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Re: PS I Love This Best Friend XOXO

Oct 17, '16, 12:09pm

One year ago I jumped from xbox360 to PS4 for one simple reason: Naughty Dog
I am a casual gamer who loves play online while talking with friends and drinking some good beer.

I am playing mostly GTA Online, but aways open to new games. Actually looking for someone to guide me through Destiny.

Just discovered Kinda Funny and this awesome community. I hope to make some new friends.
PSN: rafaelparanaiba

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Re: PS I Love This Best Friend XOXO

Oct 17, '16, 1:58pm

Hey guys and greetings from England, (pause for the obligatory 'oi' from Greg)
I've been a PlayStation fan for years now, but my friends at college all play on Xbox, a choice I both respect and despise. Having recently started playing online more, with games like Overwatch, Rocket League and hopefully soon Battlefield 1, I'd really like to have a few people to play with instead of just jumping into games with a bunch of pubbies, so please drop a friend request my way.

My PSN name is: Fitzy1098 (damn the guy who took fitzy909, he doesn't even use it)

Thanks, and keep being awesome guys
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PS I Love This Best Friend XOXO

Oct 21, '16, 12:25am

Hey Greg and Colin, or "Oi, tudo bem?" in plain good old Portuguese (native language in Brazil, my country of origin).

My name is Felipe and I have a very specific request for you guys! I currently live in South Korea, so I am not only away from most of my family and friends, but also the time zone here makes it almost impossible to find friends to play. I would really appreciate to make friends with local PSN people or even to those who might be far but still want to play Uncharted 4 multiplayer, or even some Destiny.

My PSN name is fellgao ^^


Love you, guys

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Re: PS I Love This Best Friend XOXO

Oct 21, '16, 10:12am

Greetings from Canada!

I've been a big fan of Farming Simulator for a few years now (thanks Greg and Tim for your timeless "Let's Play" of Farm Sim 15), dedicating hours to putting together a massive thread on the forums for the newest installment, but have yet to find any PSN friends to try the multiplayer aspect out with. With Farming Simulator 17 coming out on October 25 (the day PS ILY XOXO will post) I'd be forever grateful if you guys could help me find some best friends to farm with!

My PSN name is: Blackiemoo

Thanks guys!

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PS I Love This Best Friend XOXO

Oct 29, '16, 12:31pm

Hey guys! I've been watching since the MGS V days and have not made any PSN friends in years :( I live in Los Angeles and just got into college. I'm looking for new friends to play Dragonball Xenoverse 2 with along with Battlefield 1. I need help with online parallel quests! My PSN is Lewa54(I used to be a huge Bionicle fanboy) thank you guys!

zayl crow
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PS I Love This Best Friend XOXO

Nov 01, '16, 11:02am

Salutations Colin, Gregg, and all the Best Friends

I am a college student in Psychology who is graduating and going to be heading off to grad school (hopefully in Human Computer Interaction) next fall. Before then I would like to bolster my PSN friends list since I really don't get out much or talk to people unless approached first. The amount of online games I play is not particularly high but I am willing to try some. I really enjoy trophy hunting and find joy in comparing Trophy lists with people.

My name is Zayl_Crow. Zayl the name of a necromancer in a book that I read in middle school called moon of the spider. Crow a last name from a colonial project from the same time.

Thanks hope everyone has a good day, week and life.

Thomas Gustafson

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Re: PS I Love This Best Friend XOXO

Nov 01, '16, 3:15pm

Hello fellow Playstation "fanboys",
I don't have many PSN friends other than my girlfriend and brother, everybody else abandoned me for the Xbox One. I'd love to be in the PS I Love This Best Friend XOXO segment. I have too many games currently as well as in my backlog to finish, so I play all sorts of them during my downtime between school and work. The games I've been focusing on recently are Dragonball Xenoverse 2, Grand Theft Auto V, Rainbow Six Siege, The Division, Battlefront and others.
Hopefully I'll see you on the glorious PSN battlefield my brothers (& sisters).

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PS I Love This Best Friend XOXO

Nov 02, '16, 9:56pm

Hi everybody! (Including Colin and Greg if they pick this up). I'm brand new to the forum, but I'm a huge fan of KF. As of writing this I have an astounding ten friends on psn. Four of the aforementioned friends are inactive accounts, while the other six play games that I either don't own, or have no interest in. I play mostly single player games, but after purchasing a copy of Titanfall 2 and thoroughly enjoying it, I'd love to have some friends to play online with. Solo queuing has left a bad taste in my mouth ever since the days of learning DOTA 2, so in fear of being yelled at for my ineptitude at a game (even if I'm halfway decent) I simply shy away from the online aspect of most titles. My psn is AsTheyFall93 if anyone would like to play Titanfall, Destiny, or the occasional Diablo 3. I work a 9 to 5 so any time after 6 (eastern time) I'm usually online. Thanks guys and Papa bless!

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PS I Love This Best Friend XOXO

Nov 03, '16, 11:02am

What up Gregolin? I recently made a huge life decision and moved from Perú (the land of the incas) to Sweden (the land of the vikings). I met my current girlfriend while studying in Italy and after we finished we decided to move together into her hometown Gothenburg, Sweden. I'm still adapting and learning the language and so far it's going pretty good, although i fear the incoming winter. Anyway, everything about this move has been remarkable great except for 1 thing. Now that my timezone has changed (7 hour difference between Perú and Sweden) inevitable my online playing time with friends has gone to hell. Everytime i connect my friends are either working or well asleep so i have found myself without any people to play online. I would like to have some european zoned people to play with, especially for Battlefield1 and Rocket League which i play a lot, but Fifa17, dark souls 3, and many other games are on the table. Pls make me this week's best friend do that i can continue my adaptation in this cold-forsaken land with some good ol' multiplayer matches.

Psn: Bryklund

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PS I Love This Best Friend XOXO

Nov 05, '16, 4:10pm

To all my best friends:

I began my gaming career on the SNES, made the jump to PlayStayion, and have been a loyal follower to Sony ever since. Unfortunately, I was late to fall in love with online multiplayer and have ultimately found myself with barely any beautiful PSN friends. I could use the PS I Love this Best Friend XOXO shoutout to meet some awesome people from around the globe. I adore PS4, my precious Vita, and even my old PS3 still when I'm gaming in my 5-year-old stepdaughter's room. Some favorite games include Bloodborne, GTA 5, Doom, Alienation, Far Cry 4 & Primal, and I just downloaded Battlefield 1.

My PSN name is: RRdiii


P.S. I love you, I'm just not IN-love with you.

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PS I Love This Best Friend XOXO

Nov 10, '16, 11:02pm

Hey there Colin, Greg, and all the I Lovers across the world from a small town in South Florida!
I recently bought a PS4 Pro with Batman: Arkham Knight & Infamous Second Son (and Everybody's Gone to the Rapture & Resident Evil Remaster thanks to PS + and Shantae: Risky's Revenge and Pirate's Curse thanks to Limited Run Games) and I don't have that many friends who has a PS4. It would be really awesome if you guys could help a college boy as he prepares his body for the awesomeness of Persona 5 in February and the almighty Kingdom Hearts 3 whenever Tetsuya Nomura can count to 3.

My PSN name is UltiGamer88 (yeah, real basic I know. If only Shuhei portilloShu can let us change our username...hmmm (Greg, do a serious stare directly into the camera)).

Thanks for all the awesome podcasts, videos, everything else you post in the future!
Power Out!
The Phantom Thief Is Here!
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PS I Love This Best Friend XOXO

Nov 12, '16, 6:35pm

Hello Colin and Greg, first time long time. This will be a little long, but stick with me. I've been a gamer all of my life, and I have played and loved almost every platform imaginable. As I have always told people though, my heart only truly beats for Playstation. I got my start in online gaming with Halo 2 on the Xbox, and have since had incredible experiences playing alongside my brother and friends on Xbox Live the past couple of generations. Sadly, as this generation began we all grew, got married, and built our own lives. My brother and my real life friends don't have time to be anything but Xbox-only guys. My wife still plays games with me, but only one or two, and she isn't interested in all the same games I am.

As a Playstation gamer first who also has a massive love of co-op and competitive shooters, I have been extremely depressed at the lack of people I have to play with, and I long for the days that I could have epic moments with fun, likeminded shooter fans. I am desperate to get a group of people on my list to play the upcoming multiplayer for Ghost Recon Wildlands and Mass Effect Andromeda, but I also play Battlefield 1, Battlefront, Overwatch, and by Christmas - Titanfall 2.

PLEASE help me by making me the best friend this week (or any week, really). My PSN is ChaosMuffin

Since 2007, thank you for all the fun, laughs, and joy you've brought me.

P.S. You know I'll always love you.

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PS I Love This Best Friend XOXO

Nov 13, '16, 2:48am

Hello Colin and Greg,

Quite simply I love my PS4 but all my friends play Xbox one. I'd love some kinda funny best friends to play with on my favourite console the PS4. My PSN is CameronMPlays.

P.S I love you.

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Re: PS I Love This Best Friend XOXO

Nov 13, '16, 6:16pm

Greg, Colin
How you fine gents doing?

I'll get to the point. I have finally become a Playstation 4 owner.
Yes I have finally packed away the PS3, shut down the Wii U and and stepped into 2016. It's been a long road but I can now finally experience what you all rave so much about. And my god the hype is real!

Currently in chapter 9 of uncharted I am blown away by the system .
I cannot wait to experience so much more! Once I'm done with the story I plan on getting behind the wheel for some rocket league! I will be honored if the ever so loving best friends would join me and add me on PSN. Let's hit some balls together :kinda

my user name is Selkies24

PS. I fucking love you guys so much
Take care
- John
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PS I Love This Best Friend XOXO

Nov 14, '16, 11:14am

Hello Colin & Greg (and Kevin in the corner). I've been listening to you guys for 3 years now. You have gotten me through internships, projects (and procrastinating on said projects), graduation, long drives home from work, and so much. I don't miss a show and it's easy for me to catch Colin & Greg Live whenever I can at my job.

I have always wanted to write my name in for PS I love This Best Friend, but I have dealt with heavy social anxiety and the depression that stems from it, so it's something I have not been comfortable with for a while, but I feel I need to suck it up and speak up or I'll be like this forever. So to the point, I've been a PlayStation gamer since the PS1, and got a PS4 the Christmas after launch. While my cousins and a few friends come to me for questions on gaming (I get a lot of info from you guys and searching), I rarely play with many people from my friends list, which is pretty small to start.

I have always played single player because none of them play online with the same games as me. They play Madden, NBA 2K, or Call or Duty, while I play GTA Online, Battlefield 1, Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, and some other smaller games here and there. Having people to play with and talk to would be great and then I can play games with people while my girlfriend is at work. My PSN is IronStorm613. Thank you guys for everything you've done.

- Corey

P.S. Wish I could go to PSX, but money is too tight to fly from Ohio to Anaheim. Enjoy the show! :kinda

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PS I Love This Best Friend XOXO

Nov 15, '16, 12:30pm

Hello Colin and Greg! Medium time, first time here. So I'll be honest, I'm an avid Xbox gamer. With that being said, I have just gotten a PS4 and don't really have any friends on here yet. I'd love to see why you guys rant and rave about it so much. I'm down to play any game that people are playing. My psn is chunkanator7
Thank you!

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PS I Love This Best Friend XOXO

Nov 19, '16, 5:28am

I could use some help with the Changing Lanes trophy. I can help with any trophies you are still looking for. Thanks.

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PS I Love This Best Friend XOXO

Nov 20, '16, 6:49pm

Hey Grolin!

My name is Campbell. I am a long time first time and I am looking to play more games online. I play a lot of single-player games but have been trying to play more online. I don't have many friends who play games and so I figured you guys would be the guys to ask for some help!

My PSN name is xessentials

Much love from Santa Barbara,


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PS I Love This Best Friend XOXO

Nov 21, '16, 7:45pm


With that double right in this week, I didn't expect this one though. Unfortunately today my long psn account locked me out, normally I'm fine because ever since 2012 I've made accounts and thrown them away like farts in the wind for various reasons. This one though I had for awhile and unfortunately I stopped playing it for awhile but still kept it on my ps3. Needless to say I don't have access to the email I used so no I'm starting over. If any trophy hunters are out there are looking for some far cry cheesing then im your man.

Add AnimalsAsLeader
I know I can't have the same on there I'm angry too

P.S Music is the best 311 album

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PS I Love This Best Friend XOXO

Nov 27, '16, 3:10pm

Hello Colin and Greg!

I am sad to admit that in the past few years I have fallen of games for a bit. With a backlog of games to get back into and a renewed subscription of PS Plus, I am ready to get back on one of my all time fav pastimes. My birthday is this weekend and will be celebrating it at PSX, I would love to have a new group of friends to celebrate with.

The name: fade257

Thanks guys for all the content you guys provide.

-Alex Cervantes
Los Angeles, CA

P.S. I love you XOXO

P.S.S. Shuhei Yoshida, please let us change our names.

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