name of the Week cause I god damn love my PSN name.

Thanks for listening!

P.S. I don't know if love you, or just the idea of you.

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PS I Love This Best Friend XOXO

Oct 12, '16, 12:17pm

Hey guys,
My birthday is coming up (October 18), and i would like to call on some new friends for the PlayStation experience that is the VR. I have giving myself the gift of the PSVR and with the bucks I threw at it, I plan on playing a lot of the games. My PSN is elvatron.

I'm starting off with Battle Zone and Eve, among other single player games but I would also like to have some friends to cruise space with and blow shit up. If I could be the best friend for the week, that would be an awesome gift from the Kinda Funny best friends. Thank you and keep up all you guys do!


Danny Aaron Wilson
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PS I Love This Best Friend XOXO

Oct 13, '16, 4:46am

Hello Greg and Colin! Long time listener since the Beyond days, so I'd like to thank you right off the bat for all the content you put out as it helps me get through some shit. I just moved to a completely new part of the country to live with my girlfriend, which is great, but it means that I don't know anyone up here and it can get pretty lonely. Especially as I suffer from insomnia and have been put on a programme where I'm not allowed to be in bed outside the hours of midnight-6am, so my girlfriend goes to bed way earlier than me and I'm stuck in the living room with nothing to do.

I have a PS4 but no friends to play online with as I switched from the 360 and left them all behind on Xbox. I'd love to make some new Playstation friends to play with on the long, lonely nights as single player all the time can get boring. If I have to attempt that Witness Challenge room one more time! My PSN name is bluebopper89.

Thanks guys for all you do.
Danny from Northamptonshire, England.

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PS I Love This Best Friend XOXO

Oct 13, '16, 8:16pm

Hey Colin and Greg,
I'm a lifelong gamer and long time Beyond!/Kinda Funny supporter who is now in his first year of college. The thing is, all of my friends are away at universities while I'm stuck here going to a community college. It's nearly impossible to make friends in a place where everyone keeps to themselves so I'm always playing games by myself. It would mean a lot to me if people could add me on psn @edgarcito2. I play anything from Call of Duty to Rocket League (even sometimes Destiny, if that's how you roll). Also, if anyone's interested, I have my own YouTube channel that I'm trying to grow (you can find it when you search up Foreign Disciples. Shameless plugging, I know, but I learned it from you, Greg) so if you'd like to be a part of that, just let me know. Thank you guys so much and keep up the good work.

Cal Of Rivia
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PS I Love This Best Friend XOXO

Oct 14, '16, 1:41am

I've been a fan of Colin and Greg since way back in the Beyond days. Obviously followed them to Kinda Funny but never really got involved in this whole Best Friend community. However I recently picked up Overwatch and decided I probably should start filling out my friends list with some like minded people.

Like Colin I don't use a mic online and I only play sporadically when life allows me some time to game. So if anyone wants to join me for a few rounds of Quick Play some time then add me to your list. Can't promise I'll be any good though so I'm steering clear of competitive! But it's always nice to game with a friendly face every once in a while (and the 20% XP boost from playing with friends doesn't hurt either!)

PSN iD: Phoenix2387

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PS I Love This Best Friend XOXO

Oct 15, '16, 5:20am

Who's ready for Battlefield 1?

I'm planning on grabbing this gem on day 1, as well as playing some other online games; but I'm pretty low on gaming friends.
3 Games I'm going to be playing over the months:
-Battlefield 1
-Rocket League
-Madden 17 (Connected Franchise)

My PSN name is: MercifulPoseidon (any Futurama fans?)

See you on the battlefield!

Curse you, merciful Poseidon

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