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Introduce yourselves!

Sep 10, '17, 12:24pm

Hi everyone.

I'm Dan. I'm from IL. My wife and I are long time KF fans. We stretch all the way back to the IGN Gregway days. I've actually fallen off watching and listening to the guys since Colin left. The reason I'm here is pretty specific. My wife/best friend of 15 years passed away 12 weeks ago. To be honest, I'm struggling pretty badly. I've lost touch with most of my friends and family as I've sunk into grief pretty deeply. As I sat here all alone today, I realized how painfully lonely I am and remembered how friendly this community has always been. Right now I just need some people to talk to every once in awhile. Hoped I could find that here. Sorry if I bum anyone out with this. Just didn't know where else to turn.

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Introduce yourselves!

Sep 17, '17, 6:55pm

Name: Abnel
Location: Yabucoa, PR
What do you do all day when not watching Kinda Funny: Pest control technician
What games are you gaming: PS4 - Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor
Where I got my gamer tag/tags: My gamer tag is PheelyksArtifex, and I pretty much just bastardized the English language in order to find an alternative way to write "Felix" and have it sound the same, because writing it normally seemed boring and I wanted to be cool and hip.

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Introduce yourselves!

Sep 18, '17, 6:39pm

Hey Best Friends,

My name is Christopher and I've been a close follower of Kinda Funny since about the time they left IGN. Although I am an avid consumer of their content and frequently watch their live streams I have never been able to feel like a member of the community because I have always stayed quiet in the background. I now wish for that to change. I struggle with Social Anxiety Disorder so I have never had many friends, in fact, I don't think I currently have more than maybe one. After so long of not being able to make friends or have a social life, I had kind of gotten used to being alone. However, recently I've been hit with a wave of loneliness that has made me pretty depressed. And so, that is why I have decided to finally introduce myself in the forums after years of quietly lurking in the background. If anyone wants to talk, I am in desperate need of a conversation partner. My handle on twitter, instagram, and snapchat is: cmatbola. Feel free to hmu. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Hope you're having a great time. :)

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Introduce yourselves!

Sep 18, '17, 9:17pm

Hey guys my name is Alex. Listen to Games Daily most days and love these guys content. I'm wondering if there are any best friends out here in Kansas, I just moved out here for my masters and friends have been.....slim pickings so far. Was wondering if anyone else was in this desolate state in the most hated time zone of all.....time


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Re: Introduce yourselves!

Sep 21, '17, 9:32am

Name: Derek
Location: London, ON
What do you do all day when not watching Kinda Funny: I work in insurance/investments.
What games are you gaming: PS4 - Destiny2 and Lego Marvelheres (w/ my son). 3DS - Pokemon Sun
Where I got my gamer tag/tags: First, some back story. My OG gamer tag on PS3 was RibbedForHerPleasure. I thought it would be good for a laugh, which is was at first, but lead to numerous annoying messages. I was starting to get tired of it, so I decided as I had no games purchased under that account, and only one major online game played (COD: MW2), it was a good time to switch it up when I switched to a new online game (COD Blops).
The problem then became two-fold. 1. I'm not very creative, especially with names, and 2. The number of players on PSN. After many failed attempts at a new name a thought crossed my mind. Some friends and I had just watched True Lies (one of the greatest actions movies of all time!) the night I decided to change my PSN name, and we all thought that CrimsonJihad (the name of the group Arnie takes down in the movie) would be a solid choice. As CrimsonJihad was taken (duh!) we all racked our brains for minutes before one of us (I forget who) realized Scarlett is a shade of red, just like Crimson! The rest, as they say, is history.
While we all thought the choice was great, my friends and I failed to realize a few key factors at the time. Mostly how few people would make the connection to the group in the movie (that many have probably never seen), and how ignorant some people can be. Fortunately it's rarely (if ever) been an issue since I stopped playing COD games. That said, given the current social climate, there is a part of me that would love the chance to change it.
So that's the story of how I got my gamer tag.
Member of the "Bad PSN Name" club!

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Introduce yourselves!

Sep 25, '17, 3:59am

Hello kindafunny members, i am new here and wish to fell myself good here and have a lot of fun!

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