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PSX Hotel Sharing?

Nov 14, '17, 11:26pm

Hey Kinda Funny Best Friends!
I wasnt sure if there was already a thread for this but;
I was wondering if there was any way to link up with another Kinda Funny Best Friend to lower costs for hotel rooms. I already got my ticket and would love to get a chance at some mutual benefiting by saving money for an expo thats already a good chunk of change for me! Thanks for being a great community I could feel relatively safe to ask something like this to, and I hope to see many of you at PSX this year!

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PSX Hotel Sharing?

Nov 15, '17, 3:08pm

Moved this topic to the correct location!

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PSX Hotel Sharing?

Dec 04, '17, 1:18pm

so i wont be in psx but if anyone want to share for the days im there that would be cool

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