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Re: Black Sails [Spoilers]

Apr 05, '17, 8:15am

Mavryk wrote:Agreed. I think Billy summed it up this episode when he talks about the lengths he went to to honor his oath, so through pure intentions he did some pretty awful shit. All the characters are like that, you can sympathize with most of them, as they all just want their own freedom and are willing to do anything to get to it. The "bad-guy", Woodes Rogers, represents our way of life now, so while it's easy to hate him for being the antagonist, his beliefs are the civility and order which we enjoy today.

Just finished binge watching the season. I both love and hate what happened to Billy, because I liked the character and to see him do a complete 180 was hard to watch. This show was awesome I'm glad they ended it at season 4 and didn't try to milk it. I can't believe how much tension they were able to create within the crew. I was constantly trying to debate which person would I side with. The relationship between Flint and Silver is probably one of the best I've seen, the show does a fantastic job at making excellent rivals/villains that's not black and white.

I really want to recommend this show to other people but that first season is hard to get through. Does anyone have any recommendations for any other shows similar to this (action + drama + strong characters and antagonists)? I would recommend Spartacus or Banshee if anyone here hasn't seen those.

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