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Who's going to SDCC?

Jul 11, '17, 1:25pm

It'll be my third SDCC. Would love to meet any KFBF's that'll be there.

I saw that Greg is gonna be hosting the Marvel Games panel... which is kind of a bummer because it's at the same time as the WWE Mattel panel which will feature Sasha Banks, Bayley, Charlotte, Becky Lynch, and Nikki Bella.
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Who's going to SDCC?

Jul 13, '17, 10:40am

I will be! I'm mostly a lurker and haven't met many KFBFs, but I certainly would like to if there was a meetup or anything. This is my fifth SDCC in a row, and I fly from the east coast (booooo central time) for it every year.

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Re: Who's going to SDCC?

Jul 16, '17, 12:55am

Not this time, but surely will go next year or so. It's my dream to visit SDCC. I have visited several cons here in India.

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Re: Who's going to SDCC?

Aug 19, '17, 12:36am

I just moved from Long Beach Ca. Wish I could have gone to SDCC kfsad

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