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Introduce yourselves!

Jan 31, '18, 6:51pm

Name: Luke
Location: Indiana
What do you do all day when not watching Kinda Funny: Masters student in informatics, so i can teach web dev at university level!
What games are you gaming: Fighting games of all sorts. Sony Single player games!

Where I got my gamer tag/tags: Spider-man, crash bandicoot, cole mcgrath smashed together, with my birthday year tagged along

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Re: Introduce yourselves!

Feb 07, '18, 4:04pm

Name: Christian Butcher

Location: Cancun, Mexico (From the UK)

What do you do all day when not watching Kinda Funny: I chill out a lot, watch tv shows, read and watch a lot of sport and news, play tennis, football and pool/snooker, livestream ps4 games on YouTube and eat consistently because my metabolism is both a blessing (don't gain weight) and a curse (don't gain weight)

What games are you gaming:
PS4 - Rocket League, Nioh, Fortnite Battle Royale, Overwtach, Horizon (the photomode has sucked me back in), FIFA

Where I got my gamer tag/tags: The-Butchernator seemed alright when I said it out loud. Then I typed it in and created my PSN. After a while it didn't look right but I just couldn't leave the trophies behind. Also The-Butcher was 1) Taken and 2) Seemed a bit much

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Introduce yourselves!

Feb 10, '18, 9:16am

Name: Nate

Location: Minnetonka, MN

What do you do all day when not watching Kinda Funny: In my day job I work as a Payroll Account Manager. I like watching hockey and I sometimes play rec league myself. I spend lots of my free time watching Netflix and Hulu with my wife and going out around our neighborhood with our dog (when its not a frozen tundra that is).

What games are you gaming: I play on PS4, I'm currently about 8 hours or so into Horizon Zero Dawn and I regularly play Overwatch (I'm absolutely no good, but enjoy it all the same).

PSN ID is Scorp_Wild its a pretty simple amalgamation of my zodiac sign, which is scorpio and my hometown pro hockey team, the Minnesota Wild.

I've been a KFBF since before KF was a thing. I've been following Greg since the Beyond 200's. I mainly listen to the guys' podcasts at work. I've convinced my wife to partake in the weekly MCU in Review movie each week with me, which has been fun. I'm hoping to meet up with some local Best Friends and others in the community. Watching KF Live 3 recently is what spurred me on to want to be more directly involved with getting to know other members of the community and meet up with local Best Friends. You can hit me up here or on Twitter @Scorp_Wild kfsmile

Portillo's Mouth Noises
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Introduce yourselves!

Feb 11, '18, 11:32am

NAME: Scott

Location: Scotland, Falkirk

PSN ID: Satf01 ( yep terrible will be a day one name changer)

Xbox Gamertag: Firebugscotty

A bit about me: I've been a huge Greg fan since way back in the early days of beyond, love all the shows and I am mainly a podcast consumer of the content but catch the odd video here and there. Im hoping by joing the best friends I can find a new group of players that can help me a bit better at some games. I own all the platforms and currently sink my time into Monster Hunter on the Xbox One X, persona 5 on the PS4 Pro and a bit of Destiny 2 across both.

if any of the kinda funny best friends want to add me please do on the details above just let me know your a KFBF in the notes so I dont ding it.


Portillo's Mouth Noises
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Re: Introduce yourselves!

Feb 12, '18, 8:38am

Name: Anthony
Location: Nottingham, United Kingdom
What do you do all day when not watching Kinda Funny: Assistant Scientist, I analyse waste water. Yes its as glamorous as it sounds
What games are you gaming: I play across all current gen consoles apart from PC. Currently playing pokemon crystal 3DS, Horizon frozen wildlands and Tembo the Badass Elephant, nothing on switch right now, but recently finished up Mario and Rabbits Kingdom Battle.

Generally when not playing games I'm watching/listening to youtube while reading random articles online. I've also just started bouldering and embarking on a weight loss journey...curse my sweet tooth.

Where I got my gamer tag/tags: Well I have 4, Antini comes from an old housemates boyfriends nickname which was martini and my housemate called me Antini by mistake once. Antos comes from a conversation I had with a friend who went by the name Sevos-he stated that adding "os" onto the end of something makes it sound better-I was like "nah thats dumb" and adopted that. Antosini is just a combination of the two if either are taken (more common than I thought!") Then antini736 for steam as I wasn't paying attention when it gave me a random number as Antini was already taken.

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